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  1. Gooooood Morning CQN 🏆🏆🏆🍀🏆🏆🏆



    Absolutely Awesome last night


    And what a rendition of Walk On 👍



    Thank you Celtic and Celtic fans, fair cheered me back up last night


    ( for many a year in my younger days- my Old Mum, used to ensure I was fully prepared for my day at the football with Celtic ( fed and watered) – she will have been having a laugh at last night and my mad rush 😂😂😂)

  2. Alasdair MacLean on

    Back to league business.


    TRFC statement copy and paste.


    Game in disrepute?


    Response from authorities?


    Especially to the last paragraph.


    What is going to be done about this pariah club, which shouldn’t be in the league in the first place?







    RANGERS are extremely disappointed with the decision of the Scottish FA’s Judicial Panel to dismiss our appeal against the second yellow card shown to Daniel Candeias in the closing seconds of last Saturday’s match against St Mirren.



    Rangers afforded the governing body the opportunity to let common sense prevail and we are surprised they have chosen not to do so by correcting what was, and what remains an inexplicable decision by the match referee, Willie Collum. Rangers shall now seek a fundamental review of the rules relating to red cards which result from two bookings of a player in a game.



    If one of these decisions is obviously wrong, it must be possible to correct that mistake. It is wrong that players’ livelihoods and careers can be impacted without the opportunity of redress, especially when the official responsible for the miscarriage of justice is allowed to continue as though beyond question or reproach.



    It defies belief that this same referee, who got it so blatantly wrong last Saturday, is awarded one of the biggest matches in Scottish football this weekend while Daniel Candeias is denied the right to go to his work. This, frankly, is unacceptable.



    Furthermore, it is understood that a number of people within the Scottish FA are in no doubt Mr Collum’s judgment was flawed and Rangers shall also now be submitting a formal complaint about the performance of this referee. The manner in which he reacted to an incident involving our player made it obvious he did not give due consideration to his decision.



    This is by no means the first time errors of judgment have been made in matches involving this official and clearly there is an underlying issue which requires to be addressed.

  3. Radio Shortbread ‘sports’ section. Huns lost, Celtic won. Not a mention of either. Whole bulletin was about Police Scotland saying they were going to arrest anyone throwing coins this weekend. Interview with Steven Conroy saying officials were apprehensive. Sport? What a joke.

  4. fleagle1888 @ 12:38 am



    While it is techinically possible for Salzburg to lose out and all 3 teams to finish on 12 points, Salzburg are pretty safe. Their GD is +9, while Leipzig are +2 and we are still -2.



    If Salzburg lose both games 2:0, they will still be +5. Leipzig with 2 wins could catch and overtake that but we would have to beat Rosenborg away by 5:0 to do so.



    If they lost both games 3:0 , the race is on, but how likely is that.



    On head to heads Salzburg have registered a 3:2 away win in Leipzig and a 2:1 win at home against us, so not much to overcome there.



    It is the results in Norway that gave the advantage- Salzburg won 5:2 there and Leipzig won 3:1 in Oslo.



    Do we yet have the confidence that we can bag more than a one goal win in Norway?

  5. Things you never hear in Scottish media



    ” Stevie do you realise you’ve won 1 of last 5 games that magnificient


    win at LOVE street”




    In the event of finishing level on points it goes to the head to head results. Goal difference only applies if Head to Head is a draw.


    If we finish level on points with Leipzig they finish above us, if we finish level on points with Salzburg we need a 2-0 win against them at CP

  7. Thank-you Celtic……….There’s Always Gonna Be A Show…….



    Lights or otherwise…… in front of a packed, raucous rebellious brigade of genuine green giants.



    Love it……..



    …scant sign o’ hun spooks and ppc grummlers talkin tae thumsels, an’ doin’ thur Level beast to undermine and divide Celtica………….



    That’s very good!



    Come Into The Light(s)




  8. Just popped in to congratulate the team, the support and the management for a fantastic occasion and a brilliant result last night.



    Also worth noting that while our winner is rightly lauded for the character shown by the players and the speed of response. From kick off to back of the net there are 12 touches of the ball. One of the all time great Celtic goals in my opinion…

  9. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    A great victory last night. While there have been some poor European performances under Brendan’s tenure, there have been quite a few excellent ones: Man City both legs, Anderlecht away, Bayern at home, Zenit at home and last night- all great games in which we played excellent football.



    I think a lot of last night stemmed from having a sold back four. It’s the first time our favoured back four has performed in Europe this season and it really did add stability and confidence to our display.



    I think the game changed when Mulumbu came on (he didn’t look/isn’t match sharp) as it upset our balance. CalMac who was pivotal in the middle of the park was moved out to the right where he was less effective and Jamsie who was excellent at carrying the ball and drawing fouls and, more importantly, providing a shield for our veteran Swede was subbed. CalMac couldn’t provide the same protection on the wing and it showed- their goal came from our right back position and their two late chances (one off the bar) were created by taking advantage of the right back position.



