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  1. I made a big bhoy decision yesterday.



    I haven’t been to a match since early September. Illness and hospital stays since then.



    I keep giving myself false hope. Setting targets of what game I will get to. Hibs. Hearts. Murrayfield. Cup final. My ticket getting passed on at last moment and at one point I did not even know where it was.



    So big bhoy decision. I am writing off this year. My ticket is passed on to the son of the guy who sits next to me. He will use it. He is grateful. And I am happy.



    Now my targets will be health things. Celtic are well looked after.



    Days like today though. It’s sore to miss but I need to be happy we keep winning.

  2. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Fantastic Celtic. Can’t watch the game today – work – listening on and off to BBC Shortbread unfortunately.



    Magic! Delighted!



    On Wednesday we should have been 3-0 up at H/T but for Griff’s saved pen and an “honest mistake”.



    Sounds like we’re sorting that today.



    I love Brendan, in a manly way.

  3. Saint Stivs,


    Look out for No. 1. Always.


    It’ll make your return next season all the sweeter.


    Here’s hoping your common sense enables a speedy and full recovery ?

  4. Ref enthusiastically awards a penalty to Killie.


    Not sure he would have been quite so willing to give at other end.



  5. Commentators were saying that we don’t need any more goals. With the top of the table as close as it is, I suggest we do.




    Some things are more important than a game of fitba’!



    Take care and keep well!

  7. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Shortbread – “it wasn’t inside the box… but it was very very close so, you know…”



    Aye, we know.

  8. And the same message goes to GG, who provides such splendid updates ( when his Mrs. Let’s hime ? )



    Get yerself fighting fit for your return to roar on the Bhoys,


    Lang may yer lum reek.

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