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  1. The booing coincided with Madden and his assistants leaving the pitch. And stopped when they had left.



    Nobody around me was booing the team or the manager.

  2. Shallow observation-



    Ange might need to appreciate very quickly that



    – a game plan in the spfl might need to consist of an array of available game plans for many games in scotland

  3. Watching the Villa v West Ham game. Shirt pulled at a corner. Obvious. VAR says no. Commentator says not enough to warrant a penalty.



    Hmmm. Maybe it’s only in Scotland. And for one team.

  4. Perception means a lot in football. At the moment Ange is enjoying a mostly favourable attitude towards him.



    Here’s where I am with Ange…



    Last season was our worst season in over two decades – our win rate was 58% in the league.



    We’re entering November and Ange has a win rate of…58% in the league.



    Ange is a very lucky man that he’s not under a lot more scrutiny than what he currently is. What we’ve seen so far is nowhere near good enough.

  5. Maybe just me


    I clearly seen the players still on the pitch, doing a mini appreciation of the fans


    ( incidentally Giakoumakis was behind the players, Tony Ralston and Joe Hart brought him into the group – he was visibly dissapointed in what had happened)


    The booing


    Was as the officials left the pitch



    That’s what I seen from my seat – lower north stand 107

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Came back home today and noticed my two semi final tickets delivered. Now they charged £6 and sent it second class, that’s 66p or £5.34 pure profit😕



    Came back home today and noticed my two semi final tickets delivered. Now they charged £6 and sent it second class, that’s 66p or £5.34 pure profit😕






    it is such a scam,

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    PHILBHOY on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 5:34 PM


    That’s £5.34 they can spend on a player!



    More like 34p and the rest to the PLC😱

  9. SFTB



    No plan B,not a player to try and go direct……….easy for Livi and that makes it all the harder to take.

  10. Good Luck getting a ticket for the Final (hopefully Celtic get there anyway).



    If its Celtic Sevco…… despite yer Support the whole way. 1 between 2.



    It was such a Worry letting Aidan go and get hame safe but Deelighted he experienced us Gubbing the cheater Club in a Final. FTSFA






    Corperate tickets will swallow so much of the allowances.

  11. DAVID66 has been in hospital since Friday, due to severe stomach pains..he is STILL waiting on a Scan


    He has asked me by Text to tell ALL the good guys on here ” THANKS” for wishing him well etc.



    Ive telt him to keep his eyes and hands AFF of all the pretty nurses, cos they are MINE……and hes welcome to any ugly wans.





  12. BIG JIMMY on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 5:54 PM



    Not been on much recently so just saw that about David… give him my best the next time you talk to him, he’s one of the good guys.

  13. jackie mac, i was there as a bhoy, first time at somerset. 10 years old. greenock shammy day out.


    big big celtic crowd, sure busses arrived really early and a long stand outside the pubs waiting on uncles.



    remember the bottles and cans, not a rare incident






    beginning of a terrible season, but still went home and away except the toilet block.



    Stanton, Conn and Lynch were all out injured.


    The start was delayed for 10 minutes to allow the large crowd to get in.


    John Doyle is controversially sent off in the second half for accidentally hitting the ball off referee Bob Cuthill.


    Trouble breaks out in the terrace behind the goal as Celtic fans throw cans and bottles. Only the appearance of Jock Stein calms them.


    Doyle’s sending off is later overturned at an SFA hearing.


    Roy Kay made his full Celtic debut.


    Ex-Celts Bobby Hannah plays for Ayr and Jim Brogan is on the bench.


    Highlights were shown on Scotsport next day.


    On the same day Celtic beat Ayr United 3-0 in a Reserve League match at Celtic Park. The Celtic team was Baines, Newman, McGrane, Mackie, McWilliams, Ward, Gibson, Godzik, G. McCluskey, McLaughlin, Temperley Subs Clifford and Coyne. The Celtic scorers were Temperley, Mackie and McLaughlin.



    is that Martin O’Neill in goal for Ayr ?




  14. I was at that match at Somerset Park in the enclosure in front of the stand with a university friend who is an Ayr fan and my mate that I used to go to Celtic Park with.



    Nobody could believe the sending off. Still can’t.



    Thanks Big Jimmy.

  15. Saint Stivs 6.06.


    I was at that one.


    Memorable for all the wrong reasons.


    Me and a couple of pals went on the train from Glasow, we were 13.


    Walking from station to the ground, torrential rain, we only had t.shirts and sannies on ( no trainers back then ) we were all soaked to the skin.


    Then as you say, ko delayed, we went 1up and the soaking didn’t matter as much.


    Second half, we were awful, loads of fighting on the terraces, which continued on the train, with fellow fans having a pop at each other.


    Altogether one of my less enjoyable Celtic trips.

  16. Imo, the turning point of yesterday’s game was when Madden gave a foul against Callum McGregor, who was bursting through and being fouled. We had momentum up until that point.



