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  1. Lawwell will be happy we go out with a defeat….it saves the win bonus if we lose on aggregate.




  2. High notthebus. I was reading your analysis of the profit we have made from transfers in recent years. Did it make you happy?



    Does all this make you happy?

  3. weet weet weet(GBWO) on





    Your right mate



    All the euro teams target Izzy




  4. kevinlasvegas on

    Yes he has Dexter. I fear RD stay will be short. Thumped by a medicore polish team, We have fell so far guys. I’m putting this off before i end up getting a divorce or banned from here. Chin up Bhoys. PL is to blame for all this unfolding tonight. RD has no experience at this level and it shows, NL build a team that was hard to beat, RD has just made a mess of us and PL should never have put this guy in that position.



    Penny Pinching.




  5. soz



    20:22 on 6 August, 2014



    I’ll join you, this is not the place to be when things are not going well HH

  6. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on



    20:25 on


    6 August, 2014


    We won’t get out of EL group




    We will not even get that far playing like this :-(

  7. Celtic fans magnificent !!!



    So much lacking in this celtic performance. Tactically, organizationally, and quality wise.


    Manager seems a bit clueless but there is time to change things.

  8. If we have 36500 SB holders, there will not be more than 36500 at home league games- despite the figures which will be published (ie 36500 plus walk ups).



    Well done PLC. Well f*cking done

  9. Neganon2



    Mon fella. We re all celtic fans. All of us hurting at the moment but is that necessary now ?

  10. west of ireland csc on

    now 5-1 on agg



    i know he has managed celtic in a handful of games


    BUT is ronnie deila the right man for the job!!!!!!!!!!


    i never heard of him till a week or 2 before he got the job


    he managed a club i barely heard of


    i reckon yet again the board went for the cheap option and made a balls of it



    and remember frank rijkaard is doing some prep school gig in florida

  11. Good luck to Legia in the next round, hope they go on to qualify.



    Turning off now, before it really starts to depress me.

  12. Beamishismypint on

    Signed a keeper from the hospital ward, a striker who has played twice since \Santa was about and a manager who has no European experience. Why was I optimistic today. You invest peanuts ………………..

  13. I feared that Ronny was brought in as a Yes man for the board.


    I doubted he was up to the job.


    He has come from a team like Dumbarton to manage Celtic.



    I will reserve judgement for a few weeks.





    Maybe the Board have got the man they wanted.

  14. Ok big wavey I will stay silent until the final whistle. The post mortem on this one is going to hurt us all.

  15. Legia are a reasonable team, nothing more.



    If we made the CL we could have been on the end of some record scorelines.



    Imagine us against Madrid?

  16. Fraser Foster will be able to hop


    Over to Jersey this weekend while he’s down signing on. I recommend the Jersey Tunnel


    Museum. He can take VVD with him for a cultural outing…

  17. Europa League is our level. Champs league sounds great but its really just a pump fest we make a load of money at and as we don’t use that money on the team its immaterial to us as fans. Lets see what we can do in Europa. Legia too good for us

  18. Snake Plissken on

    Team of journeymen with no shape playing a decent team with a shape and a clue.



    No play-maker


    No striker worth the name.



    Defend the strategy someone please.



    Deila will last until Christmas at best.



    Europa league?



    Not with that team.

  19. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Pax Bhoys we are all extremely p’d off watching this. We are not even approaching the dizzy heights of mediocrity.

  20. Kevinlasvegas.



    Regretfully, I agree with you.



    Praying for a miracle here !!!