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  1. Captain Beefheart on

    Larsson. Good Lord no.



    Any player who doesn’t accept Ronny’s way should be booted out.

  2. When I see the Celtic, I go out my head.



    Well…..that has been very true last week and this week.

  3. Snake Plissken on

    Combine some players thinking they are better than they are with a playing style they either haven’t adapted to or don’t like and a few players potentially eyeing a move to England on top of the downsizing and poor buying and you have the perfect storm.



    This is where we are.

  4. weeminger


    00:02 on 7 August, 2014


    If any of us had refused to follow a management policy at work our work careers would have been short and not so sweet.


    So what excuses players for disregarding tactics, set up and direct instructions?


    If the club has taken Ronny’s football philosophy on board, it’s up to the players to shape up or ship out.


    And it’s also up to the board to support the manager by providing him with the tools to accomplish his vision.


    Ship out those who don’t conform. Promote those who do from the lower ranks.


    And fill in any gaps with astute purchases of proven players who can accomplish the manager’s orders.

  5. Ronny Deila says Celtic must improve their squad in the summer transfer window after admitting their display against Legia Warsaw wasn’t good enough.



    Already 4-1 ahead from the first leg, Michal Zyro put the tie beyond Celtic’s reach with a goal after 36 minutes at Murrayfield.



    Michal Kucharczyk added a second to secure a 6-1 aggregate triumph for Henning Berg’s men as the Scottish champions dropped into the Europa League play-off round.



    Craig Gordon and loan signing Jo Inge Berget are the only summer additions since Deila replaced Neil Lennon as boss earlier this summer.



    And Deila was frank about his team’s display and what they must do in the future to avoid a repeat.



    The Norwegian said: “I have to accept that is the level right now and have to work from here.



    “I have a big job to do improve as a team so we can win the league and get into the Europa League, which would be a good achievement for us.



    “I have been here for six weeks but right now it is not good enough, from what I can see,



    “We need to make the squad better by getting in new players but we also have to do the best with what is here.



    “Right now, of course it is not good enough



    “We have injuries and I was glad to see James Forrest coming on, with his pace, so that was positive on a very black day.



    “I wasn’t embarrassed but I am not satisfied.



    “I feel sorry for the players, they wanted it but we didn’t perform well enough and that is where we are.”



    STV – fair enough Ronny

  6. Bedtime, work beckons early tomorrow morning.



    Goodnight and God bless to all, been a tough evening, but keep the faith.



    HH Dan

  7. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar on

    I think it’s blatantly obvious players haven’t bought into the new regime and are still disappointed with Lenny’s departure.


    Add in the fact that they know another 3 or 4 will now be leavin. This result to me wasnt a shock. Seem it comin the minute that draw was made.


    Forster, VVD, Matthews and commons will all be sold this window and from what iv read they want to leave. Derk, kayal, Balde should be chased asap. Gony be a long long season bhoys and ghirls. Depressed ain’t the word for it.

  8. Just Another Tim on

    Hrvatski Jim


    00:10 on


    7 August, 2014



    The lyrics to Just Can’t Get Enough are prime contenders to be altered if this form keeps up.

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    Snake Plissken



    Maybe it’s just the reception on your Celtic TV?



    This weeks line up included Biton (to try and help the back five) with Matthews in his proper position and Izzy restored along with Stokes, for Pukki.



    They played exactly the same pressing game with both full backs as wingers, with nobody to cross high balls to in the box. Commons was anonymous, and the youngster McGregor gets pass marks, because he’s a youngster. If a senior player had hit his shots on goal, he’d have been pilloried.



    They were picked off easily twice by Legia, it was a turkey shoot.



    Three, even four ‘massive investments’ might have kept the aggregate down, but wouldn’t have stopped us being knocked out, by what turned out to be vastly superior team.

  10. Impressed again tonight by young McGregor. Played well throughout whether he was out right, left or through the middle at the end when Commons went off. Thought him and Matthews linked up well down the right in the first half. As did Matthews and Forrest when he came on.

  11. Burnley78



    Feyenoord not what they were thankfully – Aberdeen knocked out equivalent in Gronigen



    Saying that, on tonight’s performance we wouldn’t get past Inverness’s equivalent in Europe

  12. the glorious balance sheet on

    Hooper, Ledley, Matthews, van Dijk and Wanyama signed for us when European qualification was uncertain.



    Forster and Izaguirre signed for us after we had already been put out of both CL and EL at qualifying stage in 2010.



    Regardless of our European position, there are talented players out there who would be willing to sign for Celtic. Granted it is an easier proposition when we do have CL football but not being in Europe doesn`t mean we can`t attract players who are better than what we have.

  13. Miracles only happen in Paradise.



    Nevertheless, I cannot fathom why players who were very good last season are so off form this season. Kris was our everything and reliable. So far we have had nothing from him. Charlie, me darlin’, has been diabolical. Johansen was playing in the front line way to much and therefore posted missing in midfield. Can’t fathom why Stokes was thrown in ahead of Griffiths and when Griff did come on he was sent to the wing. Even when Stokes went off, the front position was given to Pukki and Griff moved to left wing to allow Forrest on the right.



    So, we will now see a sell off of players for money – VVD, Forster. Maybe Matthews and Commons.



    Then there will be those who are popped out on the say so of the manager – Stokes, Pukki maybe Griffiths. (I’m ignoring the obvious Balde, etc…)



    And finally there will be players to come in. Who? Don’t know, but only when. The ins and outs are over and done with and the assembled players are moulded into a team in the style that Deila wants will I judge the manager.



