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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    another team of shitebags who cant stop the huns scoring between 40 minutes and half time

  2. SAINT STIVS on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 12:21 PM


    bitter old man displays a great jealousy of the youth – check






    Man, or men?



    Seems to me there’s plenty on here only too willing to have a go at the GB.



    Some of them are in your cult though so maybe they get a free pass.

  3. The huns are seriously limited. If I was watching that brand of football every week I’d get another hobby.



    We’re they’ve succeeded today and we failed yesterday is in their tempo. They don’t mess about, the ball is put out wide and swung in. We yesterday on the other hand recycled position at a pedestrian pace and allowed Livi to set themselves up for the cross when it eventually came in.



    Four points behind to this Rangers side is a poor showing from us. They’re approach to football is dog awful.

  4. An dun they are effective and put good quality into the box. Not great to watch but with a similarly more pragmatic approach we wouldn’t drop 5pts to livi.

  5. Another point about the huns in first half, sakala contributed significantly more than our new striker.

  6. TIMMY7_NOTED on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 1:02 PM


    An dun they are effective and put good quality into the box. Not great to watch but with a similarly more pragmatic approach we wouldn’t drop 5pts to livi.






    Some of their crosses today were every bit as bad as ours yesterday. It was the sheer volume of them that has caused Motherwell to come unstuck.



    Ange tried it yesterday but our tempo was far too slow for it to be effective. The huns were relentless with their crosses today. The ball was coming in at pace every minute of that game. It’s not I want to see from Celtic but it’ll have them sitting four clear tonight.




    Let’s hope Ange can come up with a way to beat Livi at the third time of asking.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Given that we have to visit polypropylene fc again this season , the journeymen of West Lothian could have a big say in this season’s league title unless we can sort ourselves out .

  8. This season is 100% about winning the league its not a beauty pagent, I’d have taken a couple of ugly wins against livi all day. Put the huns under some pressure and then we’ll see but performances like yesterday’s are unacceptable imo.

  9. Tony Watt.Now you can see how he never made it..If that was you or me out there,you would be trying like a madman.A few of the Well boys knocking their pan in.Not him.


    Beyond me.

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    Don’t think anyone on here actually gave the Well bottlers a chance today did they?



    Makes yesterday even more difficult to take though…

  11. Yesterday we would have been more effective playing Juaranovic in his natural RB position, Montgomery on the left side and playing Ralston as the target man. He has much more movement, more physicality and a better eye for goal than GG currently has.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    SAINT STIVS on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 1:18 PM


    GerrybhoyFour leaf cloverFour leaf cloverFour leaf cloverFour leaf clover






















    Motherwell fans banner Rolling on the floor laughing














    on the floor laughing












    Brilliant :-)))

  13. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Baffling that the Manager would appoint a player to be designated penalty taker when he wont be a regular starter, regardless of Juranovic’s stats.

  14. When I saw the booking in the first 6 minutes,I knew a Red Card was on the cards.Huns showing the difference between us and them.Playing crap,but managing to get results.Well won before the sending off.

  15. Abada looked like a great signing when he arrived, Direct and fast with an eye for goal, but remember he’s only 19. He was brought in as cover for JF who would no doubt have started majority of games if fit.


    Abada will come good again.

  16. Four points is a comfortable advantage for them especially considering how poorly they’ve been playing for most of the season.

  17. THEBHOYFROMU.N.C.L.E on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 1:36 PM


    Baffling that the Manager would appoint a player to be designated penalty taker when he wont be a regular starter, regardless of Juranovic’s stats.



    You’re easily baffled. The designated penalty taker should be whoever is on the pitch and most likely to score it.

  18. they drop points against aberdeen and you would think that would inspire us against livingston. to put pressure on sevco. notwithstanding the penalty miss, it was a poor all round performance.


    sevco take inspiration from our dropped points yesterday and make no mistake against motherwell today.



    hopefully, the missed penalty will not come back to haunt us at the end of the season.

  19. The manager is to blame for yesterday’s result. Why change a winning team. You could tell by his post match interview that he had fucked up. The Greek forward looks a very average player.

  20. GREENPINATA on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 1:55 PM



    They didn’t lose a game in the league last season and large parts of the blog was about how poor or lucky they were.



    We need to get our own house in order and the rest will take care of itself because right now, Sevco are four points clear and while I believe they’ll drop points, I’m not yet convinced we won’t drop more. I’d rather be four points ahead than four points behind and they put a big dent in the goal difference today too.



    Bitton, replaced Starfelt . Mcgregor replaced Bitton and Kyogo replaced Mcgregor.


    Did we really need to replace Starfelt, could we not have taken off Bitton as well and went 3 at back.

  22. HH Melbourne Mick



    “…but a gathering of all the Oz CSCs in our little rebel town on the


    Peninsula, now that will be mega, better start stockpiling the


    Paracetamol. 🥳🍷


    H H. Mick”



    pencilled in sir :O)


    if we are allowed oot the state that is.



    reading back; ozzies and greeks are wankers apparantly and the players are pansies. lol ???