    January wish list (notwithstanding the CB issues- who knows where we will end up):



    -first team left winger- Sinky puts in a shift but is considerably less effective than Jamsie- we need better quality that wing; and


    -a new striker- we need competition for Edouard (or even a new first choice striker with Edouard moving to the left wing). As great as things are now, one injury to Edouard and the wheels fall off.

  10. In ither news……………..




    Jonathan Slitherland.



    Cheer up , eh!





    :))))))))) :0




  11. The bigotry and racism witnessed yesterday In the so called home of Scottish democracy was shocking but not surprising!.



    Not a peep on radio or tv about our parliament being dragged into the gutter by the anti Irish Tories!, shame on them.



    Better no visit this republican part of monks muir, my German shepherd will have the erse out their trousers! SCUM.



    On last night.



    On the front foot, Celtic at their best.






    Christie! Take a bow son.

  12. Just wanted to say young Calmac has delivered my tea now on a weekly basis. I am big and daft enough to know when i get it wrong and in the past i have been critical and even called him invisible in one game. Wow these weekly portions of humble pie are killing me. Last night he was awsome as were the whole team. Enjoyed the light show but it was a blown away by the team performance. Celtic at our best last night, leipzig could not get any time on the ball and struggled to contain big Eddy. Well done Callum, well done Brendan, well done Celtic. HH

  13. We’ll not get a left winger who’ll be more effective than Sinky is at the moment. He’s a guaranteed first team pick when he’s in this form. Lewis Morgan provides competition, Arzani next season when he’s fit






    McGregor oh oh


    McGregor oh oh oh oh


    He scores important goals


    He’s better than Paul Scholes

  14. Delighted with that performance and result. Will go down as another cracking European night in Paradise.


    Confident of a win pre match on the back of some great recent form. Started passively which gave Leipzig confidence, although their pressing was very impressive from KO to be fair and this made it very difficult for us to get going.



    KT’s goal settled our nerves slightly and we grew into the game . Some really good performances throughout the whole team. Coming of age display from Ryan Christie . If he keeps improving there is a top player in the making there. Seems to have a great attitude and looks like he’s really enjoying himself on the pitch.



    KT took his performance to another level last night imo. His foot race with their right back ( who was no slouch ) in which he gave him a 3 yrd start only to catch him and leave him on a heap on the ground was incredible viewing. I knew he was fast but that was amazing to see. Very aggressive showing from KT but always in control. As a team we need more of that KT type of assertiveness in our play in Euro competitions, easier said than done I know.


    Tremendous attacking threat throughout.



    Cal Mac was impressive in his closing down and shielding our defence.



    Brendan was lucky his Mulumbu substitution didn’t cost us the game. Way off the pace when he came on. I was keechin ma breeks every time the ball went near him. That said, I think after steering us to 6 consecutive trophy wins in Scotland he’s well and truly earned a bit of fortune.



    Liepzig have a very good defence but Fast Eddy frightened them at times , when he was in full fligh they couldn’t handle him . Amazing potential there and he doesn’t look fazed by the big occasion.



    I think the teams confidence will get a massive lift from this result . The upsurge in belief this brings was badly needed for European games.



    Watched it at 5am this morning and then floated to work, totally buzzing all day.



    Is this how it feels to be Celtic?







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  16. Will the sfa back their ref, or bow to their masters and banish him to the lower leagues?




  17. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CELTIC40ME on 9TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:45 AM



    “We’ll not get a left winger who’ll be more effective than Sinky is at the moment. He’s a guaranteed first team pick when he’s in this form. Lewis Morgan provides competition, Arzani next season when he’s fit”



    Not sure I agree. While it is great to see Sinky’s performances improve again, he is still a long way off the player of his 1st season- that player would have buried his opportunity through on goal; so I don’t think it’s accurate to say we couldn’t get someone more effective than him.



    Arzani is out until the start of next season at least (if not longer). As for Morgan, I think he will be loaned out. He has a lot of potential but I think he is lacking in physicality still. Look at the physical transformation in each of Tierney (https://celtsarehere.com/kieran-tierneys-amazing-transformation/), Ajer and Christie- all had potential but to compete at the top level you need the pace and power to accompany the skill;Christie put on 10kg of muscles over the year at Aberdeen, all the while playing consistently. I think Morgan will have to do the same.

  18. Congratulations to the team last night .great result.


    I missed a lot of the play because of the dodgy stream I had but saw the goals.


    Great response after they had equalised.

  19. SFTB –



    I think it’s head to head rather than GD.



    If Salzburg lose to Leipzig and we beat Rosenborg, then they would still be on 12 and us on 9.



    If we then beat them 2-0 or better (easier said than done, obviously) then we would finish above them.

  20. The Hun Statement is hunbelievable , even by their wretched standards this one is a cracker.


    Surely the Authorities or the Referee’s Association must slap them down.


