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  1. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    SFTB said this earlier:



    ” We have raised the bar of expectations for Ronny, because of such Old Firm thinking, that we cannot enjoy a good win because it is just what we expected and we cannot tolerate dropped points, because we have convinced ourselves that such a thing should never happen when we have this level of financial advantage over other teams in our league. ”



    I think SFTB was too polite to say that such thinking is a direct reflection of the MSSM line. Apparently , everyone is entitled to an opinion. Does this ` axiom` hold true if that opinion is simply a reiteration of a propagated view?




  2. HT



    Nonsense. He just listens to the wrong people. :-)



    You at the Tones last night Ya madman?? Ooft . . Proud of ye. Lol. Mentalist.

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    THE HUDDLE. No I expect your right they would rather listen to cursing and watch sexually explicit action.Forgive them Father they know not what they are doing. H.H.

  4. Herbo



    Went out for a smoke just as the polis were putting up the tape. Stewards didn’t help the situation they were alluding to a terrorist attack!!!



    I pointed out that if it was ISIS why would they be attacking an area of 100 square feet in Glasgow’s East End :-)

  5. HT



    Isis UVF . Have ye no heard? :-)



    Spoke to a mutal aquantence today in the Sooside who was at the gig. A Lotta shite was his summation of the terrorist attack. I think he was still drunk however :-)

  6. Herbo / HT






    Internal Celtic matters only?, thanks didn’t know that, my ignorance.



    I’d like to think that if the Celtic Trust could bring it to the table, like Resolution 12, it would be considered, like any other representations, about the main issue in Scottish Football.



    I don’t accept at this stage, that Celtic are completely passive, or in any way supportive of ‘ moving on ‘ from the scandal, without formally acting in some manner on behalf of the Celtic shareholders, to acknowledge we were officially proven as having been cheated.





    The enemy is not inside Celtic Park and unless you understand and focus on that, then your efforts will be in vain.





    Sadly, our enemies have friends inside the CP boardroom which is why some of our focus has to be on them as well.



    If Dermot Desmond and his puppets in the boardroom had had there way back in 2012, Sevco would have been allowed entry to the SPL as Club 12 and not Dundee. Only grassroots fan pressure at our and other clubs stopped this happening.



    In the eyes of DD, the Celtic business model is predicated on being the green half of the Old Firm/Glasgow Derby brand. For as long as he pulls the strings, that will the the policy (albeit hidden) of the boardroom. That lot are for the watching – make no mistake about that.

  8. mullet and co 2 on




    A test of your cognitive dissonance then.



    If the last 16 is so important then tell me why you can name a number of Europa league finalists? Not a fair question but surely you get my point… Name 4 of the last 16 clubs in each of the last 2 years? If it’s more important then everyone will remember it? right?

  9. Herbo



    That would have been my summation of the gig! Never been a big fan but they did the job 30 years ago :-)

  10. HT



    I suggest the CST and CSA discuss the implications of CoS ruling to arrive at a joint position.



    I’m not sure that any talks need to be made public since an appeal might be lodged, but it would be as well to have a unified and well informed as possible view ready.



    I’ve been there before. :)

  11. Good evening all, just catching up after a long and tiring day yesterday.



    Cheers to Celtic Roller Coaster for meeting up to give me my ticket, enjoyed the beers in your company.



    Well done to the Green Brigade on their food bank collection. Lots of people contributing bags of food or donating cash (and not a petition in sight:-).



    The match was nothing to write home about, James Forrest was the stand out for me until he switched wings towards the end. Allen was only on for a few minutes but neither Ciftci nor Mackay-Stevens added to the team when they came on.



    Beers in the company of Delanys Dunky, ACGR and Minx after the match and a Barca win over Réal ended another good visit to Glasgow.



    Low light of the day was landing twenty minutes early in Dublin, watching Jedward legging it off the plane, while the rest of us were held back for twenty minutes ‘to ease congestion at passport control’. I did get a picture with one of them though in the airport which I will shamelessly use in a Christmas test comprehension.



    Roll on Thursday

  12. BSR





    I fail to see what the Trust can do about any of this. It’s not an issue for the trust, it’s an issue for Celtic PLC to take on. They’ve failed on that, what do you expect the trust to do? If there is something the trust could do Id be happy to hear it.

