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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Bognor Bhoy


    Unfair advantage posting before telling us new article up.

  2. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Went to the doctor today and told him I keep feeling like a supermarket, the doc asked me how long I’ve been feeling like this ? I told him ” ever since I was Lidl !!!

  3. Some statement there from Mrs Budge of HMFC.




  4. As usual, I’ve been talking to myself on old thread, Just need to repost this one to NatKnow in case he thinks I was laughing at some post that wasn’t meant to be funny.



    NatKnow, what made me laugh was the Hun saying he didn’t want to see any clever one touch football from Sevco tonight and your retort to the effect “You have nothing to worry about then You Banger.

  5. Call me Gerry



    Gordon; Matthews, Denayer, van Dijk, Izaguirre; Brown, Bitton; Commons, Johansen, Forrest; Guidetti

  6. Jaysus, I’m talking to myself on this thread as well. Think I’ll go and find myself a sausage.

  7. blantyretim.



    What game are you watching tonight,love to watch the Hearts game as I’ll get a laugh there.Or.will I watch the tic getting 3 points and a step closer to the title.might watch both?.

  8. normanstreet49 on

    The SFA/SPFL have sunk to an all time low re the playoffs. Jobs should boycott the playoff. Call their bluff.

  9. 50 shades of green on

    Messages delivered, North (face of the eiger ) stand upper conquered, breath back.



    Mon the hoops.



    4 nil tonight guys.

  10. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Both Oldtim


    One on tablet one on TV and maybe



    Called you today again

  11. I see armstrong and gms are both on the bench – given they are cup tied thought they would start

  12. Philbhoy




    19:24 on 15 April, 2015




    My local Tesco’s in Bo’ness has a food bank collection point.



    I popped in one night to get salt.



    As I sometimes do, I bought about half a dozen items for the foodbank.



    As the collection point was about 5 yards from my checkout I didn’t bother with a carrier bag.



    So, I carried the items over to the collection point and as my hands were full I just dropped the lot into the trolley.



    I then bent over it and retrieved my salt, only to be accosted by an elder local lady accusing me of stealing from the bank!



    Fortunately I still had my receipt and she saw the funny side.



    OLD COW!!!!

  13. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi on

    About the at Rankers’ final-day fixture switch…



    Anytime I’ve seen the phrase “sporting integrity” and “Rankers” in the same sentence, is when the sporting “advantage” leans towards that side of town called Malice.



    Ooooops wrong thread, sorry!



    C’mon the Celts tonight – go get thae 3 points !!!

  14. blantyretim.



    would be down in the garden,Coming in on Friday, I’ll be in BV around the usual time.Richie said he had problems calling me too.

  15. BigChipsUK – Doin’ the new Broonie… [_


    18:31 on


    15 April, 2015


    hankray (18:20), there is an outside chance that both Daryl Murphy and Gary Hooper could be going up into the EPL next season. Celtic flop Murphy with (to date) 24 of Ipswich Town’s 67 league goals this season, and Celtic mega-hit Hooper with 11 of Norwich City’s 83.



    Who looks like the flop now?!



    Eh,let me see.


    Yep,Murphy.Hooper 30 goals a season for the Hoops.Murphy ,a lump of wood playing for us.

  16. Must be a huge game for The The The Rangers tonight, going by the disproportionate amount of coverage on Shortbread. Can they qualify for Europe tonight or something? I’m out of touch with things in the lower divisions.

  17. Had a daughter/daddy day in Edinburgh with my gorgeous wee girl.



    We had all day breakfast in John Lewis at 11 and lunch in Café Andaluz at half 12.



    She’s dragging me to Patisserie Valerie at 2 o’clock but I managed to fight her off!






    You’ve gotta love them.



    What’s for tea then?

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