Celtic v Leicester City, Live updates


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  1. Tony – Hail Hail ya eeeeeejit :-)


    Yer link isny opening on google chrome ?


    Dae ye need tae be in a secret-society-clique ? ;-)



  2. coolmore mafia on






    Do you seriously think that Republicans in Ireland care a jot about the SNP?




    William Wolfe and Dewar Gibb.Two utter bigots and anti-Irish racist pondlife.






    You can guarantee Sinn Fein will be discussing every SNP tactic and opinion poll on a daily basis. The SNP have become the political movement Sinn Fein, the Catalans, basques, Belgian separatists etc aspire to; a non violent modern mass participation phenomenon, united against an entrenched traditional power. Sinn Fein will be firmly pro SNP.

  3. coolmore mafia on

    I have a feeling we will win against Astana over two legs. Nothing more than a hunch, also known as ‘gambler’s ruin’.

  4. coolmore mafia on

    Super Sally even had flames postponed after a few of his players were called up. What a riddy

  5. COOLMORE MAFIA on 25TH JULY 2016 7:57 AM



    Isn’t the reality that SF, having given up on the prospect of a United Ireland by conceding a veto to the Ulster Scots, are now hoping that Scotland leaving the UK will somehow provide them with a way out of the political cul de sac they’ve driven into?

  6. Reflections from Saturday’s match



    Big/young O’Connell impressed me. Great goal but that’s a bonus. Defended well. Read the game. Nice distribution from defence. When he first emerged 2 years ago I wondered if he lacked a yard of pace.



    Janko reminds me of Agathe. His pace is a huge attribute and allowed him to make some telling interceptions. And he’s strong.



    Our midfield seemed to me to be overshadowed st times in the first half. Though credit to Leicester and that wily old fox Of a manager who I can’t fail to like and respect.



    Quite liked our shape for much of the game.



    Izzy. Love the Bhoy but slack on their goal and still hasn’t been to cross the ball summer school.



    Efe – excellent in a game of no real importance…..you see where I’m going here?



    Dembele – first I’ve really seen of him. I guess I was expecting more lithe and explosive but saw slightly ponderous. Fingers crossed for the kid.



    HH jamesgang

  7. AN TEARMANN on 25TH JULY 2016 2:08 AM


    ‘Aye Ernie is a labour man’







    I vote Labour. I’m not and never have been a member of the Labour Party.



    I have been tempted to join under Corbyn but so far have managed to resist the temptation.

  8. coolmore mafia on

    I’ve been tempted by Corbyn also. The establishment hate him so much. The most since Scargill

  9. COOLMORE MAFIA on 25TH JULY 2016 8:16 AM


    ‘Ernie- probably.’






    As strategies go it’s not the best.



    I can’t see how Scotland leaving the UK is likely to persuade an Ulster Scot to throw in his lot with a united Ireland. I would have thought it would have the opposite effect.



    It looks to me more like an act of despair, a bit like all those left nationalists here who decided to embrace nationalism when they couldn’t see themselves making any progress with their socialism.

  10. Aston Villa want Sinclair off their wage-bill as he is deemed excess to requirements.



    However his contract has three years to run. It is reported that he was on £50k/week (£2.5m/year)in the EPL. Usually players have a wage cut written into their contract should the club be relegated.



    So lets’s say his annual wage is now 50% down at £1.25/year – this would mean his is due around £3.75 to terminate his contract.



    This is the figure that Villa will probably accept, if the player will not negotiate a lesser settlement. If he stays the £3.75 will be paid over a three year period – Villa will not want to pay him the full amount ‘up front’ if he leaves for another club, without at least getting a transfer fee to cover it.



    So if Celtic want him, it will probably be a bid of £3.75 that will seal the deal.

  11. I know hee-haw about politics but, I did notice that when


    Gerry Adams said – “Jeremy is a good friend of Ireland.”


    ….the establishment has been queuing up to stab him.


    Jeremy Ar La….of the Jungle – CSC

  12. TONYDONNELLY67 on 25TH JULY 2016 7:51 AM




    I’ll try again when I get back in mate





  13. Celtic still need to get rid of about 7 players



    Shoogly peg: Forrest, Johansen, Rogic, Armstrong, Ciftci, GMS, Ambrose, Fisher, Allan & Commons



    Lads who could do with a loan: O’Connell, Henderson, Nesbitt, Aitchison

  14. Timaloy29



    Disagree about O’Connell and probably Henderson too Mhate.



    They’ve both had loans and the benefit that gives (though I know the former was cut short by injury) – time to get them in to see if they can cut it or not.