  13. THE_HUDDLE on 22ND NOVEMBER 2015 6:21 PM



    Joe Filippis Haircut on 22nd November 2015 6:13 pm



    Sad to see a Cinema group has refused to accept an advert containing the Lords prayer as they say they dont accept adverts that are politicaly or religously linked.I wonder if it had been a muslim prayer would they have done the same thing. I say forgive them Father the know not what they are doing H.H.





    I would assume and hope they would also refuse a muslim advert.



    No one needs any of that when they are watching a Star Wars movie




    So – it’s OK for the people who put their religion down on the census form as “Jedi” to get a 2 hour film about their religion, but not for the rest of us?! :-)



    I wonder if “Jesus Of Nazareth” would be shown in the cinema these days?

  14. NatKnow on 22nd November 2015 6:55 pm



    I wonder if “Jesus Of Nazareth” would be shown in the cinema these days?




    It’s fiction why wouldn’t it :O)

  15. Bourne



    Obviously the ‘Rangers’ issue affects us to an extent but my understanding is that the Trust stepped aside to allow the Res12 guys a free reign. It happened before I was on the committee but I’m sure Auldheid can confirm.

  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    HT said:


    “We have a meeting on Tuesday and I’ll ask for permission from those present if I can post on here what’s been discussed. ”



    Don`t you think it is rather harsh to spoil people`s delusions? 0:-)



    I have tried to make the point with humour but what you have offered to do is fairness personified. Well done, C.




  17. THE_HUDDLE on 22ND NOVEMBER 2015 6:58 PM



    NatKnow on 22nd November 2015 6:55 pm



    I wonder if “Jesus Of Nazareth” would be shown in the cinema these days?




    It’s fiction why wouldn’t it :O)




    You’re going to the Bad Fire.



  18. HAMILTONTIM on 22ND NOVEMBER 2015 6:27 PM


    The last time I saw the Tones in the Barras was their 25th anniversary. Had the pleasure of seeing them in Coatbridge two weeks ago, an annual Gig they do for charity, up close and personal. Oh and there was no gun shots…:)


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  19. lennon's passion on

    Drama queens same 20/30 people every day going on about the latest topic that offends them.

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on




    The Wolfe Tonnes are brave enough to enter Townheid nobody would dare lift their arms ! Me and the Mrs were in the Bammy last night and no guns were fired so that’s good going, the good lady has her eye on there to replace the Banks Club, she was told last night she would get it for £0.00

  21. JJ



    Sadly, some still won’t believe me.



    Ps have you got a Dorian Gray portrait in your attic? :-)

  22. Lennybhoy



    Didn’t want to go and didn’t want to be there. Give me Gary or The Wakes in a quiet, small venue any day.

  23. The real issue is of course we’ve failed to qualify for the CL two years on the trot due to our ‘conservative’ recruitment policy. A recruitment policy which our manager has no real say over.



    That’s the worst of it. Tory Zionists and New Labour sell outs are bad news but even worse news is our complete lack of ambition. All in all its a shit state of affairs all round. And it’s still far too expensive.

  24. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    HT said:


    “Sadly, some still won’t believe me.



    Ps have you got a Dorian Gray portrait in your attic? :-)”



    Re. The first sentence. Unfortunately, I think you are right.


    Re. The second. I am taking that as a compliment……even though I do not have an attic 0:-)




  25. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    HERBO on 22ND NOVEMBER 2015 7:32 PM



    You need a reality check ….talking like a bhun, spen, spend, spend, every penny you get ….Football revue ewes in Scotland are near the lowest in t,he world

  26. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Listened to the remainder of Paul 67`s performance from the other night. It might not have been the `Get intae them` performance that some would have liked. It was much more effective than that. Well done, Paul.




  27. We cannot drop points, especially at home, especially against Kilmarnock. Hearts now striking distance again.

  28. 67Heaven



    Remind me. How much have we squandered on cheap options? Michu, Balde, Rasmussen, Pukki, . . I could go on. We don’t reward our good players. We sell them as soon as possible.



    But hey. We’re not liquidated so we must be doing good right?

  29. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    “due to our ‘conservative’ recruitment policy.”


    “our complete lack of ambition ”


    ” shit state of affairs all round.”




    Ah, now I understand your blog name 0:-)




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