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  1. AIPPLE on 23RD FEBRUARY 2020 4:16 PM



    He was the fecker that injured Frimpong last time.





    Exactly mate. Feck him.



    Instant Karma!




  2. With the goal diff..it is basically 10 points if they win the game in hand…they have to beat us twice and we have to drop points in two further games AND they have to win every game!!!……its over boys

  3. Someone on FF complaining that they don’t have an equal playing field financially…..



    I don’t often chuckle out loud to a comment but that, along with them complaining about the pitch really did it for me :)

  4. That’s the league done. All about SC and taking a game at a time in the Europa.



    What a turnaround from Dec 29th.

  5. Power will be appealing that sending off, he did much worse in the last game and got away with it! Consistency Refs!!! Can’t let players kick Tim’s in one game but not another!! Jeez

  6. Eddie is pure class. Even on a day when things are going against him he plays a killer pas in the lead up to the goal.

  7. The huns on FF have now thrown in the towel. Kent only shows up against us, Morelos has become fat, unfit and shit since the break, Katic is worst player ever . . . .