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  1. prestonpans bhoys on

    As someone pointed out Stevie Gee , using December as a bench mark for the past three years, the lowest hall of previous managers and as the press always pointed out , it’s our worst start for 20 years.



    Let’s hope he and King stay, this is like fishing with a grenade .

  2. Starry Plough, Is it on YouTube? wouldn’t mind seeing a rerun myself now that a cheeky bottle of Camp Viejo has breathed her first and last.

  3. Regarding the Super Classico, i always saw Boca being the Celtic and River being the *Rangers



    Anyone else feel like that?




  4. Brilliant play by Celtic Yesterday.



    Ryan and Callum are really kickin’ it.



    Wee Jamesie just dropping in World Class moments.



    Kilmarnock actually played well but the Movement in our Midfield was Incredible.



    Another Bellsmyre Jamesie done alright Today too – considering going against an Establishment.

  5. Bhoylo83 other than very few exceptions ever I only watch football if Celtic are playing and never under any circumstances allow Der Hun to enter my thoughts along those lines even in their humorous bastardised form.

  6. I’m sure Callum decides after a while he has so much Energy left playing the deep midfielder, he just has to go and get in the box with the ba’ still @ his feet and Shoot. Disnae matter if you are Kilmarnock or Salzburg.






    The wee man has Defensively and Positionally been Incredible playing that position.



    He is a player alright.

  7. BHOYLO83 on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 11:23 PM


    Regarding the Super Classico, i always saw Boca being the Celtic and River being the *Rangers




    Anyone else feel like that?








    Nah! Most of them are probably Catholics for what that matters. I watched both games. Thought they were both awesome spectacles. Beforehand I tended to favour Boca. I don’t really know why. I thought River Plate were brilliant in the first game and deserved to win overall.



    Boca are situated in the La Boca residential area which was the largest Italian immigrant ghetto during the last Century. Antonio Rattin, Argentina captain, infamously ordered off against Alf Ramsay’s England at Wembley in 1966vwas a Boca player as was Diego. I watched Rattin and thought Argentina were great in 1966. Rattin was a brilliant player.

  8. PETEC



    You’re absolutely right about Calum. He’s a very talented player. I hope Celtic don’t take him for granted. Someone said earlier that he and Ryan could become our modern day Murdoch and Auld. In terms of their importance to the team, I totally agree.

  9. pintaguinness on 9th December 2018 10:35 pm



    About 5 years ago shared with this site taking my grandson to 1st Celtic match and the journey from Dunfermline to Paradise



    He got his first part time job wage last week whilst studying and visited me today



    Gave me an envelope with 2 tickets for Thursday, me and him ( His mum loaned him money till payday).



    Had to leave the room…



    Just thought I’d share



    Hail Hail










  10. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy,



    No Chance of that when Brendan is @ Celtic Park.






    I really like Olivier Ntcham as a player he could be good.



    Gonnae have to go some to get a spot in the Celtic midfield now Oli Bhoy.



    Oh wait – thats what….



    Absolutely Magical and Ruthless Brendan Rodgers magic.



    Totally spooked the Hun on Sunday.

  11. Petec, re McGregor and Forrest aliens have in actual fact infiltrated their bodies in order to get a game for Celtic. If UEFA ever find out about this there will be hell to pay.

  12. Big Packy, HH Amigo, I hope that yerself, Joanne and the brood are grand.


    Yer father, yer da, pillars of yer temple.


    God rest -Peter McWilliams-1898-1971 – yer aul da.


    My granda passed away round about that time, he had the same name as the Prime Minister, James Callaghan.


    He was a miner as well, he was an orphan, his oldest son, my mums brother, my uncle Tommy, died in the pits in Blantyre. My granda travelled everywhere to see the “real” Cellic, on the Smiddy bus from Blantyre, grand aul day’s indeed. The day’s when the Cellic were supported by the rebels from the hoosin schemes, the Cellic of the poor, the Cellic of the downtrodden, the Cellic of the persecuted, the Cellic of the Irish immigrants, the Cellic of the tramps that hudny an erse to their troosurs, the Cellic that were led by thee most Gigantic figure since Bro Walfrid, Mr Jock Stein, the manager who’s mind-games had Rangers supporters rioting all over Europe. The Celliic were manager’s didny wear mibbery-muzzle’s, or have to sign up to Confidentiality-Clauses, the Cellic that would never have thrown under the bus, the Resolution 12 Requisitioner Rebels and their mountains of Supreme Court backed evidence, that proved collusion between the SFA and, Rangers FC and, complimented by Celtic PLC’s arse dragging engagement with the proceedings, if there’s any engagement at all, to set in process, the repayment of the swindled £140 million of tax money, which helped to cheat Celtic, manager’s, player’s, and supporter’s, out of 20 twenty odd trophies.


