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  1. GLENDALYSTONSILS from earlier , i must be getting on too , the Buzzbomb was one of my favourite players ! NOTTHATOLDCSC

  2. glendalystonsils on

    PARK ROAD 67



    I sometimes think when I read some of the reminiscences on here from away back , that we must be the young squad on CQN !-))

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Enjoyed that today, young Jerome is going to be something else if he survives the cluggers

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    Park rd 67



    Was your Girvan mates in the lounge at the oak bar. Some Ayrshire accents sat beside me with a pie carryoot😁



    As for our Primpong wouldn’t be surprised if he could run 100m under 11 secs

  5. BHOYLO83 on 23RD NOVEMBER 2019 5:42 PM


    How did we manage to sign Frimpong?


    Amazing none of the richer clubs took a chance on him



    He’s too wee, didn’t you know? Every time he won a ball in the air my (wee) mate beside chuckled loudly. What a signing!



    Almore @5.56. Great story. As an ex-schoolie I recognise what you said. It’s nice when your normal/hard work comes back and embarrasses you.



    Had a cousin over from Ireland today, he and his better half at Paradise for the first time. I warned him about the referees here. “Holy God” he said after the game, “is that the norm over here?” Now. I’m going to be controversial here, but after a classic ‘Dullarse’ performance that his father would have been proud of, after a 70 minutes+ of just regular SFA Refereeing crap, he actually DID what a good ref would do: wee PingPong got pulled back by their No.33, the game went on and on and on for a couple of minutes or so, we score and THEN he books the guy, as, of course, he should!! Whoddathu?



    JOBO, MOTM Broony! These other guys don’t understand football.

  6. Hunderbirds 7.55pm



    You don’t look a day older than 41 :-)



    Again hope you had a great time and many many more birthdays to enjoy Neil & the bhoys … hopefully get a wee shandy in 2020… 👍

  7. Scott Brown like Paul McStay will be appreciated more when not playing ..


    In my lifetime … two amazing Capitanos 💚

  8. Frimpong has blown me away, absolutely stunning energy and performance level and from absolutely nowhere. Incredible. What a buzz.

  9. What a star Jeremie Frimpong is going to be, steal of the century at £350K!



    Unleash him on SEVCO with Forrest and Elyounnousi on the flanks as well, he’ll run riot.



    At 62 years of age i’m well happy to be in the CQN young team ! PRESTONPANS BHOYS


    Sounds like the Girvan team in the Oak wae the pies 😂

  11. Watching the coupe America thingy – more effective than Horlicks so far – commentators oohing and ahing about bugger all!

  12. jinkyredstar on 23rd November 2019 9:37 pm



    Watching the coupe America thingy – more effective than Horlicks so far – commentators oohing and ahing about bugger all!




    The standard is very poor. I was expecting much better from both teams.



    Thought they did say that 1000 Argentine players play abroad, that’s some amount of talent leaving the domestic league.

  13. Hello again all you young rebels.



    From another very warm and very happy Melbourne.


    Just watched the game there as i couldn’t stay awake last night


    in fact i couldn’t even lick my fingers if i tried but thats another


    story lol.


    What a find young Frimpong was and although injured Johnny


    still gave his all until Greg arrived and smoothly slotted right in


    to keep this Rolls Royce of a squad purring to another victory.


    My man of the match? … Broony …inspirational and serving up


    a bit of afters on that big Aussie dick ( did i just say that ) got


    my vote.


    Off down to rebel town now, a wee frolic on the beach with the


    princess and maybe a wee can or three just to toast the bhoys,


    and then the Dubliner where i’ll savour the craic and the songs.


    Aye being a Celtic supporter is tough 8-)))))


    H.H . Mick



    G/day mhate well happy wae that result today and you’re right Frimpong is a player ! The Guinness still to your liking down under ? MENATWORKCSC

  15. PARK ROAD 67



    The black nectar will take a tanking today, another 30 degs


    expected, and the Dubliner has the best in the town, hope


    you and E get a chance to savour it.


    H.H . Mick

  16. What an F’in day







    French Julie


    Fjord King Kris


    Flying Jonny



    Fifer Broon


    Faultless Callum



    Fae Inversnecky Ryan


    Fair Dinkum Rogic


    Flasher Forrest



    & French Eddy




    Subs- French Olly, Fertile Leigh & Former-Ibrox-Youth Greg



    Forza Feniani

  17. PR67



    All good in the brig … been talking to a few bhoys who follow Celtic everywhere and Rome is up there with the best ever



    Y-Lee …. (that’s young Summerlee) well before that heritage thing and the Time Capsule… the Huns in neighbouring Airdrie are gutted … Coatbrig must be the only place in Ecosse that the Huns canny influence

  18. GFTB


    Aye Girvan bhoys in Rome said same thing one of the best trips ever , been to the Eternal City a few times but would have loved to have been at Lazio game !

  19. PR67 10.45pm



    Don’t ever believe our media they wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and hit them on the chin….



    They can’t handle the truth ….



    Which makes Celtic even better, nullify the refs like young Dallas ….



    The games a bogey … we win :-)



    Fellow Celts god night n god bless 🍀

  20. I didn’t see the game today but I did say to my son and BRTH at the Motherwell game 2 weeks ago that I thought Jinky had come back as a wee black Dutchman. A lot of similarities including incredible upper body strength.


    I hope Jeremie is with us for many years to come. Whoever uncovered this little man should be awarded a medal.

  21. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Frimpong is a star already.



    I haven’t seen a talent like him for a long long time.



    We are indeed fortunate.

  22. Good comments on wee Jeremy! Absolute star, anyway! How many of us actually think we will be enjoying the wee bundle of fun say !! 2021 ! Hope I am wrong ! But doubt it , ! Anyway roll o. December! And put to bed any hope the Halfwits from the darkside have !! DD , hope you are good buddy , a CQN legend m8 , hope to have a beer sooner than later, as a said you and also petec both legends !! KEV J my friend hope you are good bud ! Hopefully you will post again bro 🍀👍😉🥂

  23. shoosht



    the lot of yeese shoosht



    that jeromy bhoy.



    couldnt get past the first man.



    passes inside allways short.



    no stamina , his opposite player got beyond him several times



    cant heidy, outjumped.



    slow over the first 5 yards.



    when he did get put in by the great players around him, he fluffed his lines,



    crosses overhit, shots right at the goalkeeper.



    and he is scared of a tackle, and a bit of a scaredy.