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  1. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Macjay1 – Fortunately enough I get on alright with the CQN crew in real life.



    I’ll tell ye one thing though – see the so-called socialist/Communist posse, when they eventually /inevitably gain a position of a wee bit of power – they are the worst bossmen of them all.



    Believe you me.



    Harsh and tough they are.



    Let them think though, let them believe in their own corrupt minds – that they have broken yer spirit.



    The fools.



    Praise be to Jesus Christ.



    Back to lurking.




  2. When did being a socialist become a crime?



    When did wanting good for others, like wishing them a living wage, become a pox?



    What are we becoming? Really… what are we if we can’t wish good for everybody. Everybody. Not all the unearned good for one. Unearned good for one. Just a wee bit of life for all. A breath of fresh air, a drink of clean water, a wee bit of bread, a bit of warm and an arm around your shoulder.



    Sometimes this place can hurt you. Sometimes this place can be more hunish than hunland.



    Find a mirror and look in it.



    If you care that is.

  3. “so they can eat fruit, and we can eat sand…”



    Who really gives a toss? Really gives a toss?












    How many pennies does it take to make the living wage a reality in OUR club’s world?

  4. Does anybody think the ‘living wage’, or the lack thereof, is tearing OUR club apart?



    Splitting it in two, or shattering it completely, completely so much so it won’t ever be the same ever again, ever again, no matter how much paper they paste over the cracks?



    Is an absolute disgrace?



    Or is the demise of the hun more important to you?



    It is Monday, a good day for a 5 way agreement… don’t you agree?

  5. Good morning friends from a dry, partly cloudy but very cold East Kilbride.



    3 more sleeps. It’s in out own hands.

  6. KITALBA on 23RD NOVEMBER 2015 7:06 AM


    Does anybody think the ‘living wage’, or the lack thereof, is tearing OUR club apart?




  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Got to agree with Kitalba


    What is wrong with wanting to give everyone a chance of a life, treat people as you would like them to treat you


    It’s not communism or Marxism its comman decency



    Good morning

  8. Quiet as a mouse then a prepared ‘rant’ denegrating celtic supporters. You could see the venom and hatred. I f someone on the floor spoke like that he would have demanded they were thrown out

  9. 16 roads…,


    What’s the alternative ?


    Failed capitalism, you happy that the world is where it is solely due to capitalism ?










    I’ll put it more simply for you.







    When someone visits your local pub,on your territory,to explain his reasoning,he expects to be met with your reasoning.







    Your reasoning was clearly defined as a slap,to a man whom you knew would not be able to give you one back,due to his job.







    That story came to me third-hand at best. And achieved one quite incredible result-you went down in my estimation!







    I hope you are proud of that. For me,it is an extreme of bullying.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-kilmarnock-live-updates/comment-page-21/#comment-2723328



    Your right, the story you have is third hand, and as I said it all depends who has your ear, I’d stick to posting what you know, and not what you think you know, drunks at hootenannys tend to exaggerate, and I’v told you many times, I honestly really do not care what your thoughts or canamalars are, or any of your other little cabal trolls think of me, it’s a blog ffs.

  11. Macjay



    I don’t think it was ‘silly’ at all. Slightly flippant I’ll grant you. Trying to lighten the mood a wee bit.



    But a more serious, unfunny point was intended. You can be a member of the CT and be ideologically moderate. I should imagine you could be just about most any point on the general political spectrum. To find that some Celtic fans in the west of Scotland are mainstream socialists – well blow me over with an emu feather!



    HH jamesgang

  12. Morning all.



    Are our ultra left wing political support claiming to be the sole support now?



    That’s what it looks like to me; saddens me more than the weather, which is dire again down here.

  13. Park head…,


    I think you misrepresent the discussion, the ultra right are making that claim, not the left.

  14. Tcchh tcchh tcchh tcchh tcchh tcchh



    What’s that Skippy ..


    There’s socialist minded people in the celtic trust..

  15. tonydonnelly67 on 23rd November 2015 8:32 am



    and I’v told you many times, I honestly really do not care what your thoughts or canamalars are, or any of your other little cabal trolls think of me, it’s a blog ffs.



    Thankfully there is a lot of charitable causes grateful it is more than a blog



    There has been friendships forged from CQN……… Hootenany meet ups, standing up for Celtic against the SFA, Opposition to OB act, charity events, 5 a sides………just a blog to you, and its your loss……………..its much more than a blog……………….and long may it continue to be so………

  16. Troll,


    It’s none of your business, however it’s in the AGM minutes if you have any interest.


    Have you no got a bridge you should be sitting under

  17. The left wing political support Celtic Trust / GB , you don’t agree with them, your not a Celtic supporter, the day any of those clowns get a say on how Celtic is ran, is the day I walk out of Celtic Park.

  18. Bognorbhoy @8.48



    Now that’s funny!!!



    McCarthyite bassa of a marsupial!!



    HH jamesgang

  19. Troll,


    Asi said, have a look at the AGM minutes, than again probably too many big words in it for you, maybe you could get someone to read it for you and tell you what it means, than again you don’t like people that can read big words.

  20. TD



    If your views had been dominant in 1887 then I fear the biggest – and indeed only – green team in Scotland today would be the Edinburgh Hibs.



    HH jamesgang

  21. Troll, it’s like the Huns , who say obsessed, and paranoid, funny actually, don’t agree and your a troll, as long as I’m not remembered as the nugget who dropped the ball in the big boys playground.

  22. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I liked your reply last night only just read back






    I think Graeme Sinclair was man of the match in Amsterdam that game

  23. In other news ….the buoy just phoned and said his girlfriend had put his HOOPS top in the spin dryer and melted the magners logo..


    I said marry her ..your mum done something similar with an Afghan coat of mine in 74 ….it came out the washing machine as a cat bed..

  24. I think there’s a high degree of hypocrisy in how the Plc bask in the philanthropy of the Foundation which in itself relies solely on the philanthropic efforts of supporters.



    HH jamesgang