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  1. Jimbo67


    As an add on to your comments – and Barcelona are the best at this


    I am becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of movement by players when we have the ball


    Not moving into space to take a pass, not coming short to take a pass and create space, no movement when we have a shy – simple things to play effective football


    What are the players being coached ? Most certainly not the system Ronny talks about



    Hail Hail

  2. T.D.


    Fair enough response and civil too.


    Hail Hail.


    I wish Neganon would join you in The Brazen Head though, that would be fun, although some might call be a masochist.

  3. Simo made two runs into attacking positions yesterday, every one watched him, now, he had obviously seen that we were getting no change from the lack of imagination, the killi players knew what they were doing when our midfielders and forward approached the box. Simo twice ran into the box and it threw the killi defence for a few seconds, a ball delivered to him could have become a problem for them but that was not on for our midfield, square ball with the centre half out of position. There’s your imagination and guile right there, in a jar besides the football brain.

  4. Cowiebhoy



    As my friend and I watched El Classico my mate said the same thing. I would not for a moment suggest we should be as good as Barca but the lack of fluidity on our play, its sheer pedestrian predictability is becoming unacceptable.




  5. 70% of the play against a team who don’t want to entertain and park a double decker bus in front of there goal, waisting time, constant fouls, dodgy refereeing, and it’s all RD and the players fault?



    Mean while Liverpool go out against Man. City with there recognised strikers on the bench and hammer City, fit baw eh?

  6. Oops, just remembered, ‘ball delivered to him’, two decent deliveries all day, Lustig and Forrest, that was it two passes that created chances, that is a bloody awful stat.

  7. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just back from our usual great day with the peninsula hoops


    watched the game in the early morning here and i wasn’t too


    down about the draw, thought Jamesie had upped his game


    a bit, tackling back, covering , which I’ve criticised him for


    before, he’s got it in his locker, hope he keeps using it but imo


    we still need a big striker.


    Watched a film with the princess ( Olympus is down ) with our


    very own Gerard Butler as he saved the world from nuclear


    haulocost, normally i’d be coco pops after about ten minutes


    but i swear i saw his hoops top under his bullet proof vest as


    he sorted out the bad guys, now thats a striker, or was i just


    dreaming again?




    H.H MICK

  8. I wish Neganon would join you in The Brazen Head though, that would be fun, although some might call be a masochist. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-kilmarnock-live-updates/comment-page-20/#comment-2723291



    I would say the some would be bang on HH, there no way I could listen to that constant moaning, it’s his opinion, but I doubt if discussion with him and I on it would last 30 seconds, I’d have to walk away, no offence.

  9. Don’t post often but the one I would love to post is :



    ‘Home support were brilliant, really got behind the team and made a difference’



    Suspect I will be waiting a long time to post this !

  10. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    0-0 against a rank Killie side




    If it’s not the responsibility of the management and players …whose is it ?

  11. TD67


    Have you anything constructive to add about how our team play ? And could break down this 10 man defending ?


    Oh, and how did you get on questioning our board on their motives, you did say you would feedback

  12. Just watched a rerun of Ajax’s 5-1 win last night. They are a team that like to attack so don’t see them coming to sit in and defend on Thursday. We should however get chances against them. The Dons1-0 up.





    Walk away?



    Not your usual tactic from what I heard.

  14. Following on from earlier comments about Barcelona I believe that Celtic are very poor at working off the ball. I don’t think it’s poor coaching so it must be lazy players who are not prepared to make runs for their team mates.

  15. The tempo Celtic start off games at is all wrong,by putting teams like Kilmarnock under pressure right from the start and getting the early goal or two will force them to play in a different manner.Why blame Kilmarnock for not being entertaining after all they’re made up free transfers,loans and journeymen pros.

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I must have seen a different game from many on CQN we had 3 penalty shouts maybe 1 out of 3 should have been a penalty. Sparky had 2 good chances he would normally have scored from and there keeper had at least 3 good saves and we also hit the bar.Had we scored just one Kilie would have folded but they carried the luck yesterday. I dont think we played that poorly on saying that Armstrong GMS and Cifti were all passengers I liked the look of Scott Alan he deserve a run in the team. H.H.

  17. Cowiebhoy on 22nd November 2015 12:24 pm





    It was our 3rd draw in 15 games, so it’s a 1 in 5 chance



    Mind you I have missed our defeat from those 15 games


    My own view Ronny is unable to set out a team and tactics to break down a 10man defence in the SPL, (or is it our players ?) and with our squad and playing at Celtic park, we should be beating a Kilmarnock, playing like they did ?



    I seen a Leigh Griffiths effort,* 2 including the free kick, a Scott Brown shot and Boyata hitting the bar in last minute, Craig Gordon had 2 good saves in last 5 mins, plus a last ditch tackle from Simonuvic, so Killie had chances which we are also being exposed to in Europe, but losing goals



    18months into his reign I think players are still struggling with Ronny’s set up ?




