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  1. Roll on Celtic,a win,3points,roll on Celtic



    Talk us down,negatively reward the champions



    Roll on Celtic,a win,3points,roll on Celtic



    Stevie g managerially worse than the ex city trader warbs.



    Roll on Celtic,a win,3points,roll on Celtic



    The wall.



    Roll on Celtic,a win,3points,roll on Celtic



    Enjoyed frimpong and Taylor today.



    Roll on Celtic,a win,3points,roll on Celtic



    Thought Ajer Julien and Jozo were solid



    Roll on Celtic,a win,3points,roll on Celtic



    Tom Ryan and motm Calmac.workrate amazin



    Roll on Celtic,a win,3points,roll on Celtic



    Griff and Eddie goals garunteed



    Roll on Celtic,a win,3points,roll on Celtic



    Working for each other,supporting each other



    Roll on Celtic,a win,3points,roll on Celtic



    One Neil Lennon,one Celtic,working for the win



    Roll on Celtic,a win,3points,roll on Celtic



    Fc Copenhagen



    Roll on Celtic,a win hopefully,roll on Celtic



    HH all

  2. Had problems with CQN during the game. Seems ok now.


    Pretty happy with the outcome(s).


    McGregor gets my vote for MOTM.


    I thought Eddie was tantalizing, always a huge threat.


    AJER took his opportunity to rampage and pillage following in his ancestral footsteps.


    Biggest pleasure was perhaps the rage of Broadfoot at Eddie’s goal.



  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Medical staff



    McGregor’s save



    All world class

  4. GFTB



    Hope you are OK mate!



    You have a lot of friends on here.



    Don’t forget that.

  5. Dignity ‘Loyal’ McStaunchy proud British protestants of this world …



    Just F…..G surrender!

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BBC Sport Scotland in full blown Orwellian mode.



    Wanting a penalty for Jozo’s arm in Griffiths face … as Leigh heads ball away.




  7. Madrebmacs Grandpa on

    Much to be pleased about during and after today’s win. Good, prior discussions about our inability to take a throw in quickly and make them effective.



    My pet frustration is the inability of our free scoring sharpshooters to put away the easiest of chances when opposition goalies are horizontal in an effort to block (often successfully) the shot. It seems the art of gearing down and softly lifting the ball over the goalkeeper has been lost. I shouldn’t “complain” I know but when the goalie is fully committed before the shot is struck.



    Onwards !



    Im off…….. back to my shelter.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Celtic ahead when Power off.



    30 shots to 3.



    Didn’t affect the outcome at all.






    My first Sportscene of 2020.



    Possibly my last

  9. I know ‘ they’ love to listen to that classic from Roy Orbison…..watcha call it?…….Oh I remember now ‘It’s Over’.

  10. Another great week for us.



    Don’t underestimate FCC.



    They have a good coach who is tactically very good.



    We will need to be well organised and playing at our best.



    Just to make sure.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. PHILBHOY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2020 8:09 PM



    I will not underestimate Copenhagen.


    But if I’m honest I do not care as much as I do domestically.


    I want us to go as deep as possible in Europe but it is all bonus time stuff.


    The important business is being taken care of domestically.


    The thought of losing the league gives me sleepless nights


    The thought of getting knocked out the Europa league just makes me feel down a bit.

  12. It turns out that the light at the end of Sevco’s tunnel has turned into a ravaging, and ravishing if you’re that way inclined, headlight from a green and white steam roller.


    Their exuberance and confidence has been replaced by despair.


    Their savior has turned out to be a false prophet,


    Their tears of unfathomable sadness are delicious



  13. I wonder if the st johnstone hospitality were busy lapping up the delighted former pro father of the boy who scored their opening goal today?…..akin to the scenes at ibrox on thursday……Colin Hendry must have been delighted?..no?

  14. Highlight of the week on this site were the Shakepeare puns on Tuesday on all things Celtic (and Sevco).



    Mostly from SFTB but the others you know who you are.




    ‘Our record in the state of Denmark is something rotten’.



    ‘2-3 or not 2-3; that is the question.’



