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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I doubt slippy g will have a contract that pays less than full cost on early termination

  2. My friends in Celtic,



    Our form since coming back from Dubai has been exceptional. It has exceeded all expectations.


    Parkhead is turning into a fortress again and I’m really looking forward to to the Copenhagen game.


    Europe is where we can entice players and showcase ourselves to a wider audience.



    HH to all,the journey continues.



    PS: Parkhead can be a fortress in more ways that one. It’s increasingly difficult to find an outlet to watch our home games when away from home. Sorry Jobo.


    There are ways, however anything that can help to fill our ground must be supported.


    Football without fans is nothing.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good performance.



    Great win.



    Superb weekend.



    Last week – 10 points up, 11 to play.



    Now, 12 up and 10 to go.



    Looking good.



    Hope the guys get a restful day today.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  4. Good morning CQN from a happy clappy Garngad



    A great performance yesterday 23 – 24 shots at goal and 9 or 10 on target, cannot complain about that. 3 goals and 3 points. We march on.



    Paradise against the Danes looks like being a good game and a good night hopefully for the Bhoys.



    On the dark side of the city, the gullibilllies are finally beginning to see that an under 18 coach with no experience of winning a top flight League over 30-40 games wasn’t such a great idea after all.


    I happen to think Sevco will get knocked out on Thursday and Hertz will put them to the sword at the weekend. The gift that keeps on giving😂😂😂



    Remember be careful out there it’s -12 this morning😂






    D. :)

  5. The great problem with the Sevconians is their sense of self-entitlement.


    This equates to EVERY decision must be in their favour and NO decision must go against them, no SMSM stories must go against them etc…



    Thus, from their viewpoint, if even a single decision goes against them this must be due to a Timmy conspiracy.


    If anyone dare write a story which paints them even modestly in a bad light, this is a heinous crime worthy of execution.




    Taking all that into consideration, how much agony must they be in these days.



    Very sad thought!

  6. Well done yesterday to the Celtic Bhoys and Neil Lennon.


    We are edging closer and closer to NINE in a Row….Oh my Days !



    I just do not understand the Hun fans who are being optimistic about their return game in Braga…..probably that “self entitlement” thing they have. Braga scored two vital away goals at Ipox, and it could/should have been more til the huns got their flukey winner, and Braga do not need to launch all out attack on Wednesday….they could, if they wish play it tight etc….and then go “Gung Ho” in the last 20 minutes and score that ONE Goal that would knock the huns out.


    So many sad, hurting huns forgetting that a 1-0 win for Braga gets their job done.



    Braga MUST have been wondering how they ever lost that game at Ipox last week, and I can only imagine they will be even more determined to put the huns to the sword this week…then again, the Huns can rely on Morelos….no wait a minute !





  7. Ive got a Correct Score Bet ongoing Today with the Bookies.





    I took Celtic to win…3-1 @ 11/1.


    I took St Johnstone to DRAW 2-2 with the Huns…@ 20/1.


    I took Liverpool to beat West Ham…4-0 Tonight at Anfield…at 10/1.



    This is Singles, Doubles and a Treble of course….for a few pennys staked.



    The Bookie is offering me just over £50 right now to “Cash Out”…and I am tempted, but does anyone know if Liverpool will field their strongest team tonight, as I think they play in Europe this week, so they may rest some players tonight v West Ham ?



  8. Ive just checked….and Liverpool do NOT play in Europe til next week v Athletico Madrid…so I dont see any reason why they would field a weakened team for tonights game v West Ham ?


    I dont think I will ” Cash Out” before the game, especially if I can assume that Liverpool will play their strongest team tonight ?



  9. The Herald’s take on the Keatings fiasco



    “The outcry which followed the initial ruling – and even Gary Lineker took to Twitter to express his disbelief – was only to be expected given that video replays clearly showed that Rangers defender Ciaran Dickson had made contact with the Inverness forward.


    It will be outrageous if John Robertson’s team are forced to take on John McGlynn’s side without the player whose goal had helped them get there.


    But in every other respect this unprecedented move is just staggering. It raises serious and valid questions about the entire disciplinary process in this country. It could very well have sounded the death knell for the current procedures as they stand. Given the deafening clamour that there already was for change, it is hard to see how they can possibly survive.



