Celtic v Kilmarnock, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.

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  1. Nearly a stunning 3rd for a Messiless Barca but it was prevented by a header off the line and then a great block to stop Real’s 2nd half uphill struggle becoming a mountain to climb.

  2. We play with no imagination, nobody (JF aside today) takes on their opponent, it’s all side to side with aimless cross after aimless cross. Where is the fast high tempo game the manager promised?



    Either the players have chucked it or they are simply not good enough to implement RD’s vision. If it’s the latter then the manager has to find a system that suits the players better.



    Whatever the reason it’s just not working & change is needed.

  3. Just in. Cold and hungry. Hunger for a win didn’t seem to be too high on the agenda of the Celtic team. Today. I know the MIB let Kilmarnock away with a lot but they fought for everything. Imo, we didn’t.

  4. Oh, by the way, was very impressed with the 2 young members of the Green Brigade who took my food parcel. Both polite, bright, friendly and articulate. Fine ambassadors for Celtic.

  5. Killie made us play to their tactics, and with Ronny’s. Team set up we cannot break down that ?


    I struggle to understand why we waited until the 84th minute to take off Izzy and throw on a creative midfielder ?


    Killie played with 1 man up front all game, I accept Izzy and Lustig play further forward than the solid back 4, but in these occasions surely we should swap to a back 3 ? And then you can go 4 & 3 or 4, 1 (playing in the hole) 2 ? Try to b more creative ?

  6. MIKE IN TORONTO on 21ST NOVEMBER 2015 5:02 PM…



    Sadly, that is where RD fails.



    He has his gameplan and when he eventually realises it’s not working, plan B is not there.



    He is dogmatic with the 5-4-1, tinkles a bit but I’ve yet to see us come back when down or struggling.



    Then again, I’m probably wrong.

  7. Iniesta 3-0 what a pass, what a 1st touch lay-off, and what a finish.



    That’s how to play football the modern way.

  8. Suarez messes up twice to perhaps delay a 4th but there’s a glimmer of hope for Real as Barca bring Messi on :)

  9. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    How I long to see Celtic back in the CL…


    watching fitba through yer Jerry Springers!!!!!!

  10. Watching Barca and Liverpool on 2 screens. 7 goals so far, some of them brilliant. I know that these teams cost millions, but there are certain things we should at least attempt to emulate. The first should be one touch passing and running off the ball.


    The sight of players such as Bitton running 40 yards to make a 10 yards sideways pass is constantly depressing. It is not all his fault because Subbuteo men show more movement off the ball than we do.


    Why on earth can our players not take corners? The first from Griffiths went out for a throw in! That is inexplicable.


    I note that Barca are bringing on a wee Argentinian sub – name escapes me.


    0-0 against Kilmarnock.



    What happened,did they set their stall out?



    Jings,never saw that coming.

  12. IniquitousIV…



    Subbuteo players get a flick on their arses.



    I was more a striker mhan myself….a slap on the heid.



    4-0 to barca…

  13. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Kilkie play 10 men behind the ball



    Madden refuses 3 good pens and probably as important – doesn’t red card mcguiness



    Still 6 points clear

  14. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    BMCW…….a very bad day at the office,slow


    predictable build up…..oh don’t get me started.

  15. Interesting listening to the radio today and this evening. Sort of radio silence on the agm and on bankiers disgraceful criminally racist comments. That’s funny isn’t it?



    I mean after all they generally don’t miss a chance to have a go at the Celtic support (both the media and the club).



    Weird isn’t it?



    Or are perhaps the media more on message with the Celtic board than we would imagine?



    Who’d a thunk it……..

  16. in tesco before the game.


    in the aisle for baby food,


    3 grown men, wondering what the hell to buy.


    I went for nappies instead.



    got to the collection point on the big shammy, 3 green brigaders there, but hardly any bags, i asked , thats disappointing, naw mate, we allready sent away 2 full vans, that was at half 2.



    the boys i spoke to were very humble, nice spoken, a credit to themselves, their organisation and their club.



    well done.




  17. Iniquitosive



    One touch passing & Running off the ball



    Absolutely agree! RD was brought in to supposedly introduce this brand of football. From what I’ve seen, the squad is less capable of these two aspects than before he joined.



    One touch passing relies on players 1) knowing where players are positioned and likely to position themselves before touching the ball 2) instantly controlling the ball with their feet/head and knowing how hard they strike the ball.



    It’s hard work to get an entire squad to develop these skills but RD/JC has so far shown himself incapable of improving a single player.



    To see how its done, look at Leicester. There is a table published today of the quickest players in the EPL. Leicester have the two quickest, 3 of the top 6 and 4 of the top 15.



    Well in Leicester, a lesson to many.

  18. IniquitousIV


    Got fed up today screening for a player to move or come short for a pass, up front


    Frightening our lack of movement when we have a shy


    No idea what they are being coached, movement off the ball is not part of it watching our team ?



    Hail Hail

  19. Touch of class there in the El Clasico, Iniesta being subbed, and came off to a standing ovations from the Madrid fans.

  20. Bob O’ Baldy on 21st November 2015 6:55 pm



    It’s hard work to get an entire squad to develop these skills but RD/JC has so far shown himself incapable of improving a single player.




    Do you think Biton has improved since RD/JC took charge?

  21. ps.



    i cant help but fell a wee bit melamcholy everytime we have a foodbank collection, in 2015, families need baby food and nappies. god in heaven,



    at start of 2nd half i looked down from 444 , there was about 10 directors box and fat cats section actually in their seats for kick off, it took them another 10 minutes to fill it up,



    something wrong in the hallowed main door.

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