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  1. GENE on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 3:45 PM


    16 roads



    they only die twice






    Zombie ?‍♂️ vampires ?‍♂️ they are.



    HH. ?

  2. BHOYLO83


    If that tackle was against us I,m sure the majority on here would be calling for a red – right decision in my opinion

  3. DENA29 on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 4:02 PM






    Zombies no more.



    Humility shall rejoice in their downfall.



    HH. ?

  4. And again the rookie manager slaughters them..



    The gift that just keeps giving



    Hes gathered 1 more point tnahn Murty at the same stage last season

  5. Good to see the Staunch Follow Follow guys are right behind the manager



    Extracts Below



    Some of his decisions throughout the season ( the substitutions and the constant back four rotation for example) have been absolutely baffling. The majority of the signings are not cutting the mustard either.






    I honestly dont know what game he watches majority of the time, he looks clueless on the touchline also.






    any other manager making the same decisions and getting the same results would be under huge pressure.




    His tinker man starting line-ups are horrendous as well. His tenure won’t end well if he doesn’t buck up his ideas pronto.




    Many,many worrying signs.




    Today was worse than Pedro. Genuinely one of the worst Rangers performances I’ve seen in years. Shocking

  6. The Dundee red card was for denying a clear goal scoring opportunity, so Dundee will appeal it as another defender was covering – all that according to BBC website, so it must be true.



    Meanwhile, over on Rangersmedia…please head over there if you have five minutes to spare, and check out a thread named ‘So…’ – if the Germans had a word for Schadenfreude, this is what it would be like.

  7. Gene



    But if that was Benkovic or Boyata we would be absolutely beeling at that decision



    It wasn’t dangerous play as his other foot is planted on the ground.. he is just slightly late so it is a yellow.



    If denying a goal scoring opportunity, again wrong, as there is a Dundee player behind him



    Not a sending off for me

  8. So Sevco fail to defeat a ten man, bottom of the league Dundee, to retain their lofty 3rd place position in the league.


    I reckon Seethin’ Gerrard, ( copyright BSR) is doing a wonderful job.


    Being two hours ahead here means it is fine for celebratory drinks to be taken.



    JMcC, glad you are enjoying the seat. Yes my friends in that area are good guys. Remember to look to your left when we score, the press box is a joy.




  9. jmccormick


    I have not used them but Mimofood has a nice range of modern and traditional Basque & Iberian ingredients etc

  10. !!BADA BING!! on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 3:58 PM



    Brilliant ………………………..good enough for them





  11. BHOYLO83


    agree to disagree – if our defenders make that tackle would expect a red



    Family arrived only 9 for dinner this week or is it Tea?




  12. On 7 April 2012. Celtic won the title after a 6–0 away win against Kilmarnock at Rugby Park.



    Today is 12th december 2018



    celtic have been champions for 6 years, 8 months and 5 days.




    2nd rangers once went top of the league for a total of 3 days.



    now that the shoap is open , the dvd should be rushed out, those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end.

  13. WHAT IS THE STARS on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 4:33 PM



    Impressive for a six year old club………………………….



    I despise the media ……………..keeping the myth going





  14. onenightinlisbon on

    Love this quote from Sevco “Fan Forum”




    “I’m absolutely fed up of writing off season after season whilst they swan about picking up endless trophies”




    They never learn do they?

  15. Rangers points at 9th December:


    2016/17: 32


    2017/18: 33


    2018/19: 31



    SG has now ran up a £14m debt to actually make them worse

  16. onenightinlisbon on




    Great stat.



    If only we hadn’t dropped silly points, he would be out of a job by now, however it will make it more enjoyable watching them suffer and his annoying coupon.

  17. come on bhoys, have heard from a good source that stevie g is not interested in the the spl, no he is going for the Europa league, and a multimillion pound benefactor has been found, and yes he is a real rainjurs man.?.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Gerrardiola – “we never really carried out the game plan that we worked on for the last couple of games.”




    Errrr, didn’t you lose your last game?

  19. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Seriously, someone should contact Penarol and tell them there is no hurry.



    The 54 from Ibrox is a final total.


    No matter how it is dressed up, by the SFA/SPFL, by “awarding” them to Sevco, they were not won by that club.



    The grandad’ medals analogy applies here.

  20. Huh !


    I thought if I typed it rather than C & P , it would work.


    Maybe if I do it in bits.




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