    First of all, what evidence exactly did the panel member fail to consider? Did he or she even watch back the incident in question? Because even the most cursory of glances at a video replay would have shown conclusively that Keatings didn’t dive. How was a flawed ruling with such major ramifications allowed to be given in the first place?


    Furthermore, if the panel didn’t act as they were supposed to in this instance then on how many other occasions in the past has a player been banned or a club fined because of such inexcusable incompetence? And how can clubs now be certain that cases will be dealt with properly going forward? How can future judgements possibly be trusted?


    It may very well have emerged that proper guidelines weren’t followed. But there is a definite suspicion here that the negative headlines and adverse publicity prompted the intervention of the Hampden high heid yins. Whatever the truth of the matter is, it has been an almighty mess which has reflected badly on the organisation charged with running the game here.



    A quick scan of the reader comments on this newspaper’s website after the story broke on Saturday summed up the reaction of the Scottish football public to the development. How can they be trusted to have done anything right ever? This is ineptitude pure and simple. Which other tribunals did this member sit on? The astonishment and disgust were clear.



    The entire system needs ripped up. It has to be far more straightforward and transparent than is currently the case. Just now it is complicated and confusing. SFA officials who have attempted to explain their inner workings to me and a fair few other journalists in the past have given out erroneous information and later come back and apologised for their mistakes. If they don’t understand it then what chance does anybody else have?      


    There is no doubt that many clubs are happy to demonise the SFA in order to deflect attention from their own shortcomings on and off the park and spare themselves from the ire of their supporters. It shouldn’t be forgotten that it is an independent panel, not the compliance officer, chief executive or president, that ultimately makes the final judgement. The governing body’s members, too, have all agreed on how appeals are dealt with and players punished retrospectively. 


    But Maxwell, who was last week informed in no uncertain terms that the Premiership clubs have no confidence in the status quo, Petrie and Mulraney would do well to appoint a working party to examine how the system can be overhauled and then move swiftly to implement their recommendations in time for the start of the 2020/21 campaign. “

  10. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    BIG WAVY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2020 5:45 PM


    Copenhagen drew with bottom of the table side today….





    I’m not surprised, they are not a great side and were very luck against us that Odsonnes chances didn’t end up in the back of the net and that there was an uncharacteristic piece of bad decision making from Callum McGregor in a great position.



    That galvanised them for a bit aided by our slow start to the second half – if you start slow its hard to turn the tide, but we will be fine on Thursday night.



    Another little confidence booster yesterday, not that we needed it!



    Are the other mob going bust again?! Theres nothing on FF about it! :)




  11. How can panels make decisions without all the evidence available being considered … Oh wait a minute, it’s Scottish football administration at work.😜

  12. Just watched Sportscene this morning and can concur with other posters, apparently we were lucky and our goals were crap and sevco’s goals were world class and they would have won the game if it hadn’t been for that pesky Nikola Katholić. 😉 hun pain is a thing of beauty.

  13. Credit to Neil Lennon and his team to have built up a lead despite a harder fixture list.



    By the time Celtic get to the split they will have played every top six side away from home twice.



    While their rivals in Govan will have only done that once.

  14. Re. the Huns ‘collapse’



    If, as has been rumoured, this was due to a ‘fallout’ in the camp while they were in Dubai, then at least, while extremely frustrating for them, this offers an explanation



    The alternative, however, is that they are just sh*te, and have been found out…



    From their perspective, I’m not sure which I would prefer to be true



    From our perspective, both are hilarious




  15. Bhoylo83



    Their form was good for the first half of the season and their dependency on Morelos was paying off with his goals. They have had a correction, Morelos has fallen off a cliff and other ‘key’ players have found it hard to keep overperforming.



    So, in short, they are definitely shite rather than shadowy storylines from Dubai…



    Great to watch though…

  16. Neil Lennon has said Eddy is playing with a calf injury. Hoping we can put him on the bench for the St Mirren home game.



    Perhaps even St Johnstone away?



    I understand its a risk not playing him but you want to save him for Ibrox and the Europa League.



