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  1. At half-time yesterday I joined one of the food/drink queues inside the Jock Stein stand. In front of me was a couple in their 80s. We engaged in conversation as we waited in line. Both have been going to games gogether since their children moved away 35 years hence.



    After about 15 or more minutes they were called forward and duly placed their order as I stood a few feet behind them.



    Soon I was aware of an animated discussion between the couple and the young assistant. Before long I stepped forward and asked if I could help. It transpired that they were refusing to accept cash as payment. Card payments only. The couple could only pay by cash.



    By this time the manager was on the scene.



    I suggested that surely card payment is just a preference rather than a hard and fast rule. No. Cash is not acceptable under any circumstances, he told us.



    I then pointed out that there was no signage pointing this out, meaning that customers have to queue for 15 minutes or more before being turned away for the lack of digital payment.



    I then suggested that I pay for the couple’s fayre using my own debit card. They accepted my offerand the man paid me the cash equivalent. Problem solved.



    However, why does the club have this draconian rule? The manager said it was “due to covid”. Absolute rubbish. They are simply using covid as a smokescreen to force cashless payment on customers.



    Obviously card payments are quicker and less risky and more labour-saving than cash transactions and cash management. Surely a simple sign stating “Card Payment Preferred” would be enough to generate a vast majority of card payments. Forcing card payments on unsuspecting customers is unacceptable.



    PS. I rarely use cash and prefer to use my debit card everywhere I go. In fact the only time I use an ATM is to draw £10 to pay my fare to Paradise as our bus convenor doesn’t take card payments.

  2. Really gutted we lost the league yesterday.



    Will the huns be presented with the trophy at Motherwell today?



    No idea what I’ll do with my weekends now.



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If the Manager decided who the Penalty taker was pre game , no Captain whether it be CalMac or Brooney could or should overrule the Manager & instruct a different player to take the kick.


    The Keeper was off his line and there were Livi players in the box before he kicked the ball but none of that excuses the weak tame effort.


    I thought the build up & passing was reminiscent of Lenny’s time, on the few occasions they ventured forward & we won the ball we didn’t counter attack at pace, there was always a sideway pass or two which gave Livi time to funnel back.


    I felt we needed to mix it up a bit hit a few long balls into the box, run at them with pace into the box, the only time that we almost did that Madden whistled back Calmac for some unknown reason.


    The game is over now, it is not the first time that Celtic failed to break down a packed defense at Celtic Park.


    I’ve seen worse , similar games where we were also mugged on the break & ended up losing.


    It certainly feels like a loss but it wasn’t the point from yesterday could still be important.


    We have been showing real improvements in last few games, hopefully yesterday was just a blip & we can get back on the horse next Thursday.

  4. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HAMILTONTIM on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 9:47 AM


    NORRIEM on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 9:11 AM


    Note – if you read the leaflets being handed out,you would have read, Celtic board have refused to engage with fans groups on the potential appointment of the despised Higgins


    You would also have read on how he led a police force to persecute the fans nowbeing criticised




    In a nutshell.


    I think that there’s an ignorance, and I don’t mean that in a critical way it’s just a reality, of what many young men endured as a consequence of the OBaF Act.






    Hi gents. Absolutely agree with these points.



    As I said yesterday – it is difficult for those without first-hand or close knowledge of the vindictive and cruel actions that were directed against Celtic fans by someone we now – if the reports have susbstance – are considering appointing to the club to fully appreciate who utterly wrong this would be.



    Celtic fans were criminalised, had livelihoods threatened or destroyed, reputations tarnished and future prospects eroded – all at the direction of someone the club are now – we are led to believe – seeking to appoint to “…keep the fans as safe as possible…”? (And Greenpinata – that’s not a dig at you – I just think yours was a good description of how this would be sold).



    IF it is even being considered, it shows a complete ignorance at Board level or – worse – a complete distain for the fans who were targetted, and their families who suffered alongside them.






  5. Well Played Tom.



    The Old Yins urnae up to this High speed stuff that the announcer requested.



    On a seperate note – Aidan went to get a drink frae a stall within the Covid boundaries, as I had no change to gie the wee guy (entrepreneur) looking after my car, and they said he couldn’t just buy a drink.



    Fergus McCann you were Superb for Celtic. I wish you were here right now.







    the daftness continues.

  7. If our gaffer has genuinely designated a player who is far from guaranteed his starting place as our pen taker then Ange’s judgement is very much open to question.



    What happened yesterday was the equivalent of Tav pen being taking off pens because Salaka was on the pitch.



    Absolute nonsense.

  8. Carl, like every Good DJ, builds things up and settles things down Eventually.




    Carl is a Vinyl Genius.



    Motherwell – do them.

  9. Yesterday was very sobering for me. Not the result but the performance, on the pitch and on the side line, our performances were pretty bad.



    We’ve dropped points in over 40% of our league games to date. We’d be foolish to ignore these facts. Ange doesn’t inspire me with confidence and I’d personally have the huns as favourites for the league. Yesterday has caused me to radically recalibrate my assessment of our title hopes.

