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    We made 5 substitutions yesterday.



    The mankies made 2 today.



    They don’t have the strength in depth we have.



    We just need to deploy it a wee bit better than we are doing.



    Then we’ll be fine.



    TOSB 8:47pm




    Do that, speak to the wife and sort your house out before we meet “The Rangers”.




    Otherwise you’ll get asked to do it just before the game starts :)





    That’s exactly the sort Of thing she does! 😂



    Game 1 – Edouard


    Game 2 – Christie and Taylor


    Game 3 – McGregor and Taylor


    Games 4 to 8 – Christie


    Game 9 – McGregor




    *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2020-21 ***





    A good 3 points in the end but an unnecessarily scary last 10 minutes didn’t do too much for this old man!


    At 3:23pm, Ryan Christie scored our 2nd goal and that was us back at the top of the league. And when we went 3-1 up early in the second half with Ajeti’s stunning finish I did expect us to go on and score another couple. But, hey ho, a win is a win (again!). And, of course, the weekend got better after the Sunday games had been played.


    Thanks to the 52 who voted. The players that ended up occupying the top 3 spots were actually nominated by 17 of you so probably the most unanimous top 3 for quite a while. The numbers cast for each player are as follows (with my own choices asterisked) –



    Barkas: 1


    Elhamed: 6


    Duffy: 2


    Ajer: 1


    Frimpong*: 7


    Brown: 1


    McGregor*: 49


    Ntcham: 16


    Taylor: 1


    Christie: 34


    Ajeti: 38


    Forrest: 0


    Bitton: 0


    Klimala: 0


    Elyounoussi: 0


    Turnbull: 0



    So, the players receiving points for the Livingston game are –



    McGregor – 5 points


    Ajeti – 4 points


    Christie – 3 points


    Ntcham – 2 points


    Frimpong – 1 point




    And the overall points table is now as follows –


    1st – McGregor – 22 points


    2nd – Christie – 21 points


    3rd – Ntcham – 14 points


    4th – Frimpong – 11 points


    5th – Elyounoussi – 10 points


    6th – Barkas and Duffy – 9 points


    8th – Ajeti – 8 points


    9th – Ajer and Taylor – 7 points


    11th – Edouard – 6 points


    12th – Forrest – 5 points


    13th – Elhamed– 4 points


    14th – Bitton – 3 points


    15th – Jullien – 2 points


    16th – Bain, Bolingoli, Brown, Dembele, Klimala, Soro and Turnbull – 0 points



    What is clear from the above that there are 2 Scottish stars in our team that are currently well ahead at the top. Which is nice!


    It’s now back into the European arena for our next game, away to Riga FC on Thursday September 24th with a 6pm kick off. Again, a one legged qualifier with the aim of progressing to the final qualifying game scheduled for the following week.



    Hail Hail!

  4. Philbhoy, they have 4 or 5 on injury list, Balogun & Roofe seem to be prone to injury, Aribo, Jack & Barker all out as well, think they might have been had in a few of their buy ins, probably dispensed with the Medicals to save a few bob.

  5. Aye that BBC Sportscene is a gravy train for all ex Sevco players,look at all the players that have retired playing football,ex Hun ones seem to get the gigs on BBC and Sky and not forgetting the radio and media outlets,wish I could have a say on paying my tv licence to be cancelled,

  6. Thanks Jobo for results.


    You are doing a great job on the Competition, I must say I’m watching the football more closely since it kicked off & take my Jury duties very seriously,


    Well done mate,

  7. Happy with the points:


    Don’t think Barkas looks like 5m worth of gloves and certainly not much better – so far – than Scott Bain.


    Thought Broony was as ineffective as I’ve seen him to date.


    On his day, Elhamed is a baller.


    Ajeti is the best hold-up/poacher we’ve had in yonks.


    Paddy is struggling to assert himself at SPFL level.


    Greg Taylor had a solid showing.


    Honourable mention Ryan Porteous. HH

  8. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    I am trying to not get too carried away about Ajeti, but I thought his goal was taken quite brilliantly, Almost Larsson~esque, you might say. Anyone agree?




    Thank you for the info re- DENA





    Do what the bhoys are telling you


    contact the medical people.







    H.H. Mick

  10. G’day Quadro.



    Agree with all you said there.


    Maybe give Barkas a few more games first.


    Noticed JOBO’S points table there, BROONY nil after the


    first few games, is that a sign the Captain is coming to the


    end game?


    H.H. Mick

  11. Hey MICK – all good down on La Costa? Anti-mask muppets chased by mounties around our local park on Sat!


    VIC is trending in the right direction – as the UK and others spike again – so it’s steady as she goes for summer!


    Generally i think Scott brings a galvanising swagger to our team, but it wasnt so evident on Sat. Some pine warming will let him rest, re-fuel his appetite and mibby, just mibby, allow Soro or Turnbull to get a wee run. HH

  12. Good morning cqn from a dry and foggy (Dew) Garngad, what a lovely weekend that was, weather and football wise.



    Oldtim67 – on Reading back you should call your surgery my friend, although you are all good now something obviously went wrong when you had the wee accident.



