Celtic v Livingston, Live updates


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  1. I watched Sportscene last night. Unbelievable commentary on the Hibs v Huns game. I thought it was a Rangers TV production. The commentator seemed to be on speed and wearing blue tinted specs. If you get a chance watch it on iPlayer. Celtic game was shown too.

  2. Am heading into the toon later…should b in O’Neills’ Union St for about 13.00 if abody wants a beer in the pub b4 the next inevitable lockdown

  3. SPL matches — response to targeted overly aggressive play from the opposition …


    We seem to be back to 2009/10 and BTM’s taking it on the chin.



    Not sure where it is coming from but too many opposition players seem to be playing “Buddy-ball” at our expense with a series of heavy tackles / late tackles / dangerous tackles on certain of our players.



    First it is bad that there would appear to be too many in the SPL who use our players for target practice — every game seems to through up 3 / 4 / 5 individuals who leave something on our players on a regular basis with the MIB happy to indulge them.



    And then you have our response — meek to the point of Bible study.


    To me it is another chapter in the growing book relating to our on-field Wizard of Oz addiction.


    No heart / no brains / no courage — we are easy targets.



    The RC tackle highlighted elsewhere from Saturday says it all — no remonstrations with the culprit / the referee / the linesman — just dust yourself down and get on with it while waiting for the next incident.



    We need to be active in response to this aggression because at the moment our silence is providing the environment for repeated career ending tackles. A kick at someone’s knee cannot be seen as anything else.



    Every team has a few players winding themselves up for a Ninja tackle or 2.


    We need to call it out and we need to respond to it to make sure it stops.

  4. I’m pretty happy to hear the overblowing of the Huns trumpet by the MSM. It’s fictional.



    The reality series gets played out on the field and the outcome between guff and reality makes it harder for the Huns to fathom when we stand aloft another trophy podium. HWG10IAR.



    I hope we double down on our own recurring weaknesses and kick on. Hearing SB is being readied for all the ‘tough’ games makes me wince. Wrong answer Neil. Wrong answer.




  5. How did foul count measure up between hibs n huns?


    Did hibs kick tbem off the park thus all their yellows?



  6. Call of Suarez



    Hibs 17 Huns 14 according to BBC on fouls . 4 to 1 on yellows



    sounds like Alfrdo was not allowed to be a bully

  7. I doffed my hat to the effective aggression of the Hibs team. Wound up the usual Hun suspects.



    I won’t be as kind to it this weekend though when they bring their WWF rules to paradise.




  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    The fouls to yellow count over the past few weeks is really interesting reading.



    Any one game – e.g., yesterday’s Hibs vs Thems game – clearly it may be the case that Hibs had many brutal fouls (I mean, poor Alfredo nearly had his head knocked off – the challenge crashed him to the ground and sent him rolling and crying and rolling and crying and rolling…), and the Thems ones were all powderpuff. That can be the case in a single game – an outlier of you like.



    However, over the longer term, it should reveal any underlying true differences in how individual teams are being refereed from the perspective of application of punishment.