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  1. That will do. Well played the Bhoys.



    Got to keep it going in the second half. RBL a good outfit but we’re matching them toe to toe.

  2. First half flew past.


    RB a strong, fast and very decent team.


    But then so are Celtic. Really good performance all over the pitch

  3. We show the same commitment and desire…as well as the scintilating footbaw in the 2nd half…we’ve got a great chance for the 3 points here

  4. Delaneys Dunky on

    Great first half, but really enjoying my half time puff on Janefield Street. Beside the cemetery walls.


    Thought we were great after first 10 minutes.


    Should be 2 or 3 up.



  5. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    big half time talk ahead now for BR – the goal was an amphetamine shot for us – they will regroup and press like fugg – we have been superb

  6. zSorry,but Gordons distribution is causing us more problems than Leipzig.Never finds a celtic player.Every attack they mount is from his distributio.

  7. They started well & the goal came against the run of play. However since then we have more than matched them and had chances for a second.


    It will take a mighty effort to keep these guys scoreless for 90 minutes but at least we are having a real go and that is all we can ask for.


    Thought James Forrest had outstanding first half.

  8. pleased that we’re playing like we all know we can,this mob are head and shoulders above the usual spl mobs we are used to ,hopefully build on this in the second half COYBIG

  9. Very well played Celtic,but Rogic skies them tme after time from that position.A player of his stature,leans back too many times,for my liking.On the run ,hitting them,none better,butwith time,he leans back.

  10. does CG think if he repeats the same poor distribution over and over again that by the law of averages he will finally get one right , but great result so far.

  11. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Great first half, the Celtic. Love to see us playing this way.



    Mug them for a quick goal early second half.



    Mon the Tic!

  12. Liked what I saw in the first half from us. Competitive – and more- against a very food team currently 3rd in Bundesliga. Another 45 minutes of hard work and concentration and we can win this. What a result that would be.

  13. Always been a massive fan of Brown and often wondered how we’d replace him. Now I’m asking myself the uncomfortable question – are we now a better side without him,…..more purposeful, sharp, incisive?




    He is a fantastic shot stopper,but he will never be what Brendan wants.His distribution is shocking.Not his fault.Now is abdifferent era.We can get away with it in the SPFL,butbthis is a differentb proposition.