Celtic v Leicester City, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 17:30 BST.

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  1. Good morning friends from a wet and grey ole EK.



    Foxy – sorry to interrupt your 28-in-a-row there ;-)

  2. Kolo Toure at 35 ?…..hope it works.




    67 Heaven – Fellow eeejit ;-)…, hope yer


    right about us signing Calum Paterson…


    …I’ve always looked upon him like a young


    Roy Aitken – GMS could be managed better


    but, ye canny keep everybody so, it would be


    a guid swap deal for us.


    Bobby Lennox – Celtic’s greatest ever player.


    Kenny Dalglish – best player to ‘ever’ play in the uk.


    Murdo MacLeod – My favorite ‘ever’ Celtic player.


    Kenny Dalglish – Best player I have ‘ever’ seen in the hoops.


    The Jungle – Best place that I’ve ‘ever’ been as a Celtic fan.


    Present best place to watch the Celtic from – the safe-standing-area


    know why ?….coz Jobo Baldie goes there CQN-LEGEND.


    All of the above…….imho.


    Res12tance-Rebels have gone all quiet ? Hmmmmm….?


    You’ll Never Walk Alone…in the safe-standing-area.