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  1. Will there be crowds of zombies in George square or ipox gathering to show their undying love for the Racist and the Epmire that is now defunct.



    D :)

  2. SAINT STIVS on 11TH APRIL 2021 12:02 PM


    Anyone know of Nicholas Witchells email addy ?



    SAINT STIVS, for years now I’ve dreamt of going into a Job Centre and getting an interview. “What would you like to do?” “I want to be a Royal Correspondent!”



    I can only imagine the look on their faces, but seriously just HOW do you get a job like that? WHAT exactly is a Royal Correspondent and what do they actually do? Bursts ma semmit the lot o’ them.

  3. Paul67


    I just spent hours rectifying the consequences of pushing the wrong button on that damnrd Ad Blocker Pop Up

  4. To all the Philip Bashers. Just suck all up.


    All the guff is part of being a member of the British club.

  5. Saint Stivs



    It is bonkers. I don’t get how normally same people can be so blatantly manipulated and called to heel.



    But I don’t get the way everyone fall in line and buy into getting jabbed when they don’t need to either.



    I actually had dinner with the guy Phillip once at Edinburgh castle about 20 yes ago. A table of 8 folk. No great one liners or sparking wit from the guy. None of his infamous humor. Just an obviously bored and entitled chap ‘doing his duty’ with some peasants.



    I was there as a work commitment too so I could empathise I guess. Nice wee dining room at the Edinburgh castle mind you. Apart from that it was a boring evening. Doubt they would read that recollection out on radio 2 today !



    I kept myself amused through the dinner singing the song about the coronation cup to myself. Said Phillip to Lizzie as they sat down to dine etc etc.

  6. lets all do the huddle on

    hows that not a penalty



    var ridiculous



    a foul in any other part of the pitch

  7. Burley, you coukd have asked him if they were still in contact with Michael Fagan.



    Prince Andrew opened our office in Paisley some 12 years ago, I had to do some arrangmenets with his security and provide names of all employees and that stuff,



    Interestingly I wasnt allowed to greet or talk to the man himself when he arrived,



    He was a pompous creepy individual.

  8. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I feel really guilty now,for not truly appreciating a truly great man we have just lost,we stand on the shoulders of giants……

  9. Greenpinata.



    who is being bullied?



    is it your unionist supporting,weeping when a priveleged skank dies,attention seeking George galloway sycophant?



    if so chase yourself



    he will be gone from cqn after the election.



    his posts are a bit to much like a poor mans iago’s speech when mentioning Cassio to the demented Othello. he cant help putting his novel ideas as fact.



    not a socialist- what is that nowaday anyway


    geo galloway and his tories.


    this is the sort of confusion forced on the party of the disparate working class by the war criminal.


    that the rest of us have to put up with! eh naw fanks.come and be a socialist power outwith your union instead of betraying its class from within it




  10. GENE on 11TH APRIL 2021 12:44 PM







    As I understand it Scottish independence will not be an escape from the monarchy.











    No even a Jacobite king?



    How no?

  11. lets all do the huddle on

    dont understand these complaints of folk getting chased off the site by political abuse



    if you are serious about that complaint then you should aim it at P67 for starters



    he is the first person on here to aim political abuse at people who he doesnt like politically



    abuse that us clearly aimed at posters on here or else why would he say it on here?



    so neither him nor anyone else can then complain if other posters join in with the same abuse (using the same phrases funnily enough, imagine that)



    and then no one can complain if other folk start with the opposite abuse as well



    you might say P67 can do what he likes because its his site



    and you would be right



    but he would look a bit ridiculous if he banned political abuse except by himself, or by those posters who abuse in the same direction as him



    so if you want it stopped, then tell P67 to stop his own abusive name calling and tell him to say to the rest of us to follow suit



    if you arent going to tell P67 to stop his own, then no point in asking any other poster to stop it

  12. The carnage inflicted on thousands of our elderly who were taken from hospital & dumped into petri-dish care homes to die at the start of the Covid epidemec by the SNPcult, is now becoming crystal clear.



    Sturgeon & Freeman (soon to be waltzing off with £44k golden handshake & multi-thousand pound pension) took the decisions that killed our loved ones for party-political reasons – just like everything else that comes out of Holyrood.



