Celtic v Kilmarnock, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. No Brooney, starts for Ajer, Mikey Johnston, Olli & Ebouie. Griff in for Moussa & Paddy starts,

  2. mike in toronto on

    Excited aboutt the pairing of ntcham and kouassi … in time, I think they could be awesome together

  3. Just back in from shopping and listened to shortbread on the car radio.



    So, the bad news is, according to an exhun whose name I didny pick up, that Brendan will leave soon as he will be frustrated he can’t sign a SIXTY MILLION POUND striker and Mark Hughes at Stoke City can.



    FFS do we pay for these diddies to spout that crap?





    Did he really say Mark Hughes can sign a £60m striker?



    He might need to sign another dozen or so at the same price to make a decent side.



    We don’t!!!

  5. ok predict a 6-0 thrashing wallace 2 mcbride2 delaney 1 quinn1 oh and we will get a penalty and frank haffey will miss.h.h.

  6. mike in toronto on

    Watched the Man U Spurs game … for a team that cost so much money to assemble, Man U play boring scared football…not fun to watch … and not good enough to win the CL playing like that, so what is the point of that?

  7. Not surprised about the Minis Sevco score after watching them against Hibs the other night. They were awful. This could give Sevco an excuse to keep Murty in charge, for now anyway. Did not watch the game, watched ManU Spurs, not up to much. The greatest league in the world my arse. Glad to see young Johnston getting a start,was impressed with last time he played.

  8. Mike in Toronto! Very much agree. Those two could anchor the midfield for years!






    Ps sorry to read about Derry.

  9. Don’t see a lot of moaning about the Minis being allowed to play at Murrayfield. There was a lot going on when we played at Hampden. Wonder why??

  10. MIKE IN TORONTO. just caught phibhoys post. got two west highland terriers myself. havent heard the story take care.

  11. mike in toronto on

    Cheers, philbhoy



    Tobago … cheers. Looking forward to seeing how the young guys do. Will take some time to gel, but something to look forward to …



    Did you manage to get playoff tickets for TFC? I missed out this round, but am hoping to make the game after

  12. What is the Stars on

    Big Packy


    I have a little westie myself,sitting beside on the couch watching the racing


    Good morning from a beautiful autumnal Easter seaboard.


    Ambitious dabbling by BR.


    Happy to see Ajer against his old team mates and Johnston get a chance to stake his claim to a regular first team place.


    Probably after Moussa is sold for north of £50 million in the next transfer window.


    We will need the money to match Sevco’s ambitious spending plans.


    And that’s without a drink.

  14. WHAT IS THE STARS. whats yours called mine are frankie and benny. you got to get another one lol

  15. Just watched some highlights of Brendan’s interview on Celtic TV, we really are incredibly lucky to have the club and Manager that we have.





    Killie on a positive run. Win and draw in last two games against the lesser Glasgow teams.

  17. What is the Stars on

    Big Packy


    my westie is called Angel


    we got 2 from the same litter as pups but one died after a few weeks,


    that was 10 years ago

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