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  1. Mmm-



    Some Rome based media outlets are claiming that Inzaghi is about to be shown the door at Lazio..Owner of the Club -Lotito -has allegedly had enough of failure..An ego maniac /my Club /I know best.Swathes of the support hate him .Humour in the tale is that Lotito intends to replace Inzaghi with angry shouty man Gattuso.Classic Lotito -just what a group of mentally fragile players need -being shouted at by Mr Angry.

  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Eleven Sports Media Become Official Celtic FC Partner


    By: Newsroom Staff on 25 Oct, 2019 11:01



    ONE of Britain’s leading sports technology companies, Eleven Sports Media, has teamed up with Celtic to become an official partner of the club.



    The partnership will see Eleven Sports Media introduce regional brands to the club via Community and Associate partner programmes and Eleven will also install their award-winning fan engagement platforms into Celtic Park and on to the club’s official social media channels.



    Eleven’s innovative partner programme work has received national and international recognition and focuses on introducing regional brands to a range of commercial opportunities at Celtic, with in-stadium digital exposure, branded content on the club’s social media channels, matchday hospitality and a wide range of marketing activations.



    Eleven’s partnership team are already reaching out to Glasgow’s regional business community to discuss their Community and Associate Partner Programmes.



    As official partner, Eleven will deliver their award-winning StatZone content within Celtic Park on StatTV and on the club’s official social media channels via StatTracker. StatZone takes fans inside the action by broadcasting live and interactive match statistics, bringing an exciting new element to the way key game and player information is delivered. StatZone content will give Celtic fans a deeper narrative in the build-up to, during and in the aftermath of each Celtic FC game.



    The club’s fans will this season see a major upgrade to the TV displays within Celtic Park’s concourse and hospitality areas with these displays broadcasting Eleven’s StadiumTV, a bespoke club communication channel, which features the very latest club news and information, social media streams, commercial promotions and live matchday broadcasts.



    Eleven work with more than 50 professional sports clubs and venues across the UK, with their award-winning platforms featuring in the Premier League, English Football League, the Rugby Union Premiership, Super League and the Jockey Club’s racecourses.



    Speaking about the partnership, Matt Cairns, Eleven Sports Media’s Chief Executive said: “Eleven is a company which is passionate about providing first-class services to the supporters of Britain’s biggest clubs, and to rights holders across sport. Our partnership team is excited to work with Celtic FC, a globally recognised football name, but one which has strong links with their local community.



    “Our ethos has always been to create a better matchday, and it will be fantastic to see this at work with Celtic’s fans getting a real upgrade to the Celtic Park matchday experience.



    “All of our digital products have a unique purpose and are designed to connect with attendees at different stages of the fan-journey, and we believe that the Celtic fans will gain a greater insight when engaging with these channels, either in the stadium or on social media.



    “We have a proven record of delivering value to brands by creating a strong association with clubs that are at the heart of their business community, and we look forward to repeating that success with all those keen to be connected with Celtic FC.”



    Gordon Kaye, Head of Business Development for Celtic FC, said, “We are delighted to team up with Eleven Sports Media. We are sure this will be a very positive relationship with the club and one which will ensure our supporters enjoy an even better matchday experience at Celtic Park.

  3. Have to agree with RobinBhoy, the GB should have been blowing kisses to those lovely Lazio fans as they reached out with their arms in friendship to their fellow Europeans, both inside and outside the stadium.


    There really is no need for such rude behaviour. I for one would encourage the GB to lay a wreath at Bridgeton Cross in honour of Billy Fullerton too, to prove that least night’s actions were just a one-off.

  4. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on



    Have to agree with RobinBhoy, the GB should have been blowing kisses to those lovely Lazio fans as they reached out with their arms in friendship to their fellow Europeans, both inside and outside the stadium.





    hah. Apparently they were just trying to hail taxis and it was all a big misunderstanding.





    CORKCELT on 25TH OCTOBER 2019 10:47 AM



    SEE my post from 8.29 this morning.we must be related .my grandad came from CORK.so there.

  6. So, “we’ve brought it all on ourselves” defence with regards the Lazio lunatics???



    Good grief. Those mentalists need no encouragement.



    Stay safe in Rome bhoys….

  7. Thank you,Celtic.



    Tbh, I didn’t see that result coming at half-time.



    I see there is some criticism of James Forrest. Imo, he played well in the first half and did a powerful amount of work throughout the game.



    I think we should be calling Fraser Foster “the ever Greater Wall”. Does he keep his best performances for the European nights? We probably couldn’t afford to buy him back after last night.

  8. Great result last night. Lazio are a very good team yet they sit third in this group. A lot will depend now on how Rennes and Lazio approach the rest of this group. They rested a few last night and were still very good.



    We’ve a big task in front of us in Rome but I’d imagine Neil will approach it in a different manner to last night.



    We look strong for at least second in this group although we should be aiming for top spot from this position.



    All roads lead to Aberdeen, no euro hangovers, Celtic.

  9. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    AN DUN on 25TH OCTOBER 2019 11:53 AM



    Yeah, Lazio will be looking for 6 pts at home to us and Cluj.



    Cluj performing surprisingly well and we have to go there last. They could be top if they beat Rennes again next.



    It could be tight and qualification could be about avoiding defeat in Romania.



    Pressure on Lazio though, they drop any more points we should be fine.



    My guess



    Lazio 12pts


    Celtic 11 pts


    Cluj 10pts


    Rennes 1pt




  10. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 25TH OCTOBER 2019 @ 10:55 AM



    “Once the competition entries knock-out stage then UEFA will not use them. No VAR in Scotland means no refs without VAR participating”.



    I’ve read this elsewhere, but find it hard to believe. Bobby Madden was refereeing Barcelona game this week where VAR was being used.

  11. Som mes que un club on

    Couldn’t post last week due to the frustration of adverts. Ridiculous.



    Kelso 1535




  12. Aye right is now a non runner so I’m switching to Think Ahead in the 335 at Kelso if that’s ok?

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