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  1. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    “We cannot drop points,”



    Did you forget to add on: Cos we ar ra peepil !


    Cheerio for now,




  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Well said.


    There are elements within our support which damage the reputation of Celtic.


    There always have been.There always will be.



    I`m reminded of militant tendency and the Labour party.


    That all ended badly too.


    For the Labour Party.


    On a beach.



    Hail Hail

  3. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    So, no change in the league this weekend…..that’s a welcome little bonus …. :)

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on




    There will be NO appeal, HMRC thought this would have went through the court(s) for years, guilty as charged NO appeal, BDO are not interested in Sevco, HMRC should hunt the new mob under TOGC…..

  5. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I have been known about typing (& talking) mince but I can assure you there will be no appeal, how could BDO even attempt to justify an appeal, especially since the club/company in question are gone, I reiterate there will be NO appeal

  6. A very large club in the EPL , Aston Villa, are seeing how it pans out when you sell your best players year after year for profits.


    The painful fact is that they will lose out on the biggest pot of all in the EPL next season. The parallel with our own business model is that we gamble on CL qualification. To gamble this year with a rookie coach and two of our best players unavailable was taking things a bit far, we loaded 3 bullets in the chamber, and hoped for a miracle.

  7. No idea why I am revisiting the argy bargy from August, perfectly sober as well. Must be the lack of drink.


    The good news is the old hips did not fall apart after 5 k on the treadmill this morning, rest tomorrow and another 5k on Tuesday….

  8. Spot on JMcCormick



    There is absolutely no chance of building a team with our recent turnover. Hopefully the vision of academy players stepping up comes to fruition. It’s our only hope.



    Then again. If they do. How long will they be here?

  9. From UK Goverment press release in June 2014.



    The Insolvency Service will rigorously pursue traders who seek an unfair advantage over their competitors by not paying VAT or PAYE”.

  10. Macjay



    In my opinion it’s the current custodians who damage the reputation of Celtic.



    But ye knew that :-)

  11. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Evening Bhoys and Ghirls



    So if you are looking for inspiration tonight, click onto the following link and scroll down to the first picture of Wee Shay standing… yes standing.






    Okay, he may need total support to help him stand and he cant quite hold his head by himself, but the improvement in a year has been amazing….and all this has happened down to the continued support of CQN family and friends.



    Wee Shay has entered his second year of treatment which is already 50% funded. We are hoping to cover this year and a further 1-2 years treatment to give the family the best chance in their life together. The cost of the treatment is £6000 per year.



    We are delighted to announce that next weekend you will have the opportunity to win an unique cask bottle of Bowmore 3 elements (60% strength) which was previously donated by ACGR for the WeeOscar4Life campaign. This bottle which is labelled No1 in the collectionof 251, raised an incredible £1801 for Wee Oscar but was donated back. ACGR has kindly now offered it back for Wee Shay and we do not want it back this time :-)



    Watch this space for more details of a fantastic auction for Wee Shay which starts next Saturday at 12pm on CQN



    If you want any more details, pls email us on cqnlastmanstanding@gmail.com







  12. Mullett & Co





    A test of your cognitive dissonance then.


    If the last 16 is so important then tell me why you can name a number of Europa league finalists? Not a fair question but surely you get my point… Name 4 of the last 16 clubs in each of the last 2 years? If it’s more important then everyone will remember it? right?




    You are right it is not a fair question to ask of a man of my advanced years with a reduced memory. It is also not fair because the answer to which is the bigger achievement is not a memory test, especially not a memory test of an invested supporter of our team. The fairer test of the proposition is to go onto a non-Celtic football site and pose the direct question-



    Which is the greater football achievement – reaching a Uefa Final but losing or reaching the CL last 16 CL and losing- I would be confident of the outcome of that question being posed to non-Celtic fans.



    The reason I can rhyme off the names of the four teams I did was because this is a post I have made several times on CQN. The reason I have had to make it is because people have been revisionist about their evaluation of Seville. You see, it is not my view that counts- I was reporting back to you what the settled view of CQNrs and the Celtic blogging community was around 2004 onwards. The vast majority of Celtic bloggers were saying we need to “kick on” from Seville and get out of the Group Stages- this is not just my view- this is on record on any Celtic blogging site. We all regarded last 16 qualification as a step on. Right up to 2006 when Alex McCleish achieved it for them. That is my main point not the hunble level of such clubs as Fulham, Middlesbro and Alaves. After all, smaller clubs like Appolon Limassol have got to CL last 16 and quarter finals (it is a harder judgement call as to whether getting to q-f stage once is a higher achievement than getting last 16 three times but I would tend towards the latter achievement. We were reaching our highest Euro point since 1980 at a period when we were very crabbit with our club and accusing it of betraying our ambition. We did not appreciate the level we had conquered as we were doing it. We down-talked our own achievements.



    I loved the journey to Seville right up to the final. It was important as it was our breakthrough season. On the back of beating Juve 4:3 (in a dead rubber march) 2 years earlier, we had great wins against Stuttgart, Blackburn, Liverpool, Celta etc; It was a great emotional time but it does not rank high in the memories or impact of other Euro fans. Mourinho might remember it- some English fans might remember it because we id in two of their champions but it did not make a huge impact in Europe. Most fans who are asked to name a club that has won the Uefa/Europa Cup would struggle to name more than dual recent winners Seville, without prompting, far less name losing finalists from 12 or more years ago. And yes, they would struggle to confidently recall a team like Celtic making the last 16 too, even though we did that 3 times. They might remember Apoel because that was a huge shock but mostly they would remember and be able to answer your question easily.