    Turned to my mate and said, Madden is going to book McGregor and might eventually send him off- and for nothing. I think our captain felt he had to restrain himself after Midden’s cheating.

  17. prestonpans bhoys on

    If memory serves me right, I think the Ayr fans were behind the goal then attempted to swap ends at HT and it went tonto🙅

  18. A big problem on here is Celtic Fans talking up Sevco rather than trying to gee up our own team,What I have noticed about our fans is when we get beat they start looking for scapegoats ie yesterday it was the Greek striker and Abada ,and the Croatian left back or right back or left back ,talking about the left back position Is Taylor or young Montgomery any better than Bolingolli,personally I would go with Bolli,maybe it’s time young Moffat got a first team start,

  19. Bad day for everyone on Superbru this weekend.



    7 players were joint top on only 4 pts (Jmccormick, bhoyfrotheVilla, Big Archie, SFTB, Magnificentseven, Pannysbhoy and Leggy).



    18 players drew a complete blank and finished joint bottom with 0 points ( including TheLurkinTim, Angerl Gabriel, Auldheid, Mahe, ACGR, Greenpinata and wee BGFC to hjighlight just a few.)



    In the overall leaderboard, Callme Gerry has a half point lead over Hopeful Hoops with Big Archie and Bjoy from the Villa in joint third.



    In the basemnet battle Wee BGFC trails Leggy by 4points and The Lurkin Tim by 5



    Next deadline is Sat 6th November at 3 pm

  20. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Thanks for the heads up Bud, you never know who you are speaking to one here 🙂

  21. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Gutted at that result yesterday, knew right away that instead of putting pressure on them, we had just let them off the hook,



    a smooth transition period was always going to be unlikely so we kind of have to expect these type of occasional slip ups, and as Ange says anyway, you don’t get any prizes for being top of the league in October,



    keep the faith time again!

  22. I remember plenty of posts on here giving out the names of players who should GTF.Tom Rogic was on every list,along with Tony Ralston”.Sick note “Rogic has suddenly developed into,Javi,Iniesta,rolled into one.


    Oh,and I am forgetting the stats many put on,informing us all of just how many games he had played in X amount of seasons.Plenty of them.Tony Ralston,just get rid.Wage thief’s,and why was he given another years contract?.Tight arsed Celtic again.Cheap option.


    In good company,alongside Jamesy and Biton .


    You all know who you are.Anyone owning up?.

  23. Now I am definitely not a master football tactician, but I am thinking we need to go much more quickly and direct through the middle or, alternatively, play them at their own game by sitting back a little and play across the park (I know, I know…) and drawing them on then hit them on the break when they get frustrated and start to fancy their chances. Somethings gotta give. Oh, and take our chances.



  24. Why not play Tony Ralston on the right wing with JJ at right back – then we can play a left sided player at LB/LWB.



  25. I will keep saying it.As well as Ralston is playing,the position should go to Juranovic.Bolingoli on the left.We are lopsided.We are wasting the talent of Juranovic on the left.Kyoto through the middle,if not,another waste.


    Playing players out of position,is a mugs game.Should only be in dire emergency


    I said it would cost us.I think it cost us yesterday.

  26. martin o'seville on

    If Celtic supporters boycott in the car park for 6 months, whilst the plc made an ass of itself for many many months, with the Eddie How’s shambles, and Celtic’s team on the pitch “blew” the 10, and the car park protestors cave in on renewal day, giving the PLC £666 each, then claiming that they don’t back the PLC, is there grounds for a “Sack The Fans” campaign?


    The board are corrupt.


    The manager is a board puppet, or he wouldn’t be there.


    The players are easily outmuscled, outfought.


    The captain is reminiscent of the Paul McStay captaincy.


    The fans are fkin useless with all of the wee committee’s that can’t agree on going for the jugular, because they love the club too much??????


    If throwing the 10, not sacking Lennon last September, making a 100% arse of the Howe squirrel, the lie that Lawwell had left the building being swallowed 100%, the acceptance of Lawwell bricking it from an interview with Alex Thompson of Channel 4 about the PLCs disastrous handling of abuse issues which ingrates the stink even deeper into the minds of the victims, never mind the clubs image, that Lawwell’s “supposed” replacement walked after tickets were sold out doesn’t ring alarm bells, that for a decade Auldheid has tried his damnedest to prosecute Res12 and been thrown under countless buses by countless PLC liars, and Celtic Trust, and Green Brigade rebels surrendered like meek little lambs after 6 months of waving “PLC Frauds Out!” banners, chasing after buses like the arseholes that the PLC treat them as, then they released a Sevco-esque statement claiming,


    ” We Support Ange NOT The PLC!”


    this after handing PLC up to £700 per head × 53k


    The club is minute by minute, with its lies and deceit, is cementing itself to the other side of the coin, no ifs, no buts.