Celtic v Livingston, Live updates


Live updates will afyerssist below after 15.00.

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Morning – hope Hibs can do soemthing against Stevie G’s All-Conquering-Rainjurz.






  2. Playing without Cohesion or Fluency


    Scored a couple of crackers yesterday though


    And top of the league,



    Will do me for now


    We should have a much superior goal difference is the frustration



    Hail Hail Champions

  3. My friends in Celtic,



    Quite an enjoyable watch yesterday in good Celtic company. ( impeccably socially distancing protocol observed by all )



    Of course we could be playing better, but I’m happy that we are scoring more goals than the opposition.


    Did anyone predict that team ? Doubtful.



    All I need is sound and I could happily watch Celtic games at 3 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon.



    The longer this goes on, supporters will get out the habit of attending games. That is a worry ( Another one to add to the list of thousands)



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  4. every week we are taking some ridiculous tackles,which are not properly dealt with by the compliant MIBs,watch Hibs players getting early cards v Sevco

  5. Can’t see the hibs getting anything today from the juggernaut who haven’t lost a league game. Just checking to see where we lost one 🤔

  6. Happy Sunday everyone! Like a wee laugh? Just logged into the BBC Scotland website to see what time the Hibs play Sevco, 12 o’clock it turns out. The funny part? The instant the game kicks off some we hurtin’ Hun updates the league table to as it stands, meaning as it’s 0-0 then they have a point each Sevco on top of the league!





    Who is in charge of the sound effects with that hun game, sounds like a bunch of incoherent goons.





    That’s not sound effects that just the Sevco backroom people and Sevco subs

  8. Not a lot in it over first 15 minutes. Huns look the more dangerous.


    First time I’ve really watched them closely.


    They do seem a much improved team.


    Hopefully that will put the kiss of death on them.

  9. Morelos rolling around the ground trying to remove the creases on his top, iron must not be working…:)




  10. Hibs leaving a little bit extra on their challenges, definitely have Sevco rattled. Yellow cards starting to mount up though.

  11. 1) Get More Solid Defenders


    2) Rest Broony More Often & Give The Captaincy To CalMac


    3) Bring Back Leigh Griffiths


    4) Move Elyounusi & Christie When Playing Into The Centre of Midfield


    5) Always Go With Two Natural Strikers Up Top


    6) Cut Out The Side To Side, In The Final 3rd, Aproach In Our Play


    7) Be More Direct In Front of The Opposition Goal Frame (Have A Dig)


    8) Give Young Turnbul More of A Chance To Develop In Midfield


    9) Broony & Ntcham Don’t Play Well Together In Midfield (Drop That Aproach)


    10) Don’t Be Sloppy With The Ball (Giving The Ball Away Easly)


    11) Their Is No Point In Having 70% + Pocession In Matches With No End Product


    12) Treat Each League Match This Season As A Cup Final (Results)


    13) During This Stadium Lockdown Times Aproach Each Match (Mind Set) Seriously


    (No Training Days Or Friendlies Aproach)



    Right that is my Jesus & the 12, (thirteen in total) suggestions to sort out our present


    day/time problems. Don’t let as Jesus said, yes their is thirteen of us in total, however


    the Devil is in the details, meaning their is one bad apple, in the detailed picture.


    & Yes we all knew who that turned out to be. We should think positive, not a negative



  12. Porteous yellow was very dubious, Morelos rolling around the pitch like someone on fire influenced the ref.



    Hanlon was a definite yellow, caught Hagi on the chops with his elbow.




  13. Watching Hibs v Huns, 1-1. There’s a hellish racket going on in the background which is totally destroying the viewing experience. Worried about Hibs as both of their centrebacks have been booked. Boydie wants a red card for Hanlon. Hibs putting themselves about.

  14. Don’t worry Folks, Sevco will drop points this Season, @ Venues where you would not expect


    them (Sevco) to do so. We just have to concentrate, & be well organised, & apply the correct


    planning, & aproach, & mind set, when we are playing each match accordingly.

  15. Obviously Slipoy G has got the Ole Ibrox ways back.



    Their players fall to the ground holding their face aka every god damn Hun player that ever walked the face of this earth. Cheating barstewards.



    The rest of said zombies surround the referee and demand bookings and sending offs. Feckin SCUM.



    Come on Hibees get another here.



    D :)

  16. Yeah Boydie, would want most of the Hibs Team to see Red.


    The Bias Ref will need a calculator, to make sure he does not


    send off more than 3 Hibs players or the match would have


    to be abandoned which would cause Controversy.

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