    These people MUST be brought to account in front of a public enquiry – mealy-mouthed excuses in the media from Sturgeon & Freeman cynically released to coincide with the death of the Duke of Edinburgh are NOT acceptable.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I enjoyed this and thought it worth sharing.



    An extract from “One of Them: An Eton College Memoir” by Musa Okwonga.




    There is a way some boys look at me here that I have never seen before. When I annoy someone in my home town, they make eye contact with me, the fury glistens in their gaze. But at Eton, if I confront one of the more arrogant students who dislikes me, there is a very particular stare they give me: a glazed expression, never fully focused, as if they are peering out into the yard at a distant and mildly irritating disturbance, a fox howling somewhere in the dark.



    Boys who look at me like this belong to a class that everyone refers to as “the lads”, and they seem exempt from generally accepted codes of behaviour. The lads intrigue me from the moment I arrive at school. They are fascinating because they seem to defy all social conventions – I have been told my entire life that it is important to get on with people in order to succeed, but these peers of mine often seem supremely uninterested in that.



    My school never creates the lads – they arrive there with the core of their egos fully formed – but it frequently seems to end up rewarding them with some of the most senior positions in the student body. The lads have long ago worked out, or been told, that what matters is not being good-natured but achieving high office. In a system where boys are raised to be deferential to those in authority, they know that if they merely gain prestige, then personal popularity will follow.



    The school’s power structure is strange to me. The school prefects are not appointed by staff, or elected via secret ballot by their own year. Instead they are chosen by the prefects in the year above. The result is that if a boy wishes to be socially prominent at school, there are only twenty people whose approval he truly needs. I watch boys campaign for election as prefects with a vigour that I will later see in the world of politics, and I will realise that this is the kind of place where these politicians learned it, that this is what they mean by networking. Networking is the art of laughing a little longer and louder than necessary at the jokes of the person whose patronage you seek, of standing silently by their shoulders when they are making a nonsensical argument, of hanging around just in case they need an extra pint, of strategically making sure you are in the same place as them on holiday. It is the least dignified behaviour I can imagine, but I will see boys carry it out with such ease that it appears to be genetic.



    I think a great deal about the English concept of fair play: the idea that there are some things that are simply not done. The older I get, the more I wonder how much that concept was created to keep people of a certain social class in their place. I look at the most confident people in my year and I realise that the greatest gift that has been bestowed upon them is that of shamelessness. Shamelessness is the superpower of a certain section of the English upper classes. While so many other people in the country are hamstrung by the deference and social embarrassment they have been taught since birth, the upper classes calmly parade on through the streets and boardrooms to claim the spoils. They don’t learn shamelessness at Eton, but this is where they perfect it.



    There is an incident of racism that occurs at school, which I cannot ascribe to mere ignorance and which I will never truly forgive or forget because I cannot believe that someone so focused in their hatred has actually changed.



    I get into an argument with a boy and the exchange is spirited. He has been told I have been disrespecting his family, which I find strange because I do not even know who his family is or what they do. I tell him this, but despite my protests he does not believe me. A little later, as a class is just about to begin, he is overheard by a close friend saying that he hates me so much that he wishes he could tell me that his great-grandfather was a slave driver.



    My friend tells me, and once I have absorbed this news I go and do some research, the irony being that I am finally in a position to talk about what the boy’s family does for a living. My research reveals that the profession of the boy’s great-grandfather very likely did involve the ownership of black people. From that day, my hatred for him will remain unashamed, unrelenting and total. In his final year at school, he ends up in a position of significant authority. It is interesting to me that, despite his stance on this issue, he has always been far from an outcast.



    It is grim to witness some of the school’s former students with little apparent compassion for so many of their country’s occupants. I once watched them in awe in debating chambers and on televised university quiz shows as they destroyed their intellectual rivals. Now I watch interviews where they can barely contain their contempt for people who are poorer and less gifted, where they defend policies that take blowtorches to the budgets of local communities. I wonder how they became that, or whether this is who they always were.



