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  1. Has embdy’s motor been dun yet?



    Any “freak” spectakulars?



    All winda’s intacto?



    Buses – all present an’ correkkt?



    Askin’ furra fat freen wi’ anger management issues………..







  2. Best I’ve seen on hollow hollow is:



    “Katikstrophic defending”.






    I’m guessing it was one of you, dear readers.

  3. Corkcelt @ 4:59


    The game might have looked dull on TV and probably was (dull) in the second half but the first 40 minutes were excellent entertainment.

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Agreed, I was waiting for one of those most pass as in the world goals

  5. HS



    He was subjected to some sleekit abuse. The banal brutality of it was as remarkable as it was unusual for This Dear Green Place.



    Stuck oooot like sore thunmb………




  6. Forget my last “best” from hollow hollow.



    This is weird.




    “To say I am gutted after the result today doesn’t begin to cover it. We weren’t on our game for the most part and we carried some passengers. Unlike Thursday, we didnt have a pack of Get out of Jail Free cards.



    Having said that, there are bigger, more sinister issues at hand. Now, I am not one for conspiracy theories. Sure, we all know that the CIA were responsible for 9/11 and Princess Diana was a hit job, but I am talking about Scottish football conspiracies. I am not really sold on the referees are all tarriers and they all have it in for us. Sure, there is jealousy of us and a distinct hatred but I dont think its as bad as it sometimes seems.



    Now, I am sitting here with a bottle of wine watching, but not really watching a Cold War film and running shit over in my head. Two things, incidents, scenarios or whatever, seemingly not connected have occured. Both in their own right could fall under the aforementioned conspiracy but when you analyse them in any great depth they could be seen to have the same root.



    The Billy Boys. For decades this was our rallying song. After every big goal or when the chips were down, Fullarton’s anthem got it large. This was our go to setting, the galviniser when all else was turning to shit. All of a sudden the F word, not sure if I am even allowed to type it, has become the Scottish N word. Says who? Them. The very people who coined it and use it to fondly describe their ancestry and roots. They can use it. We can’t. Rather conveniently this word is contained in out rally chant, The Billy Boys. By banning (!?!) the word, you ban the song.



    Now part 2 of this diatribe. Morelos has been nothing short of sensational for Rangers since he joined. They are worried about him, no doubt. The fact that they continure to devalue him and point out that he has never scored against them (as if that matters a fck) highlights their fear. Their lackies at Radio Clyde, Daylate Record etc etc etc have lambasted Alfie. Refs have targetted him, opposition players have antagonised him, in short everyone who is not a Bluenose has his card marked. Since 01/01/20, Alfie’s form has plumetted. I don’t care how mentally strong or ambitious you are, this amount of negative attention will eventually take its toll. Is it possible that all this shit, this tsunami of pish aimed at him is now bearing fruit. A man who couldnt miss the target pre January is now struggling to do anything right.



    These two, seemingly unconnected things have a huge negative impact on our team. They have taken away our rally song, they have destroyed the confidence of our main goalscorer and talisman.



    They say that football and politics must be kept separate. Aye, heard it”.



    Rather than Boyd or McCann, i think that they might look at Barry Ferguson ( top of the Lowland League with one loss out of 23) or even Joey Barton ( in playoff position with Fleetwood Town in English League One). Boyd is just a blowhard with no management experience and torn faced melodion McCann hardly set the heather on fire in his short lived career.

  8. What’s this about?



    “Saturday 22 February 2020



    T​he Scottish FA’s Chief Executive, Ian Maxwell, has received notification that the tribunal convened to hear the Claim for Wrongful Caution raised by Inverness Caledonian Thistle on behalf of James Keatings failed to implement its duties as per the Judicial Panel Protocol.



    Specifically, one of the panel members has advised that, despite raising no concerns throughout the process, they did not undertake their obligations with respect to the consideration of all the available evidence.



    While the Fast Track Claims process is by definition an appeal, and therefore not open to further consideration, none the less the Chief Executive and Presidential team, Rod Petrie and Mike Mulraney, are unanimous that the tribunal outcome cannot be considered competent in light of the disclosure from the panel member and that the input from that panel member must be withdrawn.



    With that in mind, and only in extremis based on the information provided by the panel member, the determination cannot be considered valid. Therefore, the Judicial Panel Secretary has been instructed to convene a new tribunal and a fresh date will be set in due course.



    The initial outcome is rendered invalid by the acknowledgement of a panel member of their failure to dispose of their duties in respect of section 13.13.4 of the Judicial Panel Protocol and, in particular, the following paragraph:



    The Determination of the Claim shall be made by the Fast Track Tribunal by examining and deliberating upon: (ii) all of the evidence and submissions delivered by the Claimant in support of the Notice of Claim.



    The Scottish FA upholds the independence of the Judicial Panel Protocol but cannot in this instance consider the tribunal verdict competent, based on the admitted failure of a panel member to adhere to the process as outlined.



    The panel member in question has subsequently been withdrawn from the pool of potential panel members for all future tribunals.”

  9. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Another superb performance, now the problem of my top 3.


    Callum motm, but thats it, who to pick from big handsome Tom


    wee gallous Griff, the viking warrior, or the highland rebel.


    Help me out GFTB.


    H.H . Mick

  10. Mick, unfortunately GFTB- has flounced due to the unwelcome attentions of Weebabbity who had been trolling him for the sin of mentioning his family in posts



    The aforementioned has nothing to say about our club or patrons that is worth the breath of a gnat, such is his contribution.



