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  1. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    My neighbour up by the family house was a bit shifty. I just always thought he had something to hide.



    I said to him, why do you keep your Picasso in the garage?



    “Well, 90 miles to the gallon. I don’t want it to rust.”

  2. JAMESGANG on 18TH JANUARY 2021 10:37 AM


    CONEYBHOY on 18TH JANUARY 2021 9:29 AM


    My over 80 patents both got the first jag last week. Second one is in April


    In the local medical centre front door and out the back . They were impressed




    That was my Dad’s exact experience on Saturday.


    Aged 84. Ayrshire


    HH jg







    My parents are Ayshire too (East)

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    The BBC has a webpage updating daily on covid and vaccine rates. Just type



    Covid in Scotland:Where are the latest cases.

  4. Big Declan headed more balls into the box,clear on Sunday,than our entire defence has all season.A pity he is not good enough for all our scouts on here.


    Some players just unlucky they don’t have a foreign name,or a large transfer price attached to them.


    Some fans just never learn.




    Was that not a Favourite Uncle regular on here?




  6. ST TAMS


    I don’t want us signing anyone. Would rather let a new manager have the funds. Wouldn’t trust us to buy wisely anyway.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    GENE – indeed. No money in it.



    PS – all over 70’s in any of Lanarkshire’s hospitals will be vaccinated shortly. The mass-vaccinations should start very soon – depending on delivery of the much-easier-to-handle Oxford/AZ vaccine.

  8. What is the Stars on

    Was never a big Picasso fan


    preferred Salvador Dali


    Who by the way was a decent footballer in his youth and might have become a professional..He was actually offered a trial with (Sur)Real Madrid



    ..I’ll get me coat

  9. GENE


    Neil would leave him on the bench for the next 6 months till he reaches Celtic’s fitness levels

  10. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Favourite Uncle on 18th January 2021 11:36AM



    Good morning. It was only the old joke I was dusting down, I know fine you continue to post regularly.



    The way the chat was moving earlier, it seemed apt to shake it out again.

  11. You gotta think how much mediocrity has set in that leads some to long for an SPFL journeyman CH, with a violent criminal record, who can head the ball a lot, to be a target for Celtic FC.




  12. We’re playing Livingston (again!) on Wednesday at 8.15, strange time for a kick off. Our next scheduled game is Wednesday week against Hamilton at home, why no game at the weekend?

  13. GENE on 18TH JANUARY 2021 11:55 AM




    Christ of St John of the Cross in Kelvingrove is stunning






    Indeed, one of those paintings which you might have seen before on tv or wherever but nothing prepares you for seeing the original, it’s incredible. Also the story behind is as well.

  14. GENE on 18TH JANUARY 2021 11:55 AM







    Christ of St John of the Cross in Kelvingrove is stunning




    Agree ,one of my favourites…visited the Dali museum in Clearwater,fantastic.

  15. Go tell the Spartim on




    Hope your well ?



    We rarely agree and this time is no exception, just look at the teams after his signature, that’s usually a good barometer for how much he’s valued.

  16. What is the Stars on

    Dont forget the supposedly true story of an encounter between the Gestapo and Picasso


    a Gestapo officer who had barged his way into Picasso’s apartment pointed at a photo of the mural, Guernica, asking: ‘Did you do that?’ ‘No,’ Picasso replied, ‘you did’,