Celtic v Livingston, Live updates


Live updates will afyerssist below after 15.00.

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  1. Got the win, but from 3-1 we should have won comfortably. Dont the midfield realise that part of their job is to help the defence? Time they did.

  2. its been very very clear to the management for 2 years – we needed a left back to replace Tierney. FAILED!!



    We have known the only ball winner we have in midfield is getting to the end of his career – we have not yet found or have trust in hi replacement – FAILED!



    These are crucial positions for this team – the psychologist should be for Lennon and Lawell taking massive risks with this football team!



    Plenty positives from today but unfortunately the dressing room cannot build confidence from that due to the last 20mins carnage

  3. Our build up is way to slow.


    Playing one forward negates the possibility of fast ball forward.


    We were pedestrian from backs to midfield.


    One of our midfielders has to be sacrificed for a forward.

  4. A quick glance at comments and i remember why I don’t hang about on match days. Used to just be defeats and draws.



    Won’t be long until we are getting told that conceding two goals to Livingston is like getting beat and really sevco keeping a clean sheet against them means they really won the game.



    I’m away.

  5. Don’t come on here and make Kimala the scapegoat for every poor performance,the players you are hoping to do the business are just not turning up,and that includes the manager,Celtic before the transfer window shuts go and get Paddy Roberts and Doughty to play down the left wing,also keep starting with Frimpong and Forrest.

  6. First half was enjoyable in my opinion. last 30 mins less so. Slack and lacking any real cohesion.


    Plus points: MacGregor and Christie much better and Ajeti looks like the real deal.


    Minus points: Taylor, Ajer and, most definitely, Brown.

  7. 3 points but a number of warning signs. Concerns before the game were shown to be justified. We have better players and some moments of brilliance won it for us.



    The line up did not create many chances, the game had died midway through the second half, substitutions were too late and we were slightly fortunate that they missed a free header at the end.



    Ajeti is a fantastic player, he will score loads but his all round play is excellent. I actually didn’t see Brown much on the ball so don’t think he was good or bad today

  8. btw – the day before a premier league football match – our coaches are talking about bringing in psychologists to help the players. Who cares? why is that news?



    Its all about focus focus focus and our management team appear to be all over the place at the moment

  9. How good was my man Ntcham today?



    Better decision-making from Ryan, with a terrific through ball for the 3rd.



    Ajeti reminded me of a very good Gary Hooper. Loved his work today.



    We have some outstanding players. If we could match the sum to our parts we’d be on fire.

  10. BIG WAVY – Agree , I thought he was man of the match. Eager to get on the ball, silky skills and trying to make things happen up the business end of the park.

  11. Ciarans Dad 2,



    Scott just looks a bit lost at the moment. He’s not playing as a pure DM, he’s not a box to box and he’s not great offensively. He wanders around, he’s tidy, there are some great interceptions and then (like their 2nd goal) he’s just left standing when it speeds up around him.



    We have better players going forward and the club have failed to give us a DM to replace him and I genuinely feel dirty feeling so down about him. It’s not his fault.



    I’m beginning to wonder about you. Maybe Paul has sussed you out. If you had log in problems, you wouldn’t have posted that.😊

  13. Ajer & Brooney were both extremely poor. Brooney has been a wonderful servant for us and I hope he becomes part of a future coaching team but on present form he does not deserve his place.


    We should have won this game comfortably but were hanging on in the end,


    I honestly thought at start of week, we would increase our goal difference by 7 or 8 goals against St. Mirren & Livingston, disappointed in many ways but still glad for the 6 points & top of the League albeit by a whisker with same number of games played.

  14. SFTB,



    That 3rd goal was a thing of beauty….






    Recurring patterns are not being addressed and we know what’s coming down the line.



    HH fella




    Sometimes I wish I had log in problems!



    But that wouldn’t hide our problems.



    It’s Lennon and the happy clappers who worry me.

  16. Fix the midfield and go sign a starting left back. Do that and we’ll be a joy to behold this season, failure to do so and we’ll all be spending a good chunk of the season behind the sofa! Ajeti’s goal was superb but it’s his work with his back to goal that really impresses me, part of the plus side of fixing the midfield will be seeing runners go off him when he’s holding the ball up into the big hole that French Eddie has created ahead of them. Top of the league despite the problems…please fix the problems!

  17. CIARANS DAD 2 on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 5:07 PM I actually didn’t see Brown much on the ball so don’t think he was good or bad today






    If you didn’t see him – and I barely did – then surely he had a bad game? 🤷🏼‍♂️



    HH jg

  18. Corkcelt,



    Agree on your analysis but your big mate Duffy looked pretty average today. I like some of his qualities but as a unit we have a new problem to fix. Integrating Kris, Chris and Shane.



    We need a left footed CH. Always did.

  19. Well done Celtic,the penalty set them up making it more difficult for us.


    Of course there are things to improve on,but doing so with minimal impact to.table position is a positive.

  20. A reflection of the effect of expectation on evaluation is shown by the BBC player ratings for today.



    In a game where we had 78% possesion and 17 shots to Livi’s 7, 6 on target to their 3, only 1 Celtic player (Christie) got a mark over 6 (out of 10) and he barely scraped it with an average of 6.07 points. All other starters and subs were rated between 5 and 6, apart from Scott Brown (4.58) and Bitton & Elyounoussi (who despite being below 5 still outscored our captain).



    10 of the Livi players scored between 6 and 7, the other, Sibbald, got over 7, with all but one getting a better rating than our top man Christie.



    Now, I know some Huns will be voting on this but it does not explain the outcome or why we are so hard on our own. Watch the Sevco player ratings in any game they win and you will not see such harsh evaluations, even with Timposters joining in.

  21. PhilBhoy – aye, right up there with Morelos on the AC Milan wish list. Maybe he’s playing poorly hoping he’ll get moved on the cheap, same as Morelos :)

  22. SB , GT & KA are holding us back , we have the poorest defensive left side and the opposition know it,


    KA for goodness sake just stand up don’t dive , gave the pen away by going to ground and not for the first time , will he ever learn don’t think so , £15m you’re having a laugh, never looks in control of the ball , his release of the ball to AA at the goal , all I can say its a good job AA has a good first touch .


    GT just not good enough , scared to put the ball into the box always and I mean always looks for the easy option he will just step over and get rid of the ball pronto , even big Duffy screamed at him , is he playing to instruction to pass backward/sideways 99% of time or is he just p***.


    SB , great servant but time is definitely up.

  23. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    One loves Ajeti!



    Anybody know if the Tyneside Celts’ 17th October Hun gig is going ahead?

  24. Only 3 teams in the SPFL have a better defensive record than us, currently and one of them has played 2 games less, so are likely to catch us up.



    Precisely, no teams, have scored as many as us; in fact, our nearest rival has scored 5 fewer. It is the superior goals scored record that has us top of the league.



    ANd that is a good thing.

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