    GFTB- – POST



    WEEBEE- Have a look at yourself.

  11. ART OF WAR



    Yes, a new low for CQN.


    Right top 3 picked and how could i forget French Eddie?








    What a difficult choice but there you go JOBO i’ll just have


    to live with my decision 8-))


    H.H . Mick

  12. I hope Gerry gets back online. A Good Dude.



    Superb performance Today by Celtic. So many very good individual performances, very strong and focused by Every player.



    Ma 3 were.










    We are looking like a seriously good outfit, Thursday is gonnae be some night methinks. ;))



    Copenhagen will be tough to beat but I reckon Celtic Park is gonnae be absolutely Rocking and we will get to the next round.



    There is something about The Man Lenny!!!!!!

  13. Can I add my voice asking Gerry to reconsider, Always enjoy his contributions. Come on GFTB we want you back yo celebrate the 9 in a row.

  14. If I was a sensible orc (aye, I know!) looking to a sustainable newco future I’d be recruiting derek mcinnes and the best of the rest of scottish football. I’d be accepting that it would take an exceptional season to win a league but hoping to win a cup every year or two. I’d accept perpetual runners up spot with the hope of getting some of the CL cash should Scotland get two places and maybe recruiting a bit better in some years.



    It’s the model they should’ve followed when they started life in the bottom tier and aimed to arrive in the top flight experienced, battle hardened and most of all solvent and ready to buy the better talent in Scotland that Celtic don’t want.



    But then Orcs don’t do humility and that’s what it would take.

  15. Put the telly on today to find out what the score was with the sevs , 2-1 it says on top corner of the screen just as a corner is being taken , the team in blue score , damn 3-1 , no wait that’s Stevie May running away to celebrate 2-2. Cheered me up no end.

  16. BHOYLO



    Simo had a great game, think the penalty he gave away swayed me to


    another pick.


    Although the killie player looked a good bit offside.


    H.H . Mick

  17. Bhoylo83,



    Big Tam came on to a cracking game 2nd half. He unfortunately isnae as match sharp as I’d like him to be – he will struggle to get Game Time when our midfield is this strong.



    The way Celtic got the ball back so quickly, so often, was Mega – that hunger and desire – Priceless.



    Ryan and Kristoffer and Ariston and on and on…. Every Celt was potential MOTM. Thats Good. Especially at the Business end of the Season.



    Lenny take a bow. Genius man management.

  18. Agree with that PETEC but isn’t it wonderful to watch big handsome


    Tom glide about that park?


    Wonder if he knows about the Palais glide ? 8-))


    H.H . Mick

  19. Melbourne Mick,



    The Guy is a Celtic Legend. He always will be. ;)



    I just dinnae see his awesome footwork these days coming off, Most definitely because of not being able to get 100% match fit. Lenny will do Everything for All of his Players I reckon.



    Callum was Fantastic as the Defensive midfielder. He is an incredible player.



    Thursday/Friday should be very good Mick. :)))




  20. Leigh Griffiths work rate has been phenomenal in recent games. Once our attacks break down he immediately harries the opponents into making hurried passes which allow us to win back possession.



    I feel like I am a one man appreciation society in the South Stand pointing out Leigh’s contribution to those around me who need educated : )



    He was my man of the match against Hearts 12th Feb. When Jobo announced his CQNPOTY for that game I was astounded that Leigh had only received votes from 3 ( three!!) other football masterminds.



    Football is all about opinions….


    in my opinion (and i think NFL’s) Leigh’ s contribution is a big factor in our surging form.



    Long may it continue.



    When you see the Jobo’s results tomorrow night, one of the votes for Leigh will be mine.


    Now to decide on the other two.






    The Onlooker

  21. TO,



    Leigh has been getting better and better.



    That augurs well for Celtic.



    I found it exciting when Leigh was dropping into an advanced midfield role, French Edddie moved up front, Latterly in the game….. trying something different. French Eddie is World Class.



    Celtic have so many CRACKING players right here right now.




  22. On Twitter some wit tweeted


    Folks criticize Gerrard and what’ he’s achieved, but before he arrived Celtic would wrap up titles before Easter and now they’re wrapping them up before Lent. No wait, sorry.



  23. ‘GG,



    It is a Celtic Juggernaut.



    Relentless under Neil when Celtic were asked a question.



    Tyson Fury First and Foremost gave Praise to Jesus Christ as he became the Best Fighter in the World.



    What a Promotion……. There was a blackout after that…… nae showing of the post fight interview.



    They know not what they do

  24. Is sportscene broadcast from the louden . How they get away with there employment practices I do not know . Tonight they found fault with every celtic goal . And looked for faults in anything that went our way .

  25. Fred C. Dobbs,



    Lenny is a Genius Bro.



    Something inside so INCREDIBLY strong.



    We are witnessing serious Greatness, IMO.



    The funniest thing aboot it all is the Huns wanted Lenny to get the job after Brendan. ;))



    It was Brilliant hearing that banging tune @ HT with the olde lights getting Sodium like warmed up. The comments were funny around me. :)

  26. Fred C. Dobbs,



    Incredible dude is oor Neil.



    He is just a fantastic Manager, who knows if he is just a Fantastic Manager at wan Club, that is debatable.



    This is where he belongs, Brave and undaunted is Neil and I genuinely think he could get right up there near Jock.

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