    BestFansInThe WorldCsC

  23. GEEBEE1978 – Spot on. Just like they are always lucky in Europe under Gerard despite only losing a handful of games from the 50 or so played. Even then, people on here argued that it was because they always got easy draws, poor Celtic always had much tougher fixtures. Funny though how we kept getting pumped out of CL by teams that had a fraction of our spending power.


    We underestimated them after sealing 9iar, Then when they played us off the park, we convinced ourselves they would implode again after NY when we would regroup. Then we blamed the lack of fans, covid testers, Patks buses, bent refs etc. etc.



    Regardless of all that, they are clearly not playing this season at the same level as last season. Their defence is making mistakes and their forwards have been poor. On paper, they now have a harder set of fixtures than we do until January. But until we put serious pressure on them, we will not know if they have the bottle.


    Yesterday suggested we might not have it, today suggests they do.


    We had no drive, no ruthlessness, just endless recycling of the ball ad nauseum. One great half against Hibs does not make us champions elect.

  24. I didn’t say they were bad last season.



    I do think they aren’t very good this season, and before today were struggling.



    We’ve been better than them over the last month. A half decent team would be out of sight after our start.

  25. Like many on here I did feel yesterday’s effort of penalty, which about 15,000 of our faithful didn’t stay to witness, could be season defining. It was a really poor kick and like many ‘experts’ on here I had that feeling he was not going to score and could not understand why not our number 88.



    Juranovic is clearly not picked for his outfield contribution, I thought, as he is played in a position where he adds nothing to our attack. He is also a fantastic player when played in the right role. For us he seems more of a special teams penalty taker I thought otherwise surely our errant Boli, whose play in the 2 games he has been given has been good and very good. But alas not. Our Croat penalty specialist was overlooked. I appreciate the Greeks record is good too from pens but he has yet to score one under pressure in front of 45,000 desperate fans for Celtic. Sadly we wilted. Just as what has gone before for 97 minutes. His effort mirrored that of our team when it reached the last 25 yards or so. We would all believe ‘the king of kings’ would have scored a minute later. I am not sure but our man was bust by then and it will be a long road back for him after this. Like many others I fear he may have cost us the league yesterday.



    Normally I am critical of the crowd heaping


    More pressure on the players than actually supporting them. Moaning and groaning. I didn’t feel that so much yesterday. I felt the crowd, despite the lack of creativity, or plan B or C, were behind the team. All the ‘old hands’ realising how critical grinding out a win in such games was. Those who had the experience of Strachan 3rd triumph or indeed his first title loss. Those who suffered MON’s 2 title capitulations and those who enjoyed the run in to win in 86 or even 79 the Centenary Season will well know how much these games and momentum matters.



    Yesterday we had the chance for both and we blew it. The frustration was palpable and hence we heard a few booing at full time. Some say it was at Madhun, who was a disgrace yesterday, as bad as I have seen. Some say it was at the team. For me it was frustration being vented at all of it. At letting such an opportunity pass. These sliding door moments can define careers and I fear for the Greek. Others were anonymous too yesterday but he took centre stage in the 92nd minute. Today the Huns did what they do in such situations and showed what we will be up against this next 6 months. They will drop few points now between here and 2nd January. The most annoying thing is they were fragile and vulnerable. It’s tough enough to beat the system. To do it after shooting ourselves in the foot is close to impossible but not entirely as we saw in Wims season. I am not entirely sure the silent stuff at the start helped. It also won’t change anything either I don’t expect. Maybe it helped our opponents.



    Thursday is more important than folk realise. A win would render our final game in the group meaningless as we will be unassailable for Conference place and unable to reach Europa League last 32 position. This would allow us a vital rest game and possibly give us an advantage at a critical time of the season. For me it does need the focus. Even a draw would be likely to lead to such an outcome as ferencvaros would then need points from both their final games. Hopefully such a result and a win at dens next week can allow us to regroup and go again to get to the league cup final on the game (v the holders) after the international break.



    The positive for me after yesterday is we have only 1 league game between now and Aberdeen on 28th Nov. Surely a win at dens and we can regroup. At least it stops the other lots momentum a bit too. For once the fixture list maybe just helping us. Hopefully Brondby, Sparta and Hibs can help too in their Europe and cup games before the packed programme of tough league encounters in December. At least we don’t play Livingston until spring now !!!

  26. !!BADA BING!! on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 2:27 PM



    Nuno was an awful appointment and the club themselves probably weren’t fully behind it. Mourinho without the trophies.

  27. everyome of the celtic players and the Manager should be sickened by the results this weekend .



    A team that cant take pressure have just got a massive gulp of Oxygen courtesy of our inability to bear Livingston at home.



    I sincerely hope lessons are learned

  28. Get Aff tbig gg,s back ffs.larsson was brilliant his first couple a games eh.scored an og in Europe aswel.to quick to jump on the guys back.remember Holland’s a far better league than this shit here.so hel come good once he finds his feet ffs

  29. As a measure of how great they are because of today’s result, we won 4-1 at Fir Park this time last year.

  30. Our Greek centre is beginning to look like Ajeti all alone in the box………easy to defend against.