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  1. Big W- I posted last night, we don’t have to try and play out from the back every time, you need really good players to be able to do it, the idea is to suck in 6 or 7 opposition players, and play the ball behind them quickly to get at the remaining defenders, still to see us achieve this…..HH

  2. GM- I think the vote required to bet rid of plastic pitches is 11/12,this is the time to do it.

  3. what would convince us that the board has backed Ange is this window – at the end of the window, how will we know?


    Re Starfeld, I was at Julienne’s first couple of games and thought – we’ve got Willie Garner again…. Give him a bit of time before we decide.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Get it done, Bada. They are a joke and do nothing for the image and reputation of Scottish football never mind the injuries inflicted on players.

  5. !!BADA BING!! on 13TH AUGUST 2021 11:01 AM



    You can’t play one system all the time, other sides will know what to expect and will turn that to their advantage.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Bashi – 2 first choice full backs and a centre forward (assuming Edouard leaves).

  7. I think Starfeld will come good and is improving game on game but at times doesn’t look comfortable on the left side of defence and comes inside naturally when played into him.



    Would like to see us get a lefty who could balance that out for us…



    I wonder if Davies at Liverpool is still a possibility or at least a rapid young one to help with the inevitable 2 v. 6 breaks we will defend at times :)



    What’s Marvin Comperr up to these days ?






    You should try Redmonds along Duke St accross from Anfield place. Food is excellent. If you like spicy oriental.

  9. I did mention the passing out from the back last week.Its great when you see the likes of Barca,City,etc do it,but you need players with great 1st touch,great passing ability to beat the high press.At the moment ,only Calmac seems to have the technique required.Big work in progress.


    From middle to front we are electric.Could be even better if we appreciated the movement of Kyogo.Should be aware of his runs more.Noticed last night,we sometimes went for playing it out wide,instead of through the middle to him,after he had made great space.Sure it will come.Early days.


    Again,banging the Lovric drum.What does the guy have to do.Camp out on the main entrance?


    Loved Jullien last night sending out the video of the crowd.

  10. 403,



    Thanks once again for all the publicity.Manna for an attention seeking individual like myself.


    Ah lap it up,ah really Dae.



  11. Ernie- it gets predictable, and easy to combat, we ran it too close for comfort a couple of times last night

  12. What is the point in the home cup ticket scheme if you dont use it for cup games?





    Celtic FC SLO








    Too short a timescale to comply with DD Guarantee, need to provide 10 days notice as far as I’m aware, would be much easier all round if it could have been used for Wed

  13. glendalystonsils on




    Re Kyogo’s ‘offside’ . It’s one of several disappointing things about Celtic tv , that incidents like this are not replayed .

  14. My friends in Celtic,



    Great to see some recognition on here for our ” lesser” players. Anthony Ralston and David Turnbull are improving game by game. Let’s not buy or loan for the sake of it. Let’s reward effort, commitment, improvement and skill.



    It is a testamony to the training and instruction they are receiving.


    We now have a keeper who can save the ball and players who know where the goal is..



    What a difference. Brilliant to witness.



    I notice there are a few posts about the mad, unused cycle lanes. Transport infrastructure was bad, but is now horrendous ( especially for the elderly or unfirm )


    But that is a debate for another day.



    Today is about the Celtic.



    HH to all, the journey is commencing nicely.

  15. New uefa FFP rules looking like including a salary cap with fines and possible sanctions if it is exceeded



    Worrying times for clubs who rely heavily on shareholder investment for working capital

  16. Tom McLaughlin on

    Took my ST seat last night for first time since lockdown. Loved the atmosphere. I waited for Ronnie, the 70+ big guy, ex-miner, who sat beside me for last few years. Used to share his mint imperials with me.



    Just before kick-off, a different man took his seat. I wondered if Ronnie hadn’t renewed. When I eventually got talking to the new guy, he informed me that Ronnie had succumbed to Covid in April 2020. My heart sank. David, the new guy, is Ronnie’s son.



    As I reflected in silence I realised there must be any number of ST seats around the stadium whose pre-Covid occupants will never sit there again.



    RIP Ronnie




  17. Tom McLaughlin on

    Apropos of nothing, this season’s Europa League final takes place in Seville.



    The Conference League final is in Albania. I bet the President hopes Celtic lose to AZ Alkmaar.

  18. CELTIC40ME @ 11:53 AM,



    Do you think that could effect any Scottish Clubs? I’d be surprised if it did.



    Clubs like Reading FC amaze me, haven’t seen there recent accounts but some clubs are so out of whack!!



    Hail Hail

  19. Tom McLaughlin on




    The proposed FFP changes could certainly affect Celtic as the annual wage bill must not exceed 70% of turnover.

  20. Tom McLaughlin on




    I see you were on the blog overnight, pished out your head and looking for a fight, on the internet. Well, you wouldn’t say a word in real life, cos you know you’d be found out.



    Anyway, you used a lot of words defending and praising Taylor. Maybe you should look up the internet and teach yourself his first name.



    Here’s a wee clue: It’s not Gary, but you got the first letter right. Take it from there wee man.

  21. Tom,



    That’s sad to hear but good to hear his son has taken his seat.



    I always think Celtic is a link I have late Dad – thinking how much he would love a particular game or period of our history. How much he’d be loving Big Ange, or whoever our manager is. How he’d be always looking on the bright side of our performances etc.



    We Never walk Alone

  22. From twitter:



    “Two things can be true at once. That Ralston remains Celtic’s only right-back is a damning indictment of Celtic’s football operations. That he has improved so dramatically so quickly is a testament to his character, and to the head coach’s influence.



    Celtic urgently still need an upgrade at RB, we all know this, but it’s quite a wholesome redemption story emphasising that Postecoglou’s impact isn’t just tactical, but psychological in the self-belief he tries to instil in players.”

  23. Tom McLaughlin on




    Fine words that will resonate throughout the support.



    My Irish grandfather first watched Celtic in the years preceeding the Great War.


    He took my father to games in the 40s & 50s. My dad took me to my first game in 1961. Both my sons have followed Celtic since the 1990s.



    A week tomorrow my grandson is going to Celtic v St Mirren for his first game. He is only 5 and is already Celtic daft.



    There will be thousands of families with similar Celtic heritage.



    A club like no other.

  24. Tom



    rip your seat collegue Ronnie.i know there are a lot of loss over covid period.it does give us a second to reflect on it.



    on a cheerier note have a good day with grandson.😊




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