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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    Ha James Forrest the myth is back



    Only Celtic forward ever to have stats like



    Played at ibrox 11. Goals 0 assists 0. Legend. Lol




    couldnt agree more

  2. lets all do the huddle on

    and i will say it again



    had scott brown been our captain today, Juranovic would have been taking that penalty



    what we seen today was a lack of leadership

  3. you would really really need to know nothing about football, to be able to call james forrest a rubbish footballer

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    you would really really need to know nothing about football, to be able to call james forrest a rubbish footballer




    who called him that?



    name and shame them!



    and quote them obviously!

  5. Bobby Madden played wan of his Best ever games for the Zombie team he loves.




    Worst performance @ home under Ange’s tutelage. We controlled the game but we didnae trouble their keeper.



    We done very well all things considered in October.



    The Board have to deliver the players Ange wants in January, I’d be wanting at least 1 first team pick player and 2 more quality signings.



    Ange’s signings.





    Have £40M in the bank and continually miss out on the CL mega riches.



    Dark and Demented forces propping up the Hun in the Celtic BoardRoom.



    Likely my last Season going.



    Eric fn Riley ffs.

  6. FAO MELBOURNE MICK….and Other GOOD Guys…



    DAVID66 has a couple of differing ailments just now, and visited the hospital at least THREE times earlier this week. Obviously I wont go into any medical details on here, but judging by what he told me on the phone on Friday, the hospital are NOT sure what is wrong with him ?


    Im sure that he will be back on here soon to thank ALL the GOOD Guys on here who have Posted good wishes to him, including your good self in recent days.


    Sadly, yesterdays performance and result from Celtic will not have cheered him up…but who knows MAYBE Motherwell will kick lumps outta the Huns Today and also take points from them ?


    Now, THAT scenario would cheer most of us up Today ?




    One or Two on here have said the Big GIO looked totally knackered at the end of the game yesterday, and was the last Celtic player was the last to leave the pitch ……


    MAYBE Gio was also GUTTED at not scoring the penalty and also unhappy with himself for missing a sitter shortly after the penalty miss ?


    He isnt the first Celtic player to miss a penalty and he wont be the last …sadly !


    Again if big Gio felt knackered, and his confidence was/is low BEFORE taking the late penalty…maybe he should have held his hands up, and allowed someone else to take it ?


    My granny would have saved his penalty ( and shes been dead for 40 years)…as it was very poor to be honest.


    One or Two Chumps on here calling that ” Ange is a loser”/ Celtic are Crap etc etc……..they MUST have been praying that Celtic would drop points yesterday, just so they can come on here and say ” Told you so” blah blah….


    Those CHUMPS….have NEVER been Celtic supporters…and NEVER will be !


    IF I was Ange, I would leave Kyogo on the bench for the game in Europe this week, and still start with Big GIO up front, and maybe he could play well and maybe score…and get his confidence back after yesterdays disappointment…..


    Wee Kyogo is MUCH more needed for our domestic games this season…NOT Europe IMHO ?


    Stay safe mate and tell PADDY that I was asking for him.


    Hail Hail mates.