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  1. Oh, and as to the Jock Stein question. Plenty of people wanting him back before the Dunfermline replay, never mind his sojourn at Hibees… supporters that is, don’t know about the board- plus le change……..

  2. Old Tim – if you need to see a doctor don’t take no for an answer – even a telephone consultation. Take care.

  3. SAINT STIVS on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2020 6:45 PM


    That Hibs victory had me thinking, about something.




    For the fans on here of a certain vintage, did you all follow Mr Steins career at Dunfermline & Hibs, were his management big game vistories edging the support to see him as one that got away or was there any genuine feeling he could never be the manager ?





    There was a huge demand from the support for Jock to be made manager. He had won the Scottish Cup with Dunfermline in 1960 and the Summer Cup with Hibs in 1964. Dunfermline were a great team and a very good European team. Jock improved Hibs and had them playing good football. If he had been there longer he would have built a very good team. To be honest the fact that he was a Protestant did seem to be relevant. The papers were full of the nonsense that he would be our first ever Protestant manager (we had only had three managers in our history). I remember some comments from a few of the hard of thinking supporters about it being important but the vast majority of Celtic fans were desperate for him to be appointed. He was easily the best manager in the country.



    He made a brilliant reply during an interview on Scotsport when it was pointed out to him that he was the only Protestant manager of the Club. He replied, “Oh I don’t know. Twenty-five per cent of Celtic’s managers have been Protestant.” We hung on every word that he said. He was an absolute phenomenon and adored by the Celtic support. He was human and made mistakes but to me he will always be Mr. Celtic, the man who made Celtic famous and well known throughout the world. I think of Celtic’s history in three parts Pre-Stein/ The Stein Years/ Post Stein.



    He altered the course of Scottish football. If you compare Celtic and Rangers progress from his appointment in 1965 you can see that Celtic have dominated Scottish football.



    Pre-Stein: Rangers 34 League titles, 18 Scottish Cups, 7 League Cups


    Celtic 20 League titles, 17 Scottish Cups, 2 League Cups



    1965 to present day Rangers 20 League titles, 15 Scottish Cups, 20 League Cups


    Celtic 31 League titles, 22 Scottish Cups, 17 League Cups.



    We might be adding another a Scottish Cup in December.

  4. Old Tim, as has been said don’t take no for an answer, hound them for an appointment or get someone to do it for you.


    I wonder if the MSM have told you that they are experimenting with appointment only for A & E, kinda like, I will be having a heart attack-stroke-accident next week, can I have an appointment please.


    The new NHS slogan to be revealed in the new year……”You can’t pay, you die”


    It’s what happens when you vote in right wing scum, some folks just never learn.


    I will apologise as well, I may as well cos I’m sure some of what I post upsets many on here.

  5. SCANIEL on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:56 PM



    Oh, and as to the Jock Stein question. Plenty of people wanting him back before the Dunfermline replay, never mind his sojourn at Hibees… supporters that is, don’t know about the board- plus le change………





    I arrived home from Sea and asked if there was any football on one of my brothers said that Dunfermline was playing I think a Spanish team but I’m not sure after all those years ago,But they were 5-0 down after the first game, the score didn’t matter,I just wanted to see a game.



    WE went to see the game and I couldn’t beleive how good Jock had improved Dunfermline as a team I think the Fifers won 6-0.



    After the game we were heading home and I said I wouldn’t mind a wee dram,wee past a pub and went back for a bevvy,it was on closing time but when we went into the pub I asked if you were closing the Bar Manager said no,it’s open all night after a result like that to-night,I ordered the round and went to pay for it, the Barman said no charge for that round,A good night was had. well except for the driver of the car.

  6. Great post!



    I played amateur football as a youth and in August 1966 I ruptured an achilles tendon.



    I didn’t kick a ball for a year.



    The upside was I went to just about every game with the CYMS who ran a mini bus to every domestic game, home and away. I think they charged me 2/6d per game.



    What memories!



    Sometimes I think I’m blessed.

  7. TET



    You don’t upset me!



    Hope Jan and you are as good as can be!



    Hope my prayers are working.



    Take care and God bless.

  8. Cheers PB


    Jan has another scan in a couple of weeks, if they don’t cancel it, and is quite worried about it, fingers crossed n awe that.


    You take care of your brood as well mi amigo.



  9. TET



    Family well thanks!



    Tell Jan we are all rooting for her!



    Keep us posted and take care!

  10. OldTim, I had a grandson 18 years old who apparently got dizzy & fell on bathroom floor a few weeks back.


    Neighbor is a Medic and my son rushed out & called him, guy did come but young fellow had come round at that stage,


    Still the Medic said to my son ring A&E, he did ambulance called brought in , totally checked over, kept for 48 hours & then released.


    In his case it looks like it was vertigo, but you should ring A&E, find a comfortable place to lie down & wait for them to look after you.