    For the moment I can say Legia were are a far better team than us and underestimated by all who gave us their view on them.



    We would cop some serious beatings in the CL should we have qualified. EL will be a struggle to qualify for the group stages. I hope we can and get some experience for the new team and the new management.

  14. Marrakesh Express on




    Lennon”s got a cheek. Ok he’s bound by a clause but the fact is Celtic made him manager with no experience and probably made him a multi-millionaire too.


    So now the challenge isnt there now.? Bollocks! Big Stein watched us play to 8000 in 1974 against Morton (I was there) when the lg was won in Feb.


    If it was a sacking (as is the word in some places) I take that back.


    If he jacked it for whatever reason, apart from being driven out by the bigots, ie no funds, its still not good enough in my book.


    You dont walk away from Celtic.


    Having said that, it stinks to high heaven.

  15. Evening All:


    Where does one start to describe such a miserably abject performance? For one, I am glad we are not in the group stages – the 14 goals we conceded last year would swiftly be overtaken. There were 15 second round CL ties with 30 teams. Only one team conceded a total of 6 goals, with one other on 5. Only one team out of the 30 lost both games, and that was us. So not only have we regressed, the fall has been precipitous. One could reasonably argue on two grounds that we were the worst of all 30 teams.


    Malmo recovered from a first leg 4-2 defeat by Sparta Prague to win through 2-0. Sounds like a good night in Malmo, the sort of night we were hoping for in Edinburgh.


    So why can teams like Malmo and Warsaw do better than us with far fewer resources? Some have touched on this earlier. When we play in the CL, it becomes patently obvious that many of our players have the athleticism of arthritic tortoises. Watching Mulgrew, Stokes, Commons, Pukki and Griffiths tonight was painful.


    Then there are our tactics. For example, every corner Warsaw had tonight was out of the reach of FF, and met at the far post with a header sending the ball back across the goal. At our corners, there is never any player at the far corner of the 6 yard box, and corners are placed where the keeper can easily grab the ball. If he is challenged, in Europe it is always a foul, yet we stupidly persist with the same approach.


    Warsaw always passed while moving. We stop and attempt to pass to Subutteo-like team mates from a standing position, which was almost disastrous for Matthews.


    Then there is Ronnie. I am willing to give him a reasonable time frame, but am already worried. Why? For one, his totally fathomless decision to play Berget in the first tie was such a colossal error of judgment, it does not bode well for the future. Like Le Guen at the Bigotdome, Hodgson at Liverpool, Moyes at Man U, it may just not be a good fit, regardless of their qualities elsewhere. Ronnie looked rather Moybrayesque tonight on the sideline. If he is in danger of losing the dressing room, he needs to make his required changes sooner rather than later. A spiritless performance like tonight’s will earn scant reward at Pittodrie, Fir Park or Tannadice. For weeks, contributors to the blog have forecast that winning the SPL would be easy. Far from it. Based on what we saw tonight, an away tie in the League Cup or Scottish Cup at Sevco would not be a walk in the park either. Think about that. I don’t want to.



  16. Terrible performance tonight, never seen so many players underperform, they did not seem to know what to do or to lift the tempo. Still too much side and back passes. And what was galling was to look up and see the screens at halftime showing Larsson et al and Celtic teams with fight while ineptitude was being dished up on the park. We need a clearout.

  17. Celtic starting team tonight. What I really think.



    Forster – Still solid, some great saves in 1st leg. No dip in form. Keep him


    Matthews – Shocking loss of form since return from injury at end of last season. Sell him


    Lustig – again, just returned from injury, though form has not changed. Keep him


    VVD – Still can put in a shift, but body language and commitment gone. Not sure if due to RD or tabloid story. Have you see his, what I can only presume is now his ex-girlfriend?…Sell him just for being a complete idiot.


    Izzaguire – Form has gone to hell. Hopefully it will come back. Maybe needs a rest. Deserves a chance to come good again.


    MacGregor – New blood, capable, enthusiastic and energetic. Doing well. Keep him


    Nir Briton – Shows some potential and then shows none. No energy or drive or controlled aggression. Gut feeling is bye bye.


    Mulgrew – Form on the wane for a considerable time. Liability and poor attitude. Punt him


    Johansen – Never convinced me when he arrived and still doesn’t. Seems committed though. Let’s see after 6months.


    Commons – Good season. Poor season. Good season. I fear a pattern but my favourite player. I also acknowledge his mobility limitations, but can accept that. Keep.


    Stokes – Could be in jail next month for assaulting a Elvis Impersonator soon. Should be in jail for impersonating a Celtic striker. Lock him up or lock him out, don’t care either way.





    Efe Ambrose – I like Efe, but the way he plays at the back scares me. I don’t need scaring, that’s what horror films are for. I dont need Celtic nightmares. Can you play in midfield?


    Griffiths – This guy annoys me both on the park and off the park. GTF and stop annoying me.


    Brown – Out injured, but he is the heartbeat of the team. Keep him.


    Kayal – I would have sold this guy 2 seasons ago. Headless chicken. He complained about the club last year. Why are you still here? GTF.


    Forrest – Not a fan, but when he isn’t on the park, I want him on. That means I want to keep him.



    That in itself tells me a tale about what I honestly think about this Celtic team…..not one an idol… though I do have my favourites in Chris and Broony!!



    Goodnight CQNers, was good calling in to for a chat after all these years.

  18. Paul67


    I’ve been admire of this blog


    For a long time



    Now I feel you should


    Get Peter lawwell


    On a q & a on here


    Or Neil Lennon


    Get it done


    Do it for us



    Go for it