    Anyhow no Hun freak show is going to bother me this wild & windy morning, still buzzing & thrilled that KT, James Forrest, CalMac & Christie are spearheading our resurgence, much as I love French Eddie, Benkovic & Boyata, I am realistic enough to know that none of them will be hear long term, however our Scottish quartet can be our bedrock for years.

  21. Has Na Ri


    You and I must be sharing that humble pie


    The amount of times, Rogic, Christie and Mcregor


    Include Sinclair and Forrest, put their get in and nicked the ball away last night was superb


    Personally I think Christie is going to be an upgrade on Armstrong


    Does not loose the ball as often, andin my view more intelligent passer of the ball



    @ CELTIC40ME on 9TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:45 AM




    “We’ll not get a left winger who’ll be more effective than Sinky is at the moment. He’s a guaranteed first team pick when he’s in this form. Lewis Morgan provides competition, Arzani next season when he’s fit”




    Not sure I agree. While it is great to see Sinky’s performances improve again, he is still a long way off the player of his 1st season.



    Last couple of games he hasn’t been a long way off, maybe short of his best but getting by there. You’ll notice I didn’t say we’ll find someone as good as or better than him at his best, just that in his present form, and given that he looks like he’s improving it’s unlikely we’ll find someone in January who’ll do a better job for us between now and the end of the season and beyond. Sinclair starts in this form, we’d need to sign someone better and ready to go straight into the team



    As for Arzani, I know he’s out, I did say. Hopefully he’ll be fit and ready to do a job for us next season. Likewise Morgan, he’ll have had a fill year at Celtic by the start of next season, hopefully he’ll also do a job. We’ve also got Hayes as a squad player



    We’ve got plenty talent in the squad in the wide areas for now, no need to waste money that could be spent on more deserving areas

  23. NorrieM




    Hope last night put a smile on your face after the recent loss of your Mum. Stay strong look after that wonderful family of yours. When my own Mum passed she was only 57 and was looking forward to winding down after bringing up the 3 of us herself. But the big C took her after a long fight. My own daughter is the her double in character, tough and strong minded with a heart of gold. She helped me so much because every time i see her i can see my Mum, it’s scary.



    You have a gem of a daughter so look after her and God bless you.



    Any word from MAH.



    Can i ask what time the hoot kicks off tomorrow and is it bv first them onto Mcchuils or vice versa. Only know a couple of Cqn’ers so if you see a lost soul wandering around looking for bierra moretti thats me. Hoping to be home from kids football and rugby to make it anybody else going..?

  24. Take the best bits of Armstrong.



    Remove the occasional insouciance and stray passes.


    Retain the heilin’ ancestry


    Downgrade the quiff charisma quotient.


    Replace Celtic as a stepping stone in your career, with a desire to make it the foundation.


    Add some KT-like grit and fire.


    And a Dad who would have loved to have made it big as a Celt but didn’t quite make it.


    And a final wee dose of gallus, peppery Fenian fire….



    Lhadies and ghentlemen, I give you….



    Ryan Christie



    HH jg

  25. Fabulous futuristic light show which brightened up Paradise in a typical dreigh Glasga night.



    Followed by a mesmerising game of football. Through default or otherwise our team have been amazing over the last few weeks.



    The happiness of players wanting to play for Celtic was sooooooooooo evident.



    Take a bow Celtic, and her fans.



    Hail, hail.

  26. Forgot to mention wee James Forrest earlier. Lost count of times I’ve stuck up for him as a player we seemingly love to criticise, not so much now though as even his biggest doubters are converts these days.



    He was immense last night and had their left back on toast , who after faking an injury had to be subbed :)))



    Watching highlights of Sevco game, the cry was no defenders :)))




  27. What a performance last night ,take a bow players ,management and fans.


    Leipzig are a very good team and we more than matched them.

  28. Last night was a proper, fighting, and vibrant Celtic European display. I have seen many of these over the years, since my first one against Basle (before we started calling them Basel) in 1974.



    But sadly, even after last night a major question needs answering……



    Why does Jamesie Forrest not have a song?

  29. Canny Adam & Eve we have went and signed Oli on an extended 4 year contract given he’ll never get another game. WTF!



    Anyway, I usually slate the board so…



    I salute them on this instead.




  30. CQN Saturday Naps Competition : WEEK 10 results (Oct 27th)






    Rockon (Modus) @4/1


    Bull67 (Magna Grecia) @2/1






    16 roads (Stormy Belle)


    21-5-79 (Duke of Firenze)


    BMCUWP (No Selection)


    Cathal (Calett Mad)


    Cosy Corner Bhoy (Dakota Gold)


    Fastbhoy (Red Giant)


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    Graffitionthewall (Pipes of Peace)


    green T (Green Zone)


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    leftclicktic (White Chocolate)


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    twists n turns (Kings Field)


    voguepunter (Angel of Harlem)


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    Cheers, fleagle1888