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  1. Kyogo running on to DT ball keeper takes him out. James can’t convert loose ball.


    Offside. Are we going to see a Bobby Lennox offside revival from Referees?

  2. INIQUITOUSIV on 12TH AUGUST 2021 9:11 PM



    Eddie Howe will end up at Southampton, Pompey or some middle-ranking London club.



    His loss :)

  3. Celtic – call out bad tackles and worse reffin’……………………….



    Talents like our Japanese Bhoy are goin’ to get brutalised and deliberately put ooot the game by huns on the rampage.

  4. Great defensive header from Ralston.



    Determination, power – no way was he going to be beaten to that ball.



    This team is unrecognisable.