    HH jamesgang




    Three pounds seventy five pence shouldn’t impact on the club.




  16. Tony Donnelly 7.59


    The huns will have nearly 2 weeks to prepare for the match whilst Celtic will have several players on international duty. No worries. Think of “Beachball Sunday” after the Boavista semi final when we took them apart at Ibrox. We’ve had to deal with s**t like this since we were founded.

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Morning Bhoys. Well another knock back from Villa for Sinclair he must be big in Brendans plan as we have not walked away yet.Well Wednesday night is an important night for the hoops it will be very interesting to see how Brendan sets the team up this mob we are playing may be dangerous but we can hardly call them a top European side so while we should respect them there is no need to fear them. H.H.

  18. Good morning CQN



    Another big week for Brendan and the squad, our pre season is unremitting in its demands, important C/L qualifiers before full match fitness is anyway near close, add in complications of new manager taking over, playing opponents (Astana) half way through their season, new signings in to Celtic, it is a baptism of fire, so far Brendan looks more than capable, i will leave squad & team decisions up to him



    Glastonbury with God, numbers are astonishing






    Look out for Rob Shorthouse squad on CQN, you wont see then at CQN corner



    Enjoy your day








    They played that game for over a decade and it lead to two incidents which killed 68 people and another two-at least-which put more than that in hospital.



    Check celticwiki/falling masonry. Playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives rarely ends well.



    As for those who signed off the safety certificate,I hope they’ve checked their indemnity insurance.



    More importantly,I hope that their conclusion,that the ground deserves its safety certificate,are vindicated.



    And I genuinely mean that.




    I said ti before. Do you really think people are going to risk their careers and possibly jail to certify Ibrox is safe, if it isn’t?



    Look at where most of the hyperbole surrounding that is coming from and think about how much those sources have genuinely got correct – that no other person has also predicted – in recent times.



    I’m afraid PM and JJ are headed towards Daily Mail style clickbait for me and this is just another part of that.





    I could only watch about twenty seconds of that knob on the link you posted.



    media-speak,body language handbook,platitudes,oh he had the lot.



    For once,I’m grateful the SNP are in power. At least we won’t see this nonentity anywhere near government.





    I genuinely hope you are correct.






    How much more than zero annual maintenance is required on a concrete and steel structure which is open to the elements?



    Year after year?



    I genuinely hope it is sound,but the motives of those who have refused maintenance are not.




    A modern Machiavellian prince of the communications world, nothing real, all fake, good Sevco man that he is



    You should look at the vid about 10 mins in as he tells you how his social media army operate, examples still to be seen on CQN, later on he boasts how Gordon Brown delivered Robs speech word for word……….gie you the boak

  24. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    From that JJ blog and Phil’s the other day.



    They keep hinting that roof replacement costs at Ibrox might be met by finance from GCC or the EU.



    How could this possibly be.




    Where did the zero annual maintenance claim come from? How true is it?



    There’s definitely a difference between minimal spend to stay open and what’s really required, which eventually could require a multi-million pound spend. I’ve no doubt that DK is papering over the cracks, but it’s a world away from what’s been suggested.



    That said look out for ‘world leading redevelopment’ (reality will be the repairs and a new coat of paint) and Hampden being gifted in a season or two. That’s a prediction with no basis in fact by the way. It’s just how I see it panning out.

  26. You have to read Phil’s column like a gossip column. You know that a hell of a lot of it is simple rumour.



    He clearly has a direct line into Sports Direct but his info on Celtic is guff!

  27. Maybe JJ and Phil Mac are clutching at straws who knows but as someone posted, this is not the first time that the GCC has been brought into it on payment of the said repairs, that suggestion has been hanging around like a bad smell, but that wouldent happen, right?


    I’v no doubt in my mind there is a story there, reason? The MSM are avoiding it like a Guinness Fart.





    Suggestions that it can be covered by regeneration of a blighted and disadvantaged area.



    Govan certainly qualifies. Whether Ibrox Stadium does is down to a committee.



    And we won’t even be able to complain to the EU about state funding as we voted to leave!

  29. Ask yourself this:



    If you were the officer charged with passing/failing the Sevco Crumbledome, would you be prepared to be the one who signs off on a “FAIL”?



    Every single person who has even a passing recollection of the events surrounding this long running saga will be only too aware of the fate which will befall anyone who dares to even express an opinion. What would they inflict on the person who effectively shuts down their holiest shrine, possibly for good?




    Most certainly, all sorts of pressure will be brought to bear to ensure a pass certificate is issued.