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  1. Wow, as bad a first half as I can remember.



    Is this the worst back four of the century? Is Duffy drunk?



    Absolutely shocking performance.

  2. Garngad to Croy on




    It is difficult with so many missing but I would not have changed the team from Wednesday.

  3. Not only have we wasted fortunes on first team players but the squad is woeful when asked to come into the team , I would keep Turnbull and Soro the rest I would sell.

  4. Rogic not interested



    Duffy woeful



    Johnston hiding



    Bitton imploding



    Frimpong a wee boy who offers nothing



    Laxalt considerably worse than Taylor



    Soro and Turnbull in danger or being dragged down



    The worst Celtic team in generations



    Powderpuff videos from the CEO who cant even don a shirt and tie



    Season over

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    They talk about players getting their chance to impress…..not here.



    Duffy is a waste of a jersey and the rest are almost as bad.

  6. Woeful, absolutely Woeful


    We have 8 first team regulars in the team today, if you count Turnbull and Soro

  7. Rogic has won three header, two defending corners. That’s a record for him.



    Duffy shielding the ball back to the keeper. Not necessary. Easy to just clear it.

  8. Senior / experienced players phoning it in.


    Total lack of nous / intelligence from some of the younger players.



    really in a bad place as a team.


    Been given a lesson by Livi.



    They are in more control of the game than us.



    MIB — masterclass in passive cheating.

  9. Garngad to Croy,


    yep that team at least looked fairly solid at the back,


    cant see what Welsh has done wrong to be left out




    Good stuff. I know he’s a Hibs fan and Griff was picked out in the crowd for one of his fights. His win against Prograis was the best British performance in the ring for years (only possibly bested by the two Tyson Fury v Wilder matches.)






    Ha! JC should release a fitness video for Celtic fans like me who’ve put on the beef during lockdown :-)

  11. Has anyone mentioned the ref. Inventing free kicks. A booking for Ralston? For winning the ball.

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    A 1-0 smash and grab is the best we can hope for here. It’s game over if Livi score first.



    Really, really bad. We’re making Livi look like a decent European side.

  13. An FK is probably our best chance- we’ve had a few very good passing movements but nothing which constitutes threatening or dominating or in charge. Fingers crossed; we could do with a win.

  14. Too many players playing out of position, too many players just not good enough out there. Livi are on top and making us look a mid table team. Rogic as CF – absolute desperation and just not happening. Very few will or should make the return game at Livi midweek.

  15. You havevto do the best you can with what you’ve got. Lacknof physicality is a problem against a team set up to play kick and rush.



    O’dea is correct to say we should be looking to turn them. Over the top, into the corners now and then.



    Our main problem today though is the decision to ravel to dubai. So no matter how badly Duffy slices the ball or how poorly Mikey j makes decisions, this is not on them.



    And by the way Beaton isn’t even trying to hide his allegiances now. Every single thing going against us.

  16. Well here we go for the second half.



    As Han Solo would say..i have a bad feeling about this!

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Was that video just trying to make us feel better ?



    It was it one of those twitter things about where it started and where we are now ? 😡😡😡

  18. Beaton is cheaton, no free kicks and no treatment time added.



    Predictable first 45 with Celtic down to the bare bones, and no strikers



    Nothing in midfield sets up a nervy second half and a potential for


    speeding up inevitability.

  19. If it’s not a second string you’ll be able to show when this team of players played together regularly. Oh, wait,…



    Still been crap.

  20. I know we’re short today but who thought playing Rogic as a lone CF was a good idea? Let’s switch he and MJ around. Neither can get any worse.



    Turnball is the one player out there who is showing any class but he can’t do it on his own. This team is lightweight and we’ll be very very happy to sneak a 1-0 win at home to Livingstone. Sad days indeed

  21. We have 13 first team players unavailable.



    Some of you guys need a reality check.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. who decided Rogic is a centre forward needs their head looked at.


    Duff y is by far been the WORST centre half I have seen playing in the hoops.


    fed up listening to our players having loads of experience , if your pi** your pi** period.


    oh and by the way we players look totally disinterested and couldn’t give a flying f***.

  23. glendalystonsils on

    That was a grim 45 minutes . Almost zero attacking threat. Livvi showing more energy and organisation than us . Too many anonymous performers in hoops .Passing very poor under pressure . If our energy levels drop second half the way they have in recent games, I fear for us .

  24. None of us want Celtic to lose, ever. Unless . . . if a loss meant PL and NL would be out, would you take it? I think I would.


    Of course, if we were to lose they would just tell us that it wasn’t their fault. Move along now.

  25. I think we have a couple of long range efforts in us today. Cal Mac, Turnbull, Soro, Rogic, Nir can all hit them. If we win it that will probably be how.



    By the way, some of the comments- what were you expecting today if not exactly what you are watching given the circumstances?

  26. SFTB



    Hope your birthday gift comes true,yes I’m as desperate as yourself :O)


    Best wishes