    Yes but this isn’t anything new. Lenny and WGS also struggled to breakdown these types of teams.



    Are you really surprised when we draw these games? I’m more shocked by the usual 4 nil predictions before kick off.



    The easiest thing in football is to send out a team to not concede, it’s a blight on Scottish football that so many managers feel this is the right way to play the game.

  18. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Disappointed with yesterday’s result but I cannot comment on the game as Celtic TV was pure dead shite by the way :-(


    I sometimes, nay often, wonder why I give them the money.

  19. Most things won’t change any time soon, no matter how much we moan about it. We will still play in the same League with the same Officialdom and Desmond will still hold all the aces and our business model will remain much the same.


    What will happen over in Hunsville is anyone’s guess, if they do turn up in the top Division next year, it may well change the dynamic somewhat for some people but it’s hard to see them make any major impact for 3 or 4 years at least.


    I tend to concentrate on how our team and Manager are performing and how our younger players are developing. I share the fairly widespread concern about Ronny, in particular his repeated failures to make the right substitutions. Yesterday was crying out for a midfielder who could make a defence splitting pass and break the blanket defence. Allan was the obvious candidate but he waited till 83rd minute to bring him on.


    If we are looking for a goal his predictable first move is to bring on Ciftci, I had hopes for this guy but he has done nothing at all to merit inclusion and GMS is another who has gone backwards alarmingly on Ronny’s watch. It seems that Ronny’s attitude is I bought them, I have to play them. I haven’t seen Stokes play in ages so don’t know what his form in training is but surely he is a better option then the two afore mentioned.

  20. TD67



    I’ll put it simply for you.






    But hey you don’t care what people think of you so I’m sure this post will meet with no reply. Obviously.



    MWD said AYE

  21. twentyfirstofmay1979 on

    Just a mention to Roy Croppie for his usual contribution to an otherwise dreary site last night, Keep them coming mate, a good reminder of why we all follow the Hoops




  22. Cowiebhoy


    My thoughts on how to break down a ten man defence? I’m not a coach, I was, but that was a long time ago, one thing I will say it isn’t easy, even the great Barcalona couldent do it to us, so I’m afraid my thoughts on it would be no help to anyone, RD is the coach, I’ll leave that up to him.



    I had two interesting conversations with PL and Mr Bankier, all positive and courteous I may ad, stuff I wouldent post in here, it would only get twisted and personnel as it already has today and I wouldent give them the oxygen, the people I’m close to and have there trust I will say to, but this is not the place, I’m sorry but I will not let my conversations from yesterday to be used as a stick to beat them up, not that it was anything nuclear, but it was private.



    My best part of yesterday was spending 20 minutes with Billy McNeil, it was hard holding back my emotions, Billy is not the man I’d met before, but still a lovely man, and a colossus among men he’s right up there with my old man, and that’s a tough room to get into.

  23. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    CORKCELT.We may well get a shock next season the Rangers in my opinion will be promoted and if we look at newly promoted Hearts it might be sooner rather than later that they challenge us. H.H.

  24. MOONBEAMSWD on 22ND NOVEMBER 2015 1:16 PM









    I’ll put it simply for you.














    But hey you don’t care what people think of you so I’m sure this post will meet with no reply. Obviously.







    MWD said AYE



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-kilmarnock-live-updates/comment-page-20/#comment-2723310



    I’m assuming this was all carefully worked out by you yourself, what can I say, your a tough act to follow.

  25. twentyfirstofmay1979 on




    Sorry to hear about big Billy, his grandson went to school with my boy and played in the same team, great young player btw. Seen Billy a couple of weeks ago and he didnt look at all well. A man who is all about Celtic and its hard to see him suffering .




  26. TwentyFirst



    True. Although I think he may be a bit easily pushed off the ball at that level. :-)

  27. Having been told who that tits brother is it now all makes some sense.



    Hope yesterday’s soup wasn’t too bitter.

  28. DD



    No chance. He’s playing at Barrowfield this week. Tuns in a performance there he might get a Crunchie. :-)

  29. DD



    Used to give him a wee bung for goals. Had to scrap that. He hangs about there as if he’s Gary Lineker.



    Without the bowel movements obviously.

  30. twentyfirstofmay1979 on




    Great feeling to see your lad do the trick, Ive been everywhere with my son at the fitba since he was five, unfortunately he is now playing with a pretty poor team and Im not looking forward to this afternoon. Enjoy it while it lasts mate




  31. TwentyFirst



    I’ve been getting a better buzz recently watching the Bhoy than watching the Bhoys. Great to see the wee guys playing with a smile on their faces today. Ye canny whack it.



    All the best this afternoon to your lad.

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