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  1. Well Celtic have issued a statement which is basically backing Bankier. Is Bankiergate simply going to go away or will it provoke a showdown.

  2. CELTIC Football Club has released the following statement following a call from the Celtic Trust asking for Celtic chairman Ian Bankier to consider his position.


    “Ian made his position absolutely clear on Friday when he thanked, praised and commended Celtic supporters and shareholders and clarified that he had not branded our supporters as some had suggested.


    “Ian was simply referring to those individuals that the Trust in their statement have also condemned, so we seem to be in agreement.


    “We are surprised and disappointed that a public statement has been made without any dialogue on the matter with the club but, as always, we will be happy to meet any of our fans groups to discuss.

  3. Herbo



    Stick tae the politics :-)



    I know you’re not a big fan of Commons but for me we have three main threats in this current Celtic squad. Commons’s guile, Forests’ pace and Stokes’ ingenuity. Without them we’ll have more of yesterday.

  4. Ahead of Thursday it’s worth reminding you of how good Ajax have been so far –



    Game 1 – scramble a 2-2- draw at home to whipping bhoys Celtic, only equalising after the visitors were reduced to 10 men with 20 minutes to go.


    Game 2 – travel to MOlde and secure a 1-1 draw.


    Game 3 – on the road again and go down to a late winner to Fenerbahce, losing 1-0.


    Game 4 – fail to score for the 2nd game in succession drawing 0-0 with Fenerbahce.



    We have certainly had our own disappointments in Europe. But on Thursday we really have nothing to fear.



    Jobo’s preferred team –




    Lustig, Boyata, Simunovic, Tierney


    Brown, Johansen


    Forrest, Commons, Armstrong,



  5. I’m surprised at the CELTIC statement.



    You’d think that they’d be well aware of fans feelings what with their 1 million Facebook followers.

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    CORKCELT. Nothing surprising in that, I am of the opinion that it will pass but I am an old codger maybe younger supporters wont let it go.However,I dont want it to give the MSM the chance to deflect from what is going on over at Ibrokes. H.H.

  7. Gerry –



    oh, right. Thought he was absent tomorrow after his Euro exertions. Maybe play Armstrong back there then and re-instate Rogic. Unless Paddy McCourt is still registered? ;-)

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on



    I caught the last 20mins of that programme, so It’s the schools fault ? Segregation ?



    There are Catholic and Protestant and whatever other religions schools all over Britain but in Northern Ireland it’s segregation, children learn more in the home than in any school…. The presenter seemed a bit of an amateur, more interested in the lovely views than the main problem

  9. Jobo, as pointed out by Gerry, Johansen suspended


    Also worry about Brown he did get an injury in last couple of minutes yesterday, when he tracked back and made the last ditch tackle, he hurt himself.


    Was absolutely immobile for last 3 minutes of the game



    Hail Hail

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Hamiltontim on 22nd November 2015 8:25 pm





    You are a genuine guy.


    I think you are genuinely mistaken.



    Your organisation has played it`s part in deflecting attention,as THOMTHETHIM has suggested, from the main game. What should be the only game.


    The permanent demise of Rangers.

  11. Proud of the Trust



    Proud of the Ultras



    And proud of the Affiliation who don’t get nearly enough credit.



    If it looks like Cnut speaks like a Cnut and has an attitude like a cnut



    Chances are he’s a Cnut

  12. In response to Celtic’s statement I’ll say this as an individual having not consulted anyone from the CT.



    Celtic should be more than aware of supporters feelings regarding the Bankier issue. In addition, we continually ask for meetings where PL doesn’t even turn up.



    Our statement is based on our views of Bankier’s comments and we believe that consultation with Celtic would not have have done anything to address this.

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I heard Ronny more or less saying that Stefan has been playing non stop and after the the euro play offs, knowing him and Nir couldn’t play against Ajax he gave him a wee holiday (which I think could work in our favour) as for your team I have a feeling Broony (if fit) could be joined with Stuart Armstrong hopefully in front of Broony and not sitting, if Scott Allan was getting the nod I am sure he would have more game time lately, also think young Tierney will start on Thursday and even though I appreciate Izzy, think the young bhoy is in the zone and has no fear

  14. Macjay


    With respect, you virtually never mention the demise of the hun, nor the sfa when I think about it.


    Had TTT not mentioned that in his post, you wouldn’t have mentioned it either, would you :-)



  15. The No.13 Shorts on

    All of that overtly anti-Celtic bile in the media against Celtic without reply and all of a sudden the PLC issue 2 statements in 2 days. Protectionist pricks.



    Hamiltontim on 22nd November 2015 8:25 pm












    You are a genuine guy.





    I think you are genuinely mistaken.







    Your organisation has played it`s part in deflecting attention,as THOMTHETHIM has suggested, from the main game. What should be the only game.





    The permanent demise of Rangers.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-kilmarnock-live-updates/comment-page-27/#comments






    I don’t doubt your integrity for a second but that’s an old firm comment from you. At the Celtic Trust we genuinely concern ourselves with Celtic issues

  17. Let’s not get distracted from the fundamental point.



    Lord Livingston is an unelected Tory peer and policy maker. He is also a member of Friends of Israel. A Zionist movement which supports Benjamin Netenyahu.



