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  1. Interesting line-up. 



    Not terribly upset by it which is a nice change. I up front with (1,2,3, yip) a plethora of forwards on the bench. Can’t have it all it seems. 



    Build on Thursday, clean sheet and Eddy back scoring. Looking forward to this one. 

  2. @CelticFC starting line up v Kille……



    Hazard Frimpong Jullien Duffy Ajer Taylor Soro McGregor Turnbull Elyounoussi Edouard



    Subs: Barkas Brown Laxalt Christie Rogic Johnston Griffiths Ajeti Klimala

  3. And scores!!



    Hazard, Soro and Turnbull all start. Hope we can get the same performance we had on Thursday.


    The fight back starts now. It has to.

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  5. Exslaemuirbhoy, there was a gathering, well organised and peaceful. Cheered the team as they came off the bus. Even socially distancing.

  6. I’m okay with Taylor back in, so long as it’s a back 4. Not only is he more comfortable in a back 4, he’ll also most likely still be here next season.



    Eddie upfront without another striker didn’t work last season nor the start of this season but maybe today is the day…

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Team gave 100% on Thursday and will require the same today . Which means Eddy will have to up his game by 50%.

  8. onenightinlisbon on




    Minimum requirement 3 points by anu scoreline.




    I’d like to have seen Klimala up with Eddie. Klimala would do all the chasing, the running, the dragging defenders around while creating much-needed space for Eddie to do his thing.

  10. CMcG — lucky to get a game.



    I think that we are having a rerun of the PL / CB conundrum of the late 90’s.


    Together they were a hive of moaning and groaning / complaining.


    Had to be split apart to let the squad develop.


    PL had some great seasons for us.


    CB did stuff with DC.



    RC and CMcG — at least one has to go.



    Still not a proper balance in today’s MF.


    Two attacking MFs = great but one has to be able tackle.



    CMcG couldn’t keep weans oot a close.


    Not sure that DT is mature enough to help out IS defensively.



    Good to see CH as the GK.


    He had a good game so he had to start.



    I think NL has put in some tome and effort into the team today.


    Thinking is better than throwing darts at a dartboard.

  11. A supporters eleven, Laxalt due a rest and Taylor knows his opponents well. Johnston on the bench is a welcome sight.



    Hope its more four than three in the line up, an emphatic win is the name of the game.



    Celtic 5 – Killie 0 👍

  12. Apple n Doc



    Glad to hear it, we played Killie before Fergus took the reigns. Collins scored wae 5 mins to go from memory, was a bit of a stooshie outside that night

  13. do want to see a fast tempo , high press Celtic performance with a few confidence building goals.


    don’t want to see slow play across the back 4 , needless free kicks given away in and around our box , rash tackling in our box leading to a pointless penalty.



    can only hope.




    Utterly. However we need to give that lot something to think about and ourselves a major confidence boost as Hearts did themselves yesterday.

  15. onenightinlisbon on




    I would love a good few goals and a great performance. Not beyond the realms of possibility….

  16. A 2 goal win would do me. Small steps and all that. Anything more would obviously be better though. The players have all the incentive they need – the current POTY leader, Laxalt doesn’t start today.


    Neil speaking just there on Radio Scotland. Laxalt has a slight knock so no chances being taken.

  17. I disagree that the points are all that matter. Another plodding 90 minutes with a fortunate late winner wouldn’t bode well and wouldn’t suggest a corner is being turned.



    I want to see us tear into Killie, give them a thumping and let the rest of the league know we’re back.

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