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  1. 100% bang on – The clamour & subsequent creation of a petition to remove Mr Livingston without knowing all the facts. Shows a level of intolerance I don’t recognise or associate with our club. By all means disagree, debate & challenge but a complete Intolerance of a different point of view, religion or even political persuasion, is for me not what a supporter of Celtic is all about. We are surely much much better then that! – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-kilmarnock-live-updates/comment-page-35/#comment-2723894



    When Jeanette Findley and her crew get going logic goes out the window, talk about the knee jerk reacting party, and getting it wrong most time, yup you got it, The Celtic Trust.

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  3. Ah….So, it is ok for Mr Livingston to wallow in the inclusivity of Celtic, while he imposes his ideological beliefs on the poorest.


    Such double standards, are an insult to Celtic supporters and the ethos of the club.


    On a weekend that saw selfless work by the Celtic community in their efforts to help the poorest and weakest in society; that very same support was tarred and feathered by their own so-called board, and made collectively responsible for the warped rantings of a few head cases.


    And yet…unbelievably, the Celtic board have nothing to say about the vile institutionalised bigotry in Scotland.


    What a surprise eh.





  4. For the board to accuse a ‘celtic’ fan of being ‘criminally racist’ is just a ‘play the man not the ball’ response. I’ve seen the text- it is anti jewish. However, no one can say for certain this is even a celtic fan (though I’ve no doubt we have a natural racist element like every walk of life)- it’s online for god’s sake.



    Shows a lack of intelligence and a reactionary mindset. Not a good omen for the future.

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  6. tonydonnelly67 on 23rd November 2015 11:55 am Yup at least the Aberdeen fans got up of there arses and done something, any pictures or story’s in today’s dailies about it? –



    nope, the DAILIES are too busy reporting our chairman making an arse of it !!!!!!

  7. Afternoon Starry




    I wish more to do now than when the weans were younger,



    LOVE to you and yer clan in the valley

  8. coolmore mafia



    I agree Bankier fudged it. Livingston’s response on Etims was far more measured.



    Let’s hope our chairman has learned from the experience.

  9. Oh right, it is not acceptable for Celtic supporters to be political, yet we have a Tory Lord who is using Celtic as a vehicle to inflict suffering on poor people.


    But hey…hold a political banner up, and you will be banned.


    Horrible double standards at play here.





  10. TD


    You missed it because you are purposefully blind. Plausible deniability is your game.


    Either that or thick as pig sxxt

  11. Thatcherite Dinosaurs stuck in a timewarp are a good fit for the Celtic PLC.


    The Celtic Aristocracy eh.


    I mean if the Tories in Scotland don’t have any political seats, why that’s just fine…because they can always usurp the major institutions and retain power….just like they have done with the Celtic PLC.


    Big Nan referred the other day, to Bankier meeting David Cameron….I wonder what the topic of conversation was?


    It stinks to high heaven; we have a bunch of reactionary businessmen running Celtic who want to play the bigot card…they want to make money from bigotry, the old firm is their god.




  12. Stirlingbhoy



    Noticed in your reply to Cowiebhoy you are pals with Bres. Me and Bres were the best of pals at high school we used to plug the school and big Rab would take us up to Barrowfield to watch training.

  13. Quite remarkable how people will cling to the smallest things in a crisis. Incidentally the chairman managed to invent this crisis all on his own.



    That their have been some racist remarks aimed at Livingstone is no surprise. There are maniacs everywhere. They are a disgrace – no doubt and no question. None.



    however its quite another thing for the chairman of celtic to take the fact that there were a few of these posts and turn it firstly into a defence of Livingston’s stance and to use it to deflect from the debate at the agm. In doing so he is effectively saying that the racism was widespread (and therefore discrediting all who signed the petition) and he is insuinuiting those who signed the petition did because they are racists.



    It was at its very least a very stupid thing today, but given that the board are suppossed to be very clever chaps, then at its worst it was simply a cynical ploy to call all dissenting celtic fans racist.



    All he needed to say was that he recognised the discomfort felt by some celtic fans but that Livingstone had the right to his own views and opinions. We might not have liked it but it is unarguable.



    Instead he went down the well trodden path by this board of attacking the support.



    It is hilarious to say the least that they are now perfectly willing to speak out and give us statements etc – albiet the condescending statement last night was horrific in terms of its obvious disdain.



    If the Celtic Board were worried that the supporters had, ahem, misinterpreted bankier’s outburst, then surely the onus is on the Board to speak to its supporters and not the other way round.



    What an absolute shambles of a mess. Well done Celtic Board!

  14. My take on res 12 , although completely in the dark as to how far it has come , from reading between the lines I think auldhead & the the rest of the res 12 lads have now backed the SFA into a corner , & are doing the correct thing in waiting to see what unfolds , & I doff my hat to them for managing to bring this matter thus far keep up the good work & I am sure your patience will be rewarded. Thank you to all for your hard work

  15. Guys, I’ve been wrong in my assertions: obviously as an inclusive club “open to all” we welcome those who feed the poor – but also those who starve the poor. Sorry for being wrong earlier.