    Could Murderwell be coming good in time for the huns visit to Fir Park next Sunday?”



    My thoughts exactly. Just after beating them 3-0, I remember thinking that they were a decent side and could easily go on a decent run, Aberdeen were very poor defensively today but yes, `well could take points from Sevco next week….especially as der Hun will have played on the Thursday.

  12. I’m away to talk to the wife. I’m absolutely bouncing after what happened at Easter Road today but I think we need to put our own house in order before we meet Sevco in October. We need to ensure that there’s cohesion between the midfield and defence and we need to decide on a formation and stick to it, as well, of course, having a backup Plan B in case things aren’t going according to plan.

  13. Re Jock Stein.


    I remember on being told he had become our Manager: ” That`s it. We will win everything now !”. The exuberance of youth turned out to be quite accurate on that occasion !



    I think we should concentrate on ourselves, as Hibs will be a tough game the way we have been playing

  15. I read today that Barcelona’s wage bill is over £500M per year. Bale on 500k per week.


    Liniker on £1.3m for fronting a footie show. And Zoe Ball getting a £1M pay rise.



    Jock Stein and 1965 is another planet never mind another lifetime.

  16. GENE



    Pretty sure Lineker has taken a 50% wage cut to keep his job.



    So getting £1.3m a year.



    And he’s a complete tit.



    Where did I go wrong?

  17. Just watching the golf and catching up on the nightshift. Wow!



    I can only assume Paul67 has furloughed the mods!

  18. I’d like to thank you all for the post’s to me,I go to bed at nine o clock as I got a call from Celticmac which lasted to 9-05pm so I couldn’t answer your posts,but thank you all for the information and I shall come on the blog to-morrow to answer your posts. thanks again.

  19. Hot Smoked. 8.46.


    Motherwell are playing on Thursday, too, in Israel.


    They are playing against Hapoel Beer Sheva.

  20. St Tams


    `I think we should concentrate on ourselves, as Hibs will be a tough game`


    Of course we should, I was simply making the point that Motherwell was also a tough game for Sevco.





    Silly me ! I forgot about that, Ah well (!) , I`ll have to settle for a draw for Sevco :-))


    `night all.

  21. Delighted to see Huns drop points, they were beginning to build a bit of momentum, with a few wins & no goals conceded stat,


    It is strange how a team can feed off a bit of confidence & start playing above themselves, I must admit I was getting a wee bit worried, particularly as we have been a bit hit & miss ourselves.


    Today was a nice wee Prezzie but only if we take advantage of it.


    I know it’s early season but the next month is both a challenge & an opportunity,

  22. Corkcelt. 9.33


    Bang on the button.


    It was important, as you say, because they were building momentum.


    It was also important because, in the hope we qualify for Europa, we can’t play our game in hand until Jan,


    We also have, at least one, hopefully two, Scottish cup ties, where our league games will be postponed until 2021, even if we have 3 games in hand, we aren’t wanting them to build a gap.


    We have some tough games coming up and have to be ready.


    Hibs, St Johnstone away, Sevco and Aberdeen away, then Aberdeen again, in cup semi.


    Today, allows us a tiny bit of breathing space and puts pressure on Sevco who now have their own pressures.

  23. Old Tim at 8:24


    Now that’s what I call a story


    Hope you’re feeling better after a good nights sleep…. and do as CORKCELT says and check in with the doc.

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Amusing posts earlier about BBC Shortbread’s spin of today’s result.



    The total breakdown of editorial integrity at Pacific Quay is well known.



    Do you ever wonder why Sevco banned them when there are so many bluenoses in there?



    It’s very simple.



    Commercial media can be trusted to peddle the “O*d F*rm” Ying and Yang.



    Even while Celtic are MILES ahead of the 8-year olds they still promote the idea that it’s nip and tuck.



    That’s hard to do when one team wins all the trophies while the other wins nothing.



    The commercial media’s very existence depends on deluding stupid Sevcoites in sufficient numbers that the jam is DEFINITELY coming tomorrow.



    Cue bummed up signings, retail deals delivering gazillions, squad players worth £8 million apiece and fat strikers wanted by everyone except the FBI.



    Meanwhile, over at Celtic Park, everything is going wrong !!



    The BBC have no such commercial imperative and, if not neutered, might have published pesky truths.



    So, put them on the back foot straight away and rely on the fifth column to apply pressure from within.



    Good tactics by Sevco in the short term but will make the inevitable fall all the more painful.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  25. TOSB 8:47pm



    Do that, speak to the wife and sort your house out before we meet “The Rangers”.



    Otherwise you’ll get asked to do it just before the game starts :)

  26. Oldtim me ol mum fell last sat dizzy turn ! Took into hospital still in seemingly its s leaky valve ! Get it checked ASAP