Celtic v Livingston, Live updates


Live updates will afyerssist below after 15.00.

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  1. Oh and just before I go…Excited about the prospect of a fully fit/sharp Ajeti, apparently still a little short of his best fitness wise. The bhoy can finish.




  2. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Wow! what a read back, think all you fine Bhoys were drinking the


    aul crabbit apple juice last night.


    What did I learn from it all, well


    31003 can certainly haud a grudge.


    Fairhill Bhoys feart o naebody.


    GFTB would fight with his shadow.


    Wishy Tim loves stirring the soup.


    And Saint Stivs husny got a sense o humour


    although he makes me laugh.


    I’m just peeved I never even made the wanky Bhoys list.


    So no red cards from me Bhoys, I found it all most




    So by the power invested in me by Mr Rid Biddy, I sentence


    you all to a far worse hangover than I had this morning.




    H.H. Mick




    Think we’re missing the lovely DENA, does embdy know if


    she’s o.k


    Always think a sense of decency permeates the blog when


    she signs off with ” play nice Bhoys ”



    H.H. Mick

  4. Good morning from a bright but chilly North Wales – had a quick scan back – maybe the blog should have a 10 o’clock curfew. Really poor.

  5. Top of league


    Don’t think we have played same team twice


    Don’t think we have played formation twice in a row


    So early in season and Neil says we are resting players ? But we play a 35 year old every week !


    Is moi now out of the equation ?


    Who is left wing back ?


    Who is right back or left back ?


    Who is right midfield?



    We must win the Sevco game coming up


    Who will play? What will formation be?



    Do we need someone to look after mental health of players or someone to help in tactics ?



    So many questions

  6. Melbourne Mick 6.41am



    My shadow would probably beat me






    Neil Lennon has took far too much abuse on a Celtic site for my liking, but maybe I can relate to it … “maybe I bring it on to myself as well”



    Hope all is well with you, Paddy and the rest of the Aussie Tims :-) wee granddaughter is getting dropped off in 40mims so better go and finish my kerry oot …. No square sausage & tattle skone….. buckfast & cider is a real ML5 breakfast

  7. In case anybody is about to contact social services … we are actually having sausage & potato scone and not tonic wine & magners for breakfast …



    Take care and might interact next weekend



    If Neil is lurking … PLAY 2 UP FRONT on Thursday !!!!!!



    Hail Hail 🍀

  8. Good morning cqn from slightly grey skied Garngad



    Is it a Hibs win we want or a draw?………Too right it’s a Hibs win we want today against the zombie new comers.



    We need to find a settled first 11 and bench, play the same 11 and formation for a few games in a row let the players get used to each other and a formation.



    And yes we know we are winning and top of the league.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Read back to see after match comments. Wish I hadn’t bothered. Poor show, would expect that nonsense on a hun site.

  10. GFTB



    Agree with you on the Lenny abuse, just don’t understand why good


    Celtic men would give the huns any ammunition by their constant


    negativity towards him.


    All our Bhoys over here are bursting to get out there and sing our songs.


    Thats almost a three month lockdown now, but it’s working and we’ve


    almost wiped this horrible virus out.


    Our first meet up will be mega, with PADDYMAC already planning it.


    Love your love for your family, that’s what matters most.


    H.H. Mick

  11. hang overs indeed, MM :O) I like this new look anything goes blog, seems you can post wattever the fuck you want. even fitba stuff! especially if its negative and the more flat earth, ive been abducted by alians verity, the tastier num num num




  12. Lest said about the overnight posts the better. I see Neil is now being quoted as saying Scott Brown will be rested as/when he sees fit. Guess the big question is are we looking for a left back, or a left wing back?

  13. MM…


    about 30 off us from Perth CSC went over to Melbourne to watch the game at a Melbourne CSC, big Celtic pub, two stories with Celtic carpet, had a ball. watched thr Eagles humped the bulldogs that weekend as well. I wwoke up on the grass out6side a little church near little collins street. HH good times lol

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    Just caught up with some of the previous pages.



    This place used to be where Celtic supporters could speak their mind and disagree without resorting to primary school name calling/swearing.



    After reading the crap from last night it seems those days are over.



    This, coupled with the political garbage that some come on to spout has made Celtic Quick News a very poor imitation of what it was when it began.



    Thos of you who name call and attack other posters should remember we are all Celtic supporters and should behave as so otherwise the writing is on the wall for this site.

  15. I know that the general view is that `everyone is entitled to an opinion`but surely the person giving the opinion should have enough knowledge on the subject matter to make the opinion worthwhile?


    If that opinion is at odds with someone else`s viewpoint,then I woulld have thought that the person with the greater knowledge on the subject would have a more informed therefore more worthwhile opinion.


    If so, then maybe critical posts should start with:


    I know more than Peter lawwell, Neil Lennon etc ?



    Scottish referees are exempt this argument :-))

  16. Good Morning CQN



    What a read back, Jeezo!!



    A quite brilliant summary of the same by Melbourne Mick made me laugh out loud!



    Back to yesterday, another 3 points in the bag but yet another Jekyll and Hyde performance.



