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    It was the River guy who left his feet and slid in.


    I can see why ref thought it was a bad foul but Boca guy was just going for ball and other guy being on ground influenced decision.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on




    Did a rollback before the second bit of extra , both feet off ground , left foot studs showing, movement out of control, red card

  3. Delaneys Dunky on



    Spent yesterday in the excellent company of Almore. Next Sunday with you. Enjoying slumming it with Dubs. ?



  4. What is the Stars on



    Looking forward to it. Early kick off but time for a few pints afterwards.

  5. What a goal!!!!!!


    River 2 Boca 1.


    Boca keepers fondness to bunch comes back to haunt him.


    He punches out a clearance he should have caught and rebound is passed quickly to right side of box and guy rifles a cracker home.

  6. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    sg sounds like he’s been watching narcos too much – his language is like a bad remake of heat

  7. Thanks for the answers. It’s not much of a list of signings from such a massive talent pool. If you take Central and South America together, it seems like we pretty much ignore about a quarter of the football-playing world.


    And apologies for the spelling. Should have been “Uruguayan” and “Paraguayan”.


    Maybe Morelos’s temperament will be used to shore up old stereotypes of fiery Latinos :)

  8. Go tell the Spartim on




    We’ve already had a ‘mo and we wouldn’t want to go down that route again



    Inuit CSC

  9. Fernando de Ornelas – Venezuela.



    Did we not sign him after he played against us in a friendly?

  10. fan-a-tic on 9th December 2018 5:29 pm


    Huns entitlement is what hurts them the most.



    Their forums are full of we weans lashing out at everyone including each other.



    Even though there is clear establishment bias in their favour the fact they still lose is unpalatable to them and their false superiority complex so they continue to peddle nonsensical conspiracy theories to justify.



    Many years ago i had a friend who i thought of as a supporter of the now dead Rangers and we were debating a ridiculous decision the huns got in a game against Celtic



    He very matter of factly said to me true but we are entitled to it as it is our country.



    We had a blazing row and i have never spoken to the hun again.



    He was a well educated business owner and exemplifies everything that is wrong with the best wee country.




    Have encountered this type more often than I care to remember. Best avoided at all times.

  11. What fantastic entertainment that was


    River 3 Boca 1


    Telemundo commentator was hoarse at end.

  12. The Soccer Guy


    4 hrs ·


    After pretending that they had finished top of the soccer grid last weekend and won the soccer cup, Kyle Lavatory and Randy Galladay travel all the way up the state freeway to the city of discovery only to discover that they are real bad at soccer again as they post a tie with some relegization team


    Ex Reindeers guy Ken Neymar put his side in front in the first quarter before one of his team mates that nobody’s ever even heard of, got sent to the locker room early to wash his ass in the bath-tub after being awarded the major felony card


    Randy Galladays equalization strike was enough to win a share of the points for the Reindeers but they stay in the silver medal position behind the Celtics who still have a game in their hand


    Full time score from the Den Spark Stadium:


    Dundees 1-1 Reindeers


    #LetsDraw #OohAhhUpTheReindeers #UpToOurKneesInFenianBears #GoSurrender

  13. Great weekend.



    Whole School Inspection over.



    Great day in Paradise.



    Criminals FC robbed of two points.



    Chance to progress in Europe on Thursday.



    Will be in McGettigans on Thursday if you are in Dhublin.




  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    Nothing better than having a glass of wine and watching a good football match, those supports travelled thousands of miles for that game, whow. Nearly kept the dog awake, who is a rescue dug supposed to be seven more like 27, think I was sold a pup?

  15. About 5 years ago shared with this site taking my grandson to 1st Celtic match and the journey from Dunfermline to Paradise



    He got his first part time job wage last week whilst studying and visited me today



    Gave me an envelope with 2 tickets for Thursday, me and him ( His mum loaned him money till payday).



    Had to leave the room…



    Just thought I’d share



    Hail Hail

  16. Starry Plough that was almost perfect although a mandatory “FTP” was alas posted missing, just like their £10M Connor Goldson.




    I just cam in to see the mandatory opposition to the huns of ten men had got a draw against the Wurralds Bestish Stevie Gees rag bag team of dossers:))



    Fair cheered me up after a long day:))



    About to watch a rerun of our game yesterday.



    Paradise CSC

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