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  1. Perspective is this….



    They are a good side.



    But our limitations have been well shown up today

  2. Notthebus – it could be called the ‘The Champions’ Champions League’ to avoid confusion with the ‘Anything down to 4th place in their own league and maybe even champions, champions league’ (actual campions may not be included)

  3. RUGGYGMAN on 23RD JULY 2016 7:06 PM



    Other than our income is a fraction of the team we are playing, who is a fraction of our size as a club, what limitations would you forward?




    Can anyone tell me wtf is permanently wrong with Ciftci’s hand?? Seems to have strapping on 2 fingers



    *hiding his goatshaggin rings :-)))))).

  5. Pick the ball out the net once…other than that their keeper has had nothing to do

  6. Right, what I’ve gleaned from the updates:



    Celtic were poor


    Celtic were good


    Celtic couldn’t pass the ball


    Celtic were passing the ball well


    Dembele is struggling


    Dembele looks a prospect


    We were outclassed


    We held our own


    Izzy is done


    Izzy still has it


    Armstrong not going to make it


    Armstrong going to make it



    I’ll tell my Celtic minded acquaintances

  7. Celtic lose youth cup.


    Everton big and physical but Celtic skillful.


    Unlucky bhoys.

  8. Roberttressel



    It really depends who informs you. Or who has watched the actual game.



    1 each flatters us.



    If anyone is being real.

  9. HE EXILED TIM on 23RD JULY 2016 7:00 PM






    Been saying for yonks that experience will help the weans no end, if we have to pay for it, so be it, [ no what Pedro wants to hear ] nothing like learning from players who have been and gone and done it.




    *was hired by a $1billion+ a year company to a senior postilion when I was 55. when I queried it I was told that they liked to go with a blend of experience and youth.



    10 year later they told me that my age and salary were going against me FFS.

  10. Call_of_Juarez on

    Earlier today someone wrote that Leicester were a lucky side. Nonsense they are a good side. Our lack of movement is disappointing.

  11. When you consider we are up against the team that breezed the epl we are doing good.


    I don’t and never have paid any heed to pre season fitness, they are pro athletes and should be fit 365 days a year.


    We are for sure a couple of rungs up on last season and will only get better imo.

  12. Ruggy man – that’s a snippet of what I’ve read on here. Not having access to the game visually or by audio at present, I honestly haven’t a scooby what’s going on. I find it quite funny. I have an odd sense of humour!



    And ultimately we all see the game differently. Our glasses are half full or half empty, sound people’s eggs have two yolks, our spectacles are all tinted different intensities of emerald green!!



    Cheers for the updates

  13. Both sides have been best served by their respective left backs today. The wee guy Mahrez is class with the ball at his feet but rumours abound that he will be off soon which will leave LCFC with a problem. Still, like IGAF.


    Hope it goes to penalties to be honest….just for the hell of it.

  14. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    On today’s performance I’d be tempted to give O’Connell a run in the first team.

  15. That they are more cohesive to be expected.


    Leicester have played the guys that as a small unit won the league with exception of Kante and Vardy.


    They press high and early so our guys have to learn to recognize team mates position and move ball quicker.


    Will take time for Brendan to implement that.

  16. ROBERTTRESSELL on 23RD JULY 2016 7:11 PM


    And winning this isnt important or is it?