  10. An Dún on 31st October 2021 11:16 am



    Yesterday was very sobering for me. Not the result but the performance, on the pitch and on the side line, our performances were pretty bad.



    We’ve dropped points in over 40% of our league games to date. We’d be foolish to ignore these facts. Ange doesn’t inspire me with confidence and I’d personally have the huns as favourites for the league. Yesterday has caused me to radically recalibrate my assessment of our title hopes.






    Ange and so many are just in the door.



    Ange will have seen how sleekit the LRA are Yesterday.



    Madhun LMFAO.

  11. PETEC on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 11:21 AM



    Absolutely fair enough.



    For me, no Celtic gaffer gets a by for failure to beat Livi – twice. We’ve dropped an awful lot of points in this league to date. Should we get beat on Thursday then Ange will have more questions to answer.



    Sooner or later the by ball has to end and our gaffer has to be held to account for failure to win against very average sides.

  12. Saint Stivs,



    Ma wee Bhoy @ the time shouldnae have seen Polis Copters going to games against Motherwell etc.



    Criminality is suggested.



    I’ve always parked just off Springfield Road.



    Higgins may well be a Celtic Supporter, it was the SNP that instigated this dreadful&pointless nonsense but his newly unified force (so worrying – even now) have nae real Idea!!!!

  13. The youth of today — don’t you just love them.


    Quick to blame but slow to understand.



    Last 5 years have seen a cavalcade of youthful stupidity by our alphabet soup have been involved in the following …



    Overcrowding / standing throughout the game in a seated area — check.


    Fireworks / flares / smoke bombs seen as more important that the football — check.


    Rampant militarism / Burtons commandos dress code — check.


    Self indulgent songbook glorifying violence / physical force republicanism above all else — check.


    Exhibiting a private education influenced me first attitude — check.


    Reduction in the quality and message content of banners — check.


    A desire to keep the cash economy of Colombia buoyant — check.


    Huge decline in the behaviour and attitude of the away support — check.


    Childish EUFA campaign / sixth form politics — check.


    Ego tripping on a regular basis / lack of history knowledge — check.



    Senior plod gets a gig at CP and we have to howl in unison and forget all about the mis-deeds of our own Clearasil Models and their lack of engagement with the rest of the support and the board.



    I would have thought that a bit of reflective silence from our lippy youth would be a good place to start.

  14. Usually I dont see the point in criticising referees after every game. But I thought Madhuns performance yesterday was poor in the extreme.


    OK he gave 6 minutes extra time, but that is not even half the story.



    Persistent fouling was allowed and he should have clamped down 9n blatant time wasting tactics. The time wasting wasn’t even subtle, it was right in Madhun’s face.


    We cannot let anti football dictate our game.



    We did not deserve the 3 points and Livingston had obviously done their homework, However blatant time wasting should have consequences, yesterday there was none.




  15. MADMITCH on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 12:07 PM




    ‘Reduction in the quality and message content of banners — check.’






    Your boilerplate worded posts about the GB do at least lend an air of ironic humour to that one.

  16. I was up Braehead 10am this morning, just for fun I asked the daughter to count how many police we would see,



    In a bizarre occurance, we hadnt left the village and already seen a van with 12 or so occupants and 3 motor cycle polis, then 2 on scrambler type motorcycles.



    I am guessing they are staying at Ingliston or Gleddoch, they came along the road from that side.



    from st james roundabout to braehead there was police on every bridge, a cordon around the airport, and at braehead itself a mini convoy of land rovers with identikit suited and miked up security, channeling the sunglasses in october look.



    i am guessing someone or many leaders are coming into gla today.



    ACC Higgins is in charge of all this shit.



    whatever your politics, who decided it was a good idea to bring this event to glasgow of all places.

  17. The GB indulging in a silent protest against the board is akin to a brutal wife beater and abuser telling his missus – Because of your cheek I’m going to completely ignore you and distance myself from you for the next 24 hours.

  18. The Hun game.Aribo,a clear yard offside,camera showing linesman,looking straight across,no flag.Luckily he put the header wide.Well RB booked for first foul.All this in 1st 8 mins.


    Great finish from Mugabe.

  19. Minor quibbles about yesterday


    – did we need to keep beaton on when it was clear they would park the bus ?


    – when we couldn’t get a cross past Obileye, could we not get in front of him ?



    Long way to go. I don’t know any team who has the wherewithal to beat livi when they put everyone in their own box – the thing is, the tossers don’t play like that against everybody, do they?

  20. Season 2021/22



    Scott brown – age 35 – 19 appearances, 2 goals.



    James McCarthy – age 30 – 8 appearances (2 starts) 0 goals.

  21. ST TAMS on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 9:29 AM


    So it’s all the GB fault that we never won yesterday.




    Nothing to do with team selection, tactics or manager who can’t or won’t change anything during the game.



    Other than like for like substitutions.




    Was Kyogo coming on, for Starfelt, too “like for like” for you?