Celtic v Leicester City, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 17:30 BST.

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  1. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Penalties insignificant. The performance was the important thing, and that was top drawer. Happy days ahead.




  2. Leccy went off when the pens were 1-1, missed the rest, oh well


    We done good against the team that won the richest league on the planet, no bad for a team from a pub league


    ROBERTTRESSELL on 23RD JULY 2016 7:37 PM


    And that’s me done.





    Bit confused….that’s you “done” what?

  4. O’Connel can be happy with his game today and must be considered for a defensive set up for mid week.


    Efe looked solid second half and didn’t put a foot wrong.


    Janko could also be looking to be on the bench after today depending on the formation Brendan chooses.


    Nadir Ciftci? What’s the point?

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Is JF getting game time to put him in the shop window?






    Has Brendan seen something in him at training?



    Fecked if I know.

  6. Bit harsh on Forrest. It was a good save. It’s not as of he missed the target. Onwards and upwards.

  7. Ah well, decent performance and will do us no harm in the long run.


    Plus points, the resurgence of Izzy, good showings from Janko and O’Connell and further proof that Efe is a good footballer as well as a lovely guy. Forgot to add that Scott Brown competed very well against a very slick Leicester midfield.


    Onwards to Wednesday.



  8. Lot of unkind comments re Forrest. To be fair to the lad his folks were going out tonight and the babysitter was booked already for 8pm.

  9. Thought our bhoys did well against a team who were much better than Wolfsburg, if the team learned anything today that at this level then 100% effort is required. LFC gave us time to think. in fact they remind me of AtleticoMadrid.



    Getting a wee bit worried about our forwards.





  10. LEFTCLICKTIC on 23RD JULY 2016 7:38 PM


    glad it wisnae efe that missed .




    1pt,a good run out and no injuries







  11. Delaneys Dunky on

    Great watch in a caravan in Inverary. Even my daughters and grandweans enjoyed Celtic v England today. :)


    OpTIMistic for the season watching us today on telly.

  12. GDT –



    Brendan said before the season started that he was very impressed with Forrest in training and has given him until December to prove he is worth an extended contract. He’s in no shop window.

  13. He is useless to us!!! Get him punted. He wanted a pay rise. What a joke; he’d be hard pressed as a check out at ASDA!

  14. Our Keeper was poor at the Pens.


    Two Leicester players ran head on to the ball.


    It would have been very difficult to change their body shape and put them any other place than down the middle.


    Our keeper didn’t read this.He dived ,and both pens went straight down the middle.



    Forrest made a poor decision to go to Smechiels left.


    Smeichels had two great attempts at his left already.


    Putting it there was a poor choice.



    Lessons can be learned.




  15. Lot of unkind comments re Forrest.



    Yes, most of them are mine and very well deserved IMO.

  16. Interesting comments from the BBC (English version) –



    ‘Just over 32,500 inside Celtic Park for this one. A long way from full, but a lot of people for a friendly, if you ask me.’






    ‘The safe-standing section of Celtic Park looks like a lot of fun. They are all doing ‘the Poznan’ in time to a chant. Nobody’s watching the game but there’s nothing much happening.’

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I thought big EFE played well it is a great pity he lacks confidence two great goals and 1-1 a fair result.I doubt if Brendan would have learned anything new.Now it is forward to the big match on Wednesday we will probably play one up front and for me it would be sparky I still think Dembele is just a raw big Bhoy and should be playing for the 20s and Cifti is just not up to it.Will he play Toure it certainly be a gamble if he does. H.H.

  18. The lesson that can be learned is now is the time to let JF go; for free if necessary.

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Away and gies peace…..far better players than James F have missed penalties in far more important games, am sure Brendan will be happy with another game under the belt, in fact wonder what price wee Jamsie is to score the winner on Wednesday he does no bad against the Kazaks, if JF is in Brendan’s plans am afraid you will have to wind your necks in (just the JF haters) just because some of you don’t agree with some of his articles doesn’t mean you have the right to turn on the wee man at every opportunity



    No injuries = result



    Roll on Wednesday…….anybody know of any boozers showing the game in Santa Ponsa ?



    Am sure I might find one, any Cqner in the vicinity of Celts Well I will be the nervous Tim in the corner (shouting at JF and any other Hooped player)

  20. THE EXILED TIM on 23rd July 2016 7:47 pm



    So I take it Janko, O’Connell and Izzy won’t be starting on wed then !




    I’d imagine all 3 now have a chance of playing.



    BR will go with 5 at the back so Erik, Lustig, KT and 2 from above

  21. A good work out for Brendan



    Dreadful game of football, usually is when the stadium is partially closed, at Celtic Park.



    Good to see Eoghan O’Connell hanging on in there, whilst others just need a new club, but as has been posted ad nauseum, it’ll take more than one window.



    Janko will do fine in the SPL, and Mikel Lustig now a cert with and Keiran, EriK,, hopefully in a four in Astana.

  22. Not too bad at all from us.



    We competed well and grew into the game.



    Janko, Izzy, Oconnell, Brown played well.



    Overall very happy, expected us to get a wee bit of a slapping but the difference was Mahrez (sp!!).

  23. Pleased with that performance and do it again on Wednesday night and things will be ok. Good to finish level with the EPL champs in normal time. Some terrific penos. Overall a very good football match.

  24. I feel for Forrest he had such potential but seems so unsure of himself now.


    Delia’s tenure has seen him go backward at an alarming rate.


    The penalty is not what i;m basing this on as anyone can miss them.


    He needs a coach to believe in him.


    Moving to England is a gamble as he could easily end up like McGeady.


    He should think about Europe or USA.


    His career is at a crossroads.

  25. The Exiled Tim


    It’s going to be a 14 man team mid week and it’s good to know that these three can be depended on to strengthen our defence when we inevitably tire in the heat.



    Aye…it’s all down to the wee man. So it is.



    KTF my Archie.



    Not all down to him at all! He just is not good enough to be a starter in our team.




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