    I expect to see more of Klimala soon

  17. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    FF’s a joy this morning



    ‘We had improved but now we are back to the usual. 30 great minutes against Braga made us forget how bad we have been playing’

  18. Teuchter Ar La. Thanks for your good wishes yesterday, Feeling a lot better today and hoping to be fully fit to attend match on Thursday evening.

  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    So who had the better weekend, Tony Ralston or Robbie Deas? 2-2 v 4-4, let’s call this one a draw.



    Plaudits though to Deas for channelling his inner Glasgow Cup Final heroics to score Alloa’s 92nd minute equaliser.

  20. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Did anyone notice Power’s tackle of Eddy in the box yesterday? It appears in the SPFL highlights. Eddy takes the shot which goes wide but Power takes him out from behind just after he strikes the ball.



    Reminds me of the penalty we gave away to Aberdeen last year (?) when Hayes slid in and made contact with the winger after he crossed the ball. We were all told then it was a definitely penalty. Funny how no one is making the same comments now.

  21. BIG WAVY on 24TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:06 AM



    Their form was good for the first half of the season and their dependency on Morelos was paying off with his goals. They have had a correction, Morelos has fallen off a cliff and other ‘key’ players have found it hard to keep overperforming.



    Big Wavy, a startling fact emerged yesterday (on Fascist Fascist of all places) that the much lauded Kent has not provided ONE assist this year and I think it was only three for the season. As the unusually honest poster opined “And we paid £7 million for that!”. That is startling for a player who would be compared to our Invisible Mhan in terms of position and role in their respective teams.

  22. we are so lucky to have neil francis lennon as our manager he is a much better tactiction than rodgers looked at celtic defence when we beat barcelona at celtic park mathews wilson ambrose mulgrew and our great doublle act foster and lennyi dont think the rat would ever have signef bigfraser so thank you lenny and big fraser match made in paradise in lenny i trust hh




    We also had two of those against Hibs at Easter Road



    Both Bauer and Christie taken out after a cross

  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    Enjoyed the defrost in the car on the way home from yesterday’s game, and recalled a wee post a couple of weeks ago suggesting that Kilmarnock and St Johnstone away from home were no gimmes, not least as they were among the ‘form’ teams in the league at that time.



    ‘Net’ 9 points plus 20 goals ahead equates to a minimum advantage of 4 matches; that is, in order for the 2nd place team to recover the deficit, Celtic need to lose 4 of our remaining games, while the other mob win all of theirs.



    Celtic have 10 matches remaining.



    The league isn’t over, but the fat lady is clearing her voice.



    I also remembered checking out Bayo’s Youtube last year, a video put together by his agency, and being struck by how many goals he scored with headers. More particularly, how few of his goals were scored with his feet.



    Yesterday gave us another glimpse of why that might be.

  25. Huns aren’t out the title race yet. Game in hand and two games against us could reduce our lead to 3 points



    We haven’t won at the Tony Macaroni arena in 3 attempts. Playing our bogey team after a Europa game will be tough…



    Think we will need eddy for both

  26. TBB


    It might have given us a glimpse of why he doesn`t score many with his feet but after one very poor effort, his apparent headed goals prowess remains a mystery !

  27. What is required to finish thems off ,finish slippy off, is for celtic to take the field at snake mountain , every one of the team picked to play with the skill we know they have , roll up the sleeves and get stuck in , any repeat of the cup final performance and they will triumph . Neil Lennon needs to pick the men who won’t wilt in the vile atmosphere ,won’t cower in the face of the boot boys , and be prepared for the mysterious decisions that will go against them from the Masonic finest . A tall ask , I believe we have that player . HH

  28. A wee problem.


    For the past few years, I have considerd Scott Brown to be Man of the Match ( or very close to it) in every Home game ( I don`t make many Away games).


    The problem? When Broonie has been absent ( not this season, I know) , Calmac has been even better than he invariably is and , arguably, Celtic play better , too.


    So, what to do?


    More rest for Broonie and more selective in deciding against which opponents is his style required?




    PS Jobo`s top 3 , maybe Calmac apart, will be more difficult to decide than has often been the case. I felt at least EIGHT players made a case for inclusion.


    PPS The efforts of our players yesterday to win back possession was very impressive.

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