    A lot of Celtic supporters want him out. Myself included. They are scumbags!

  18. Herbo and Silver City 1888



    “my memory is of it being a Euoropean trophy and absolutely more important than than CL last 16.”



    See, that is a bit of the problem with the statement.



    We did NOT win the trophy- we did not win any trophy. I would have agreed with the proposition that winning the UEFA or Europa was a bigger achievement than losing a last 16 tie, but that was Porto’s achievement- not ours.



    We attained the same level as Alaves, Boro, Fulham, Espanyol and the deid club.

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Loved reading about you going to the game yday and your pals memory will live longer than the score against Killie, as for Thursday I hope Broony is fit as we are a better team with him and I am quietly confident of taking this “terrible” Euro run to Turkey…..then maybe Basle

  20. SFTB



    I canny argue with that chief to be fair. But we were not far away and I think at the time we all felt we were on the verge of something special. Riquelme and the lack of Artur Boruc put that notion into the realms of the aul Celtic if onlys

  21. glendalystonsils on

    If we were playing good football and making some exciting signs of progress under Ronny, you would not hear Bankiers name mentioned.


    In the absence of exciting signs of progress on the park, other off the park matters come in to fill the void.



    The natives are restless.

  22. Geryyfaethebrig


    The stone right next to big Rab’s is Tony Conway’s, I hope it’s RWE’s Bhoy ?

  23. eddieinkirkmichael on

    It was great spending time yesterday meeting ordinary fans, just like most of us, from a variety of backgrounds. The generosity of our fans is truly amazing and thb very humbling.


    Met some great young guys from the GB who taught me all about Marx and Engels and the importance of dialectical materialism to the Celtic support going forward.


    I wasn’t aware that you had to know the words to No more heroes by the Stranglers to be a member of the GB, so for all you wannabee GB’s out there here’s the song- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkB4Dg3Qh0c



    Can’t you just hear TonyD67 singing this as he collects his mammy’s Daily Record in the morning ;)

  24. My problem with Bankier is not just the debacle at the AGM this week, and I fully accept that he did not intend to label our support as racists.



    However, he has shown a tin ear for the voice and sentiments of the Celtic support since he started.



    First there was the “Tartan Army” comparison. Then the “Behave Yourselves!” admonition over the Poppy and minute’s silence. He has always betrayed a mis-informed and mis-trusting attitude towards our support. If I was convinced he had other qualities which counterbalanced his lack of empathy with the support, I would welcome him continuing, albeit in a non-speaking role as Director. I just cannot see what he brings other than foot-in-mouth embarrassment. Mind you, so did the internet troll that referred to Mr. Livingstone as a Jew Prick.

  25. a light insanity on

    HT. Keep up the good work.


    I have reached the zero tolerance point with tegards to our board. No doffing of cap towards them. They are doing a poor job. Just get up off your knees and state the truth. Get rid of Bankier and Livingstone as a start and get supporters involved.

  26. Great to see Celtic have found their voice. Once again dismissing or attacking their support.



    It’s a bi get it right up yees from the board to the support.



    They hold us in utter contempt.

  27. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE EXILED TIM on 22ND NOVEMBER 2015 9:13 PM





    There are some subjects I would prefer not to comment about ,because I don`t feel well enough informed about them.



    I know Rangers for what they are and what they have always been.


    A focus for blatant religious discrimination.


    Their demise would benefit Scotland and it`s people.

  28. glendalystonsils


    Several of us at CQN Coarner yesterday were told a story, directly from someone who was there and witnessed this episode, about Mr Bankier


    I already thought he was not fit for the post, based on his performance at 3 AGM’s now


    I am now 110% convinced of such


    He’s in the wrong movie Bhud



    Hail Hail

  29. Herbo,



    It would have been nice to have one more go, with the Seville squad plus Boruc and Riquelme (or equivalent) but the only way it would have paid for itself was if it led to an invitation to a richer league. Playing 95% of your fixtures in an impoverished league and cup will, year on year, leave you less capable of tilting at the giants who spend more on their 3rd 11 than you can bring to bear on your first team squad.

  30. Hard to argue with Neganon



    Fact is he’s right!



    They are clutching at straws and they know the malcontents are growing in number and ferocity.



    CFC not PLC

  31. Scott Allan should have been on much earlier. He can see a pass and then execute. Others can’t. Amazed he only got a few minutes.

  32. Gerryfaethebrig on




    As I get older I appreciate my teachers more, my young niece went to London to get a job and she was the only adult influence in about 20+ kids in her class, she is now only 27 she had to got London straight from Uni as Scotland had too many teachers, anyway, at school kids are taught but any hatred doesn’t come from no school, the hatred is from the parents, I am Celtic daft, my good lady is Sevco daft (probably just daft marrying me) but I can assure you there is no hatred in this household, hatred comes from parents because they are the ones who teach the children the most






    We all come on here and mump and groan hopefully about our team, but your post, and many others especially RWE makes the other rubbish disappear, roll on Thursday when we beat Ajax then it’s a cup final in Fenerbache

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