Celtic v Livingston, Live updates


Live updates will afyerssist below after 15.00.

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  1. Broony looked well out of it today.Game seemed to pass him by.


    Sorry,once again,I cannot fault Greg Taylor.Supported Calmac the whole game on the left,superb run and assist.Refuses to throw crosses into the box with no one to aim for.His only problem,he is not KT.



    Ajeti.When we were 1st linked with him,I watched him on You Tube,saying a couple of times,he reminded me of a tougher Gary Hooper.That was about 4 weeks ago.Some just latching on now.Looks the business,deffo not a Pig in a poke.

  2. A weak Ajer header presented Livi with a great chance only for a great CalMac block.


    I like Ajer come to that I like all Celtic players but Ajer was poor today,


    Duffy was by far the better of the 2 centre halfs & that has nothing to do do with fact that he is an Irish Fenian.

  3. 31003 on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:56 PM


    In fairness, if you looked at most of our players on a “ YouTube best bits” we’d all be crying out “sign him, sign that sonofa bitch” But, as we all know, on YouTube you only ever see the best bits.



    Yeah post’s edited, & uploaded by their Agents. Players should be chosen, in what they have done for their Club, over the course of one Season, not in one particular match, when the rest of their performances, where like that players surname, which John Barnes signed, in Season 1999/2000 on the strengh of a Video Tape.


    Players Agents, are not going to show up their Clients Flaws On YouTube, now are they? No.

  4. CorkCelt,



    We’ll agree to disagree. Ajer’s break up the pitch for Callum’s goal is something Duffy could dream of doing. The big Derry fella has as many limitations to his game as he has strengths. If there is one thing that often gets you a free pass on here and elsewhere as a Celtic player is an irish passport.




  5. Back in the day when I played footy,(I’m talking 50 years ago) if I got injured I was told by my manager never to let the opposition know. Watching the Hammers/Arse game I just heard a player shout ASAARRRRGGGGHHHH for tripping over his bootlace. He got a free kick out of it. “If I knew then what I know now”. What a title for a song…

  6. Good evening, friends. Did a wee 4 page scroll back there and, with no offence intended, selected the following 5 posts as my personal highlights….



    CONEYBHOY on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 5:05 PM


    I wish Strachan was still our manager [I NEVER DID WANT HIM TO LEAVE!]



    ST TAMS on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 5:36 PM





    31003 on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:41 PM


    How many oysters have you heard saying Ajer is not a central defender? [ I DO APPRECAITE THAT AUTOSPELL HAD A PART IN THAT ONE!]



    AN TEARMANN on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:00 PM


    and Celtic won today


    which was nice







    CONEYBHOY on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:09 PM


    My top 3 today









  7. Allowing for just 1 player to join us, who would you want to help us win the Europa Cup. Ronaldinho for me. We could let in 4 and he’d score 5


    Ps….I thought about Messi but thought he’d only score 4 then we’d be down to the dreaded penalties

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Four hours after my post match reaction my views have softened .. but only a little.



    First of all – being top of the league is brilliant.



    Absolute garbage spouted previously on social media about the prospect of Sevco being 11 points clear has proven to be just that – Garbage.



    It’s lamentable though that some of our fans still swallow it.



    The three goals were quality. The kind of goals good teams score. 3rd in particular was fabulous.



    There were a lot of other good things today.



    Barkas, Duffy, Elhamed, Christie, McGregor, Ntcham and Ajeti all decent or better.



    Which makes the scoreline so annoying.



    At 3-1 a mentally strong team would have turned the screw. Instead we took the foot off the gas.



    Referees? No offence intended but the same, repeated moans are tiresome.



    Refs are there to be managed. It’s really that simple.



    We know what to expect from the opposition and we do nothing about it on the field of play.



    A hangover from Brendan’s “remain calm” mantra.



    Personally I’d coach players to be in the ref’s ear from minute one.



    We routinely have more possession than the opposition.



    So we are going to be “tackled” more.



    Plant the seed early and often.



    One guy fouled 2 Celts in 2 seconds today. Not a cheep.