    “And one man in his time plays many parts- he’s usually called Jonny Hayes”



    ” a man can die but once, else he is a Sevcoman”



    “Frailty, thy name is Boerigter”



    “The Slippy doth protest too much, methinks”



    “it’s a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing” on Chris Jack



    “beware the Bribes of Match!”



    “get thee to the hunnery”



    ‘Cry ‘Broony’ and let slip the dogs of war”“When the wind is southerly, I can tell a Henke from a Sebo”



    Peter Grant on Paul McStay ” He hath bore me on his back a thousand times”



    “Neither a borrower nor a lender be; for loan oft loses both itself and your club.”



    “Love sought is good, but Love Street was better.”



    “But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is from the east, the Celts won Seven One.”



    “By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes. Double Double, Treble Treble and Quadruple Treble”



    “”The miserable have no other medicine but only hope, and it’s that medicine wot kills them”



    What Profit a man to gain the whole World and lose by a goal.



    Out, out – damned sky sports

  15. Looking into my crystal ball…#


    Gerrard will walk away in the summer when he does not get the 20 million he needs to have a fighting chance .


    Liverpool open up their new £50 training complex in July.


    Gerrard will be available to take his old job by then.


    Neil McCann and Kris Boyd will be lured out of their media duties to stop the ten and make it 55.


    The rest of us will be busy having a laugh…..


    Meanwhile Aberdeen and Motherwell will be licking their chops at the prospect of champions league qualifiers.




    I never had a sleepless night worrying about the ‘tic.



    Other things have kept me awake, but never fitba’!



    Hope you are good and take care.

  17. PHILBHOY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2020 8:29 PM



    You are so right.



    However the brain and especially my brain do not function in sensibility sometimes.


    Heck I have had sleepless nights over hitting a tee shot in a meanigless golf game.



    Football should never cause anxiety but it does.


    I lost most of this seasons league cup final [on tv]due to illness and my nerves.


    Made myself physically sick and brought on migraine from hell!

  18. James maddison is a top abd no nistake but we have 8 players twice as good…


    Mc Gregor n Edouard ard should be 35 n 40m easy


    Sevco don’t have a single player worth £1m to serious clubs.


    Guy’s a dud 100pc.



    Forster is the absolute perfect Celtic goalkeeper and some of the fans money should be spent



    Europa League final is totally possible.




  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    PHILBHOY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2020 8:32 PM


    Nite all!







    That includes you GFTB.







    Get yer arse back on here!





    And yer smilin` face.

  20. Because of comments/quotes made earlier I decided, for the first time ever, to visit Fascist Fascist – and it truly is a wonderful blog to read (if you are a Tim that is). Here are a few of the comments.



    (Here’s a cracker, check the school education showing through!) We are rank rotten for so long in games now. Absolutely clueless. I still can’t work out how we won on Thursday.


    Like the above poster I think it’s now a probability the tims will win another treble. How much more depressing is this going to get – a fifth treble.



    (Aw the wee soul).Sittting here nearly 3 hours later still raging.


    Rangers really do know how to ruin your weekend.



    (Oops, Slippy slipping in popularity!) Aye , wasn’t that Katic set the c,unt up from a simple clearance FFS


    Who picked him to play ? Who kept him on the field ?



    (Here’s a bit of unusual honesty). We’ve been a real Jekylll & Hyde team this season. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too much of Mr Hyde since 2020 rang in, and it has been costly.


    I’m absolutely sickened by the results and performances since the team returned from Dubai. The result against Braga was freakish and, as much as I loved the last half hour on Thursday night, the scoreline only papered over the cracks.



    (Ooer). Team have been shite but Katic was an absolute diddy today. They all seem to take turns of who is the weekly diddy. Kamara on Thursday there, Katic today, who will it be next Wednesday I wonder?



    (Aw, the wee lambs). Conformation, not that it was needed, that the league is over.


    Massive week ahead now to make sure the entire season isnt finished before we get into March.



    (Ah, reality strikes?) Outwith the bheasts Gerrard has had a budget way in excess of other teams but yet it’s those teams that we’re dropping points to.


    At 2 – 2 he was slumped in his seat, hands in pockets – no passion, nothing. Hardly team inspiring behaviour.


    He’ll be offski in the summer.



    (And finally ….) Is Archie Knox looking for work?



    Now I’ll go and get some disinfectant to put in my eyes!

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