    I would start with confidently saying, Barca, Bayern, Chelsea and Arsenal. I am pretty sure Atletico, PSG, Real and Porto were there too. There were probably a couple of other perennials too but I would not like to nominate regulars like Juve, Man U, Shakter , Dortmund and Schalke as they do occasionally miss out.



    That predictability just shows the kind of glass ceiling competition we are up against.



    My point remains, just like Rangers fans forget that they knew and stated that liquidation meant death of the club, we also knew that we considered CL last 16 to be superior to our Seville benchmark.



    Well, we did until we did it, and then we changed our minds.

  13. So, on to Thursday.



    We could be without Bitton, Johanson and Commons it’s going to be a tough ask. As Tims we forever live in hope but our performances in Europe over the past 16 months suggests that only a change somewhere will result in a win.

  14. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Hamiltontim. We are without Bitton as he was ordered off in the last match I am not sure but Joe Hanson may be out as well due to the no.of bookings. H.H.

  15. Som mes que un club on

    Evening all.



    Can anyone recommend or have knowledge of, any Celtic friendly bars in Berlin that are likely to show the game Thursday?




  16. Hamiltontim –



    Thursday should now be the focus for all of our positive energies. Was on the ticket site earlier and looking to me as if we’ve sold around the 50,000 mark. coupled with an 8.05pm kick off time and the FACT that, incredibly, we still have qualifications entirely in our own hands then it could yet be a night to remember.



    At full time yesterday it was probably difficult to envisage us taking 6 more Europa points. But it’s the old adage – we’re only 1 win away from qualifying after we win on Thursday!!



    Might as well say it – 4 more sleeps ;-)

  17. Celtic team for Thursday






    Lustig Boyata Simunovic Izzaguire



    Brown Armstrong (or Efe)



    Forrest Rogic (or Allan) Mackay-Steven






    Subs:- Ciftci, Tierney and whoever else is fit and available



    We are down to bare bones (something to reflect upon if you are an advocate of the increased spend/ smaller squad approach).

  18. SFTB



    That’s not really how I remember things but you may be correct. Of course. In 2003/4 the Internet and Celtic sites were nowhere near what they are now more than 10 years later.



    I remember the thinking being yes, let’s kick on from here and make CL in-roads. Remembering also that the Porto team who just beat us narrowly went on to win the big one in 2004. We didn’t kick on from a place of strength. Much like in 1988. We tried to progress on the cheap. The stadium was full, the feel good factor was sky high. As was the sense of injustice after Kilmarnock/Dunfermline. The club failed to deliver really.



    I digress. At the time of Liverpool/Boavista/Seville my memory is of it being a Euoropean trophy and absolutely more important than than CL last 16. It was still the Uefa Cup then and probably not as snash as some see the Europa League format. However. It can’t be denied that the quality of some Europa games are easily to the Standard of tge CL. Look at recently Juventus, Seville, Napoli. Easily better than most CL group teams.



    All about perception and opinions of course.

  19. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    HERBO on 22ND NOVEMBER 2015 7:45 PM



    Yes, we’re doing fine ….. Transition moving along nicely …..and we’re tims

  20. JFH



    Evening Joe, for me the biggest miss will be Commons. I know I’m predictable but for me he remains our greatest threat.



    Don’t ask him to defend or chase back, ask him to create.

  21. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Leading in Amsterdam, then 2-0 up against Fenerbache, I can definitely remember worse European ventures, as Mr Baldie said win on Thursday then it’s a one game shoot out, in my 40+ years watching Celtic there were plenty of them when we were nowhere near Europe at this time of year….



    (summer football advocate at least be warm watching Killie get a point)

  22. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on




    I hope the bookies are right this time. They had us favourites to beat Molde as well



    Onwards to Thursday and I wonder (and worry) which Jekyll or Hyde team will turn up







  23. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Part of the joy of football is now and then you get shock results ie Man.City 1 v.Liverpool 4 I think we will need a shock result on Thursday if we are to beat Ajax. Our midfield is likely to be a bit make shift and I believe that is where the game will be won or lost. H.H.

  24. Jobo



    You know we’re snookered if you begin to suffer from insomnia :-)



    You’re right all our efforts should now focus upon Thursday. I’ve got to be honest I’m not confident but I do have hope.

  25. HT



    Aye. Don’t ask him to work, ask him to create for Kris Commons. He’s fabulous at that.



    He really should take some responsibility and shoot more. ;)

  26. Silver City 1888 on

    SFTB I think that seeing the last 16 in the CL as being a step on from a UEFA final is Celtic fan’s appreciation of financial reality. What ever did happen to the Seville money? Emotionally Seville is a much bigger deal with books being published and anniversaries being noted. That isn’t really happening over our first placing in the last 16. Opinions of fans of other nations don’t change the way most of us feel and I can’t imagine people changing their minds because of something Rangers did but we are a diverse bunch.

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