    Get one of them booked early when it helps the cause rather than after 83 minutes.



    When the inevitable “bad one” comes



    – tackled player screams


    – 3 players surround the tackler


    – 3 surround the ref


    – 1 player chins the nearest linesman


    – coaches hector the 4th official.



    There’s no downside. If ref responds our job gets easier.



    If he ignores us, the players should get more fired up (to win, not foul)



    What do we do?



    We mirror one of those wildlife programmes where a wildebeest is being dragged to a horrible death by a crocodile.



    The others stand watching thinking “what a shame”



    Dark arts, being sleekit, game management – call it what you will.



    A skill set we simply don’t utilise.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  9. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I understand we’re in top spot tonight. Magic.



    I understand the players and management have had their lives turned upside down to be able to continue this campaign. I’m very grateful.



    I don’t understand why our backline is at the penalty spot when opposing teams are still forty yards from goal.



    I don’t understand the numbers donating to the foodbank collection. 300 from 50,000 season books.



    Well done today Celts.




    Good post….but don’t you agree that


    a) we should be blowing these teams away?


    And b) they shouldn’t be scoring against us?

  11. 31003 on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:02 PM




    Point taken but, talking to a supposed “insider” when Brendan came the professionalism was ramped up 1000%, and, with all due respect to Lenny, it’s went down 1000% since he left. Not just team management but all round.



    You would have thought that John Kennedy, would have learned from BR, & past on the sound tips & advice, when Lenny came into the Post @ CP, in other words useful advice, as regards to how to get the better performance approach, out of the squad of Players available. It’s now obvious, that BR Management style of approach, went in one ear of JK head, & straight out of the other ear.

  12. I hate seeing the ref and linesmen doing a huddle/ high fives and so on before a game. I hate the fact that tv makes a big deal about them doing it. I hate the fact that that throws the focus on them. I hate the fact that then makes them the focus of the game. They SHOULD be invisible, but thanks to that focus we DEPEND on their neutrality, which is debatable.

  13. STEBHOY on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 6:48 PM


    Did anyone notice the linesman when Taylor was trying to take a throw in – he wouldn’t get out of his way – Taylor had to shout at him to move back which to slowly and reluctantly did.



    STEBHOY that lino was none other than “Red Card Red Card” Ross! A consistent sphincterhole who should have been barged over by Taylor to show up the cretin for what he is. Can you imagine him doing that in front of The Tav at Ipox as he lines up for a long throw into the box?

  14. Wolff does my nut in with his swing as much as De Chambeau but, he’s leading….n you can’t argue with that

  15. Particularly for those that may have saw my early morning ‘anorak’ post…….



    In a wee bursting the bubble moment can I just remind everyone that although we regained top spot at 3.23pm today, as soon as SEVCO kick off tomorrow at high noon they go 1 point clear “as it stands”. 😉

  16. RC




    He’s only here to fill in until we find a real left back…providing he’s less than £1m…cos, as far as Celtic management are concerned it’s not an essential position in the team

  17. THE EXILED TIM on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:29 PM


    I am slightly younger than you and to this day I have still to hear the club calling this out, our greatest ever manager said that we need to score more than the oppo, I paraphrase to take the referees out of the equation, why the eff should we have to do that, we should be demanding a level playing field, that’s why Europe is so important for us, at least we get some semblance of fairness from the officials.



    TET, I was at the Celtic v. Benfica game years ago (Strachan’s time?) and one of the Benfica players fecked Broonie. Whistle, foul as you would expect then I wondered what was happening. The ref had RED CARDED the guy. Pretty much disbelief all around me as we just didn’t expect it. Straight leg, studs up but in the SPL agin Celtic no big deal!



    I’ve long thought that Celtic players might have a legal challenge against Celtic for NOT providing a safe working environment for their employees. Some of the tackles (PLURAL) today were cynical/outrageous and as others have pointed out their second goal scorer should not have been on the park. Will Celtic EVER question why they are refereed to different standards?




    For the first time in a long time I’m confident Hibs will PUMP Sevco without fear or favour

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