    The Cellic of the poor, oppressed, marginalised, hated Irish immigrants, was diluted in 1994, when money was deemed to be of greater value, than principles. The song remains the same, twenty four 24 years later.


    Ach well.


    Take care Amigo. √


    Weebawbabbity, YNWA. √





  13. pintaguinness,



    I wasn’t impressed by the Rave Lights on the night they made the debut.



    On Saturday they were brought out pretty well.



    I Really enjoyed the rave lights with the goals.



    That Pish introduction – Walk on saving it.



    All part of the Masterplan.



    Win on Thursday and we are going far in this tourney.

  14. Emdy heard from oldtim lately not seen any post from him for a wee while ?


    If your just lurkin ,hope your keeping well .

  15. Walking away frae Celtic Park on Saturday I got asked a question by a couple “wheres the nearest pub.”



    He didnae like Scott Sinclair much. I directed him and his Lady doon to the most local pub/s.



    A dude frae Antrim that lives in Birmingham – Respect for coming all the way up to watch the Celts.



    I actually thought Scott had put in his best performance in ages.

  16. Salzburg are coming into the game in decent fettle. They have done alright, more than alright TBH.



    Win Celtic.



    Do a Fitba statement Again. Hopefully in the process get Dedryck to re-sign.



    Who Knows Anything.



    I know Nothing – It was Wonderful to hear Dedrycks comments about fitba players and their Worth (it isnae their fault)…. I’m guessing most African Celts will give so so much back to their Brothers and Sisters and the Heart wrenching decision is made to go from Celtic.



    We Love You We Love You.



    You can help so many more by going to the Premier League that is ……………

  17. Jobo


    Celtic (33) – Hibs (A), Motherwell (H), Dundee (H), Aberdeen (A). 43



    Kilmarnock (31) – Dundee (H), Hamilton (A), Motherwell (A). 38



    Sevco (31) – Hamilton (H), Hibs (A), St Johnstone (A), Hibs (H). 38



    Hearts (30) – Livingston (A), Aberdeen (A), Hamilton (H). 35

  18. Petec Greetings from a healthier recovering Tim


    I’ve been drifting in and out the board depending on strength and consciousness.


    Last couple of days I’m almost back to normal although weak.


    Targeting my grand daughters Christmas recital Tuesday to get out of the house.


    Be it done unto me according to Thy word.

  19. Two big games coming up which will stretch our playing resources.


    No point in giving Brendan advice on team selection, as he ignores it.


    He’s done no bad with that approach.


    The best we can do is support the team he chooses.

  20. ‘GG



    We are Blessed to have what we have right here and Right Now.



    The way Brendan is making so many Scottish players Essential in the Biggest games is. Well




  21. Where’s Ashley going ?






    Don’t get caught sleeping at the steering wheel CSC




  22. Kev on 10th December 2018 3:53 am



    Where’s Ashley going ?






    Don’t get caught sleeping at the steering wheel CSC









    That is incredibly spooky Kev as 2 Times over the last couple of weeks I’ve actually pulled into a supermarket car park and just went for a rest. I didnae want to or mean to but I did. I was just tired – 4 hours I’d say was me sleeping overall.



    Spooky – really spooky because noone could ever have known that.



    The Energy in this Celtic midfield is highly exciting and an absolute Joy to behold.



    I bet the Lads cannae wait to get @ Salzburg.

  23. Good morning CQN from a cold Garngad



    Now that we have put not so big Steve Clark and Killie in their place, it’s onto Thursday and the Saltys of Salzberg.


    Although I am not that bothered about the Europa league, we are where we are, and I want Celtic to win everything we take part in. So come on you bhoys in green. ?






    D. :)

  24. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims..



    Did we kill Kilmarnock??..



    Next up the caffeine sponsored Austrian outfit, clip their wings and we will be through, easy peasy.



    I have a feeling Broonie will make a return, experience and all that.



    Looking forward to dancing under our disco lights ,tell me do you still need platform shoes and 8″ high waistbands to look cool at a disco,cause I dont think I fit into mine anymore.







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