    Each time I see a leading Conservative politician from my school in the news, either the ones who were in the year above me or those who were there a generation before, I note that they always seem to have the same brutal outlook, the same ruthlessness towards public-spending cuts. They seem indifferent to the desperation of disabled people claiming benefits; they swat aside the latest poverty statistics as if they were weak retorts in a sixth-form debating chamber. For them, maybe politics is tennis, and every unhappy fact is thrashed away with a single-handed backhand. The boy who was our head prefect, someone I could not have admired more, crafted the same economic policies that the United Nations’ poverty expert would later describe as punitive, mean-spirited and often callous. Almost every schoolfriend whom I have seen express a political view on social media has been Conservative. And why wouldn’t they be? This world works for them just as it is. It provides them with living standards and a basic level of comfort that are unimaginable to most people.



    A key problem for too many people from my school is that they’ve never really seen widespread poverty. They have read about it, and maybe even seen it on their gap years, but they don’t really believe in it – that is to say, they largely think it is something you can elevate yourself out of, if you work just a little harder. The reason Eton can hold such grand anniversary celebrations is because we are utterly certain that there will be so much to celebrate. We are absolutely sure that most of us will be affluent, if not wealthy. On the whole, hard times do not happen to us.

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    ha ha



    the ref has just given.a foul for exactly the same high boot offence that var didnt give a penalty for earlier



    what a joke

  15. Does anyone have memories of playing kickabout fitba’ when very young and sometimes the owner of the ball, usually greetin about things “no being fair” and not going his way, would grab the ball and storm off in order to put an end to the game “I’m taking ma ba’ hame”.



    Wonder why that comes to mind?

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    when u look at the times of JHBs posts its pretty obvious he cant be getting his full 8 hours sleep per night



    that maybe explains his ramblings



    so i think he needs to go back to his Klan handlers to remind them of his rights under the Working Time Directive

  17. jhb



    say your piece.if Celtic fans dont like it they will say.



    wee song for you.you dont have a ba,never have had a ba,or know what to do with a ba if you knew one was round



    wee sydney sums you up :-)




  18. AN TEARMANN on 11TH APRIL 2021 1:03 PM.



    I don’t like to see any poster getting ” bullied”. I couldn’t give a monkeys about the political beliefs. Play the posts and not the poster.



    I have seen it far too often over the years on here, and so have you.




  19. Looks like Scott Parker & Sam Allardyce will be joining Chris Wilder & Eddie Howe in the RRMC, the recently relegated managers club. So maybe our new manager rectuitment list has just got bigger. I’ve no gripe against Eddie Howe, but I must agree with Davie Provan’s comments this morning – “why all the fuss?”.



    Personally I would take Roy Keane any day of the week.

  20. JHB on 11TH APRIL 2021 1:49



    Personally I would take Roy Keane any day of the week.




    Based on what? Can’t be for his record as a football manager which is the only metric I’m interested in.

  21. I probably have this wrong, but Is Eddie Howe hanging about to see what falls after the season is over?


    That suggests to me he wants a Premier League team rather than us, no? If that’s the case , Celtic should widen the net and tell him to GTF.


    Leicester made it clear that if Brendan wanted the job, he had to “go now”. Can we not do that and frankly there are better managers out of work than Eddie Howe, but please no experiments like John Barnes dream team. By that no Roy and Nicky Butt please.





  22. JHB on 11TH APRIL 2021 1:39 PM


    Does anyone have memories of playing kickabout fitba’ when very young and sometimes the owner of the ball, usually greetin about things “no being fair” and not going his way, would grab the ball and storm off in order to put an end to the game “I’m taking ma ba’ hame”.







    Wonder why that comes to mind?





    Aye I have such memories,…… by the way…


    Do YOU still have that Ball ?

  23. St Stivs at 12.45,



    After the Motherwell game, there is a video of the 65 Final. Best 11 minutes I have watched of it since the day itself. Many many thanks. Made my day, my week, my year.

  24. Saint Stivs on 11th April 2021 12:45 pm



    Semi-Final Celtic Beat Motherwell (1965)


    2,745 views•Apr 13, 2014








    Love it. I don’t know if you can direct me to a copy of the ‘Battle of Britain’ Celtic V Leeds matches. All I can get are a few minutes of highlights. Why do Celtic not get a copy of the games, especially at Hampden?