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  1. JOBO BALDIE on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 8:14 PM



    We’ll have a whole lot more points than our nearest rivals



    Do I get a prize ?






  2. SIPSINI on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 8:17 PM



    Couple of times today my Hubby looked at me attempting to sing that and just shook his head




  3. When the Euros were on 2 years ago the Copa America was also on.


    The contrast was stark with most of the European games a snorefest while at the Copa it was end to end and full of theatrics and drama with some wonderful skill.I gave up on Euros and watched the Copa.


    Watching this end to end game between River and Boca has me wishing for a return of the swashbuckling style of the Lions or Brazil 1970 over the boring overcoached cautious style of modern European football.


    The money has taken a lot of passion out of the game as fear has crept in.


    There is still a tribal passion around the South American teams and the game seems to have a purer aesthetic.


    Unlike Europe where you can buy success and history.


    Or like the huns just pretend you have some.

  4. Fan-A-Tic


    I agree that it’s much more watchable. Equally, the skill level is much more modest. I’d fancy Celtic to take on either of these 2 finalists!

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    Apparently BT have offered free VAR for the games they cover which would be useful however unfortunately the don’t cover the Hun game?

  6. CRC – oh right, my afterthought team. 35 for St J then. You’ve become awful grumpy since you turned forty-ten!

  7. Fan-A-Tic


    I posted a couple of weeks ago while watching the first leg of this final that it was all attack, attack, not a hint of back or sideways passing, total end to end stuff, brilliant to watch.


    That was a stone wall pen for River there btw.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    SuperSutton 7:24


    I actually took it off the BBC website, so I didn’t hear it. But days would make more sense right enough.


    They also showed the league table with Hearts having played 14 games instead of 17. Amateurs!

  9. THE EXILED TIM on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 8:48 PM



    I thought it was a penalty too








  10. celticrollercoaster on

    TET-thank you



    Jobo-indeed. Forty, Eleven just around the corner as well! Stick to reporting rather than forecasting, ha, ha :-) Hope you are well?







  11. Year 2000 Martin O’Neill “21 points behind Rangers. That will never happen again”



    Year 2018 Brendan Rodgers “3 days at the top. That will never happen again”



    Great game and equalizer well deserved.


    Lovely goal too with quick incisive passing in penalty box.


    Im not sure either with Jobo’s assertion we would take these two.


    River have been great this half.


    Goalies always get the benefit though foot was high he got to ball first and goalie caught him late.

  13. TET – Most top South American players play in Europe, I think. Tonight’s final is an intense rivalry and that certainly makes it exciting and theatrical. But not convinced that these are 2 fantastic teams. And I say that on the weekend that EKFC went top of the Scottish Lowland League ;-)

  14. THE EXILED TIM on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 8:56 PM






    getting a bit heated now :-)))







  15. EUROCHAMPS67 on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 5:07 PM


    Was the hun ref today the same guy that couldn’t see the ICT handball in the semi final, when he was the guy on the goal line?




    Yep that’s him,Alan Muir,aided by Steven McLean that day,both saw the hand ball,but ignored it,blatant cheats.

  16. Strange decision to give Boca indirect free kick in box?


    Poor effort by Boca.


    The drama increases as River guy gets booked.


    I have been fortunate enough to watch both these teams in their home stadium.


    Boca’s ground is in a residential area and is a bouncing ,cauldron of madness.


    Rivers is an old fashioned large uncovered stadium and less noisy the the fans are crazy.


    The River game was crazy as there was torrential rain ,thunderstorms and flooding but game continued till after the 85th minute before being stopped.


    River were winning and some rule about how long game goes for result to stand.


    Found out next day there was a tornado spotted about 1/4 mile away on the River Plate during game.

  17. Seems like the media in England is being called out by Raheem Sterling on their double standards of reporting

  18. Jobo


    We are going to have to agree to disagree then, both these teams would crucify us, we are way behind them, imo of course ;-)


    There is a handful of top S.Americans playing in europe, there are wheans of them playing in S.America.

  19. With no winner, apparently, in 90 minutes I now have to change channels to that other final, I’m A Celeb (featuring the lovely Holly). Shallow, I know…


    Play nice…

  20. For some reason, I thought Boca had won the first leg 2-0 so I was surprised by the lack of emotion on FT.



    Old age is a dreadful thing :-)



    Extra time awaits ….

  21. I lived in Caracas for many years and saw a few Libertadores games. Always argued that there are plenty of players in South America who are, technically, far superior to most of the foreign signings that pepper the SPFL.


    Obviously most of them are not good enough to play for Barca or Madrid; and Spain, Portugal and Italy are the countries most of them would want to go to (culture, language, weather . . . ), but there are still opportunities to pick up really good players.


    Maybe the transfer rules and EU rules make it a harder option.


    Have we ever and Argentinian player? Or a Mexican, a Colombian, Venezuelan, Uraguyan, Peruvian, Paraguyan, Chilean . . .


    I can only think of the Scheidt & Juninho from Brazil and Emilio from Honduras.


    For whatever reasons, we don’t cast our net much across the Americas.



    Juarez the Mexican.


    Red card was harsh there.


    Looked like the River guy slid into the Boca guy so contact unavoidable.



    I can’t remember the last time a player was refused a pass to play in scotland, it doesn’t happen, we are nothing like the english in that regard, I think Juarez was from Mexico ;-)


    The precedent was sent a while back by the huns IIRC.

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