    I’m neither a happy clapper or a panty wetter but a realist and we do not look like a well coached or tactically aware side. When your midfield watches average players pass around them unchallenged and no one moves to try and close down a shot then the basics aren’t even right. Add to that the lack of consistent formation, team selection and strategy for substitutions/game management then there is clearly a problem. Managing the captain’s appearances is part of that and playing him yesterday was not necessary or beneficial. Playing him against the Huns however may be essential both for his experience, dig and the fact he intimidates and winds them up in equal measure. Desperately need a quality left back with GT as back up only and ffs please spend time on the training ground on set pieces for and against us and retaining possession from throw ins. Plenty to work on but if we can get the right formation and tactics, particularly our shape and pressing when we don’t have the ball, then we have the players who could really start to blow our domestic opponents away. A lot to look forward to with this squad of players but the manager and coaches really must earn their corn and sort out the basics.



    All in all it’s great to be sitting top of the league when we’re really not playing that well and it’s so important to just keep getting 3 points however they come just now as who knows when off the field matters will cut short the season. As we saw again yesterday we will get no help from the powers that be so we have to take matters into our own hands and not relent!



    Onwards and upwards Bhoys and Ghirls, HWG10IAR!



    PS ‘Mon the Hibees




    Amazing amount of Celtic supporters over here in Oz.


    Can’t understand why our club doesn’t tap into it more.


    Don’t know much about the eagles or bulldogs, but I’ve


    got a wee crush on the Brisbane Lions, don’t know why


    that is 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  18. Paul67 et al



    Reading through Dermot Desmond’s article (@SFTB) I must admit he is more interested in and knows more about football in the wider context, than I have previously given him credit for, though mistaken about the relative merits of the present Celtic team.


    Could he be perchance the new Bob Kelly?

  19. MacCargo. Good question left hand defence is an issue


    I would always play 4 at back v Sevco


    Julian , Duffy ( Ajer is poor positionally) and el hamed , if el hamed is to be our right back. Play him and stop changing it


    Left back mm need a new one. Moi is not the answer , neither is Forrest who is played at left as frimpong better on right


    Midfield. Turnbull , McGregor , brown , Christie , frimpong , ntchamp( 4 from that 6 )



    Up front. Always 2. Eddie and Ajeti( Griffiths )



    Bench. Rogic , Forrest, ajer and two of the midfielders above who don’t make the 4



    4 4 2

  20. I won’t watch the match today but it’ll be interesting to see how Jack Ross sets his team up. If Hibs don’t make a mistake at the back then I fancy them to get something from the game. Sevco play with two defensive mids infront of their CBs who thanks to their lack of pace sit well back. Will Slippy abandon the system if they need a winner late on? Hibs should have no fear today.

  21. G’mornin’ Tims…………..Glorious in Corcaigh…………



    Order restored in League and positives abound.


    I very much doubt the Hibernians will lay a glove on the Huns, but I travel in hope.



    In ither news……..



    Shortie seem not to have noticed our success and don’t seem to have any tough questions for the skouse ned……Funny that, eh?



    Hmmmmm CSC



    BSR – ” Livingstone I presume” :))))))))

  22. I see that McGregor has bought a guard dog after his car was torched. Seems a bit pointless unless the dog is good with a fire extinguisher or maybe it’s to protect him from the character’s that done it. Maybe adds credence to the rumours online that he has fell out with the wrong people.

  23. During Bolingoligate fans of “rangers ” confidently expected to be 11 points clear of Celtic so for us to be top of the league little more than a month later shows great character but I think most Celtic fans can see that we are not anywhere near firing on all cylinders and certainly for whatever reason do not have a settled team.Best case scenario is that when we do we are only gonna get better but in this most important of seasons we really cant afford to waste much more time in coming up with a settled team and formation.Im hoping that Hibs live up to their early season promise and take something from their match today..”rangers” are entering a difficult run of fixtures and we have 4 weeks to hopefully take full points and develop our system before facing them at Celtic park.Reading back on the blog was quite frankly embarrassing..reminiscent of Follow Follow.

  24. Can’t compare last nights posts with Follow Follow as I’ve never visited the site and don’t intend to.

  25. 12 midfielders in yesterdays 20 man squad.



    Sumthins no right!?



    Oh and play Ajer in his proper position please.

  26. onenightinlisbon on

    “He is injury free and his form is good because in these last few games he has really been coming into his own”



    Our manager speaking about Scott Brown – very worrying if he thinks he’s coming into his own on his last two performances….

  27. Must agree with The Hand of God, the read back was embarrassing,


    I have no doubt drink was involved but still inexcusable,

  28. CaddingtonCommon on

    I see Slippy is advocating premier clubs bale out part time clubs re Covid testing.


    How about Newco bailing out all its creditors who are still in debt since 2012 ?

  29. Binge or bilge posters


    will eventually affect any blog format. It works gradually over time,





    Drunk, angry, garrulous types


    will dominate any conversation and kill it stone dead………


    Hopefully any remorse lasts longer than their sore head and hangover.




  30. Note to self. Don’t drink meths before posting on CQN



    Melbourne Mick’s summation was predictably brilliant.



    HH jg

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