    Ffs info bar at bottom of BBC 1 good morning Britain, Scott Arfield apologies for missed chances… Hunbeilavable



    Stroll on Thursday to we meet the Rigs of Riga






    D :)

  13. OldTim67…av not red too far back…but u need to take care of yer blood sugar…ffs…the basics man ;-)) If it’s anything else…Doctor…but you know this …take care my friend ;-))




  14. I was once at OldTims place…the deepest carpets ever to fall into ;-)) and the weirdest shaped garden…that went on forever….my only concern was his stairs…ffs…steep doesn’t do them justice ;-((

  15. We have a 2000 miles return trip on Thursday before we play Hibs on Sunday. Is the EL more important than the Ten?

  16. TLT


    Re EL I share your feelings but, of course, I want us to win every game we play :-)


    Off to the golf.


    Cheerio for now.



    PS Interesting question re the previous Ten attempt.

  17. OLDTIM…


    You MAY have a Low Blood Count…hence the dizziness etc…Ive been having that problem since last year…and I was rushed and taken to hospital 3 times by Ambulance….and Ive had 14/15 Blood Transfusions since December 2019.


    You MUST get checked out my ole friend.


    Take good care..and stay safe.





  18. Morning All, I see the redtops have spat out a couple of ‘steer the narrative’ type pieces this morning. One saying that money isn’t everything and it’ll be a good thing if Sevco don’t make the Europa group stages and another saying stadiums staying closed will also help them. Can’t argue with either but interesting to see it in print. Watched the highlights of our game again, Ajeti with his back to goal really is a joy, to be fair though he’s pretty damn good facing it too!

  19. Big Jimmy,



    I had a friend of a friend who had a girlfriend called Lorraine, but, as was his character, he was cheating on her with a girl called Clare Lee. Unfortunately, Lorraine passed away…at her funeral he stood up and sang….”I can see Clare Lee now Lorraine has gone”






    Amusing posts earlier about BBC Shortbread’s spin of today’s result.







    The total breakdown of editorial integrity at Pacific Quay is well known.







    Do you ever wonder why Sevco banned them when there are so many bluenoses in there?







    It’s very simple.







    Commercial media can be trusted to peddle the “O*d F*rm” Ying and Yang.







    Even while Celtic are MILES ahead of the 8-year olds they still promote the idea that it’s nip and tuck.







    That’s hard to do when one team wins all the trophies while the other wins nothing.







    The commercial media’s very existence depends on deluding stupid Sevcoites in sufficient numbers that the jam is DEFINITELY coming tomorrow.







    Cue bummed up signings, retail deals delivering gazillions, squad players worth £8 million apiece and fat strikers wanted by everyone except the FBI.







    Meanwhile, over at Celtic Park, everything is going wrong !!







    The BBC have no such commercial imperative and, if not neutered, might have published pesky truths.







    So, put them on the back foot straight away and rely on the fifth column to apply pressure from within.







    Good tactics by Sevco in the short term but will make the inevitable fall all the more painful.







    Hail hail







    Keep The Faith

  21. BankieBhoy1…I for one are loving the biased broadcaster…they keep hope eternal with the manky mob…which is nice…lol







  22. From the bear’s den, anticipating a bleaching?



    I’d go out of Europe early against Galatasaray to fully focus on only winning this league, dosmetic cups secondary.

  23. Fred…pretty sure that’s a message from the Blue Room…passed to Slippy G…too bad this season is gonna kill them (again) lol




  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    In a leader about a month ago Paul67 opined that he’d prefer it if Sevco’s European travails and commitments matched ours.



    I agree with this for a few reasons



    1. Highly improbable that large crowds will return before Christmas.



    Now the Champions League prize pot is so large (even allowing for some reduction in TV money this year) you could play group stage matches in empty stadiums and still make big money.



    Not so with the Europa League. Even if Sevco make the group stages, the money earned won’t be a game changer for them.



    2. Stretches a thin squad further. Good point made last night about their injury situ already



    3. More opportunities for the Covid-19 bubble to be burst. More travel in confined aeroplanes, interacting with people in countries who may have outbreaks – all down to chance but risk certainly increased.



    My punchline?



    Irony of ironies – the one time I actually want them to progress, I have a sneaking feeling they are going to be eliminated in the qualifiers.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith





    Thats shocking mate…still made me laugh LOL !


    What do you call a Chinese woman in the kitchen ?



    ” BLENDER”.



  26. If the huns get past Willem II then Galatasaray, who only finished 6th last season, might not the test we would think they should be. They are top at the moment after two games.


    Willem finished 5th last season. They beat Heracles 4-0 yesterday having lost their opening league game the week before.



    We are in a similar dilemma as last year. Most of us would love to see them getting pumped by either of these teams but IF we go through it’s best they do too (as far as our league goes).

  27. I saw Ancelotti interview after Everton game – he said the best strikers score most goals with a single touch. His no 9 scored a hat trick of single touches on Saturday and was anonymous apart from his goals! Made me think of A Ajeti’s goals – don’t remember them all but most seemed to be a single touch. His hold up play is excellent – not anonymous – and his scoring touches very good indeed – what’s not to like.

  28. The fact that some of us are hoping that the Huns have a decent run in the EL…stretching their limited squad, I think says more about where we perceive we are at the moment