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  1. AN DÚN on 31ST OCTOBER 2021 5:13 PM



    Perception means a lot in football. At the moment Ange is enjoying a mostly favourable attitude towards him.




    Last season was our worst season in over two decades – our win rate was 58% in the league.



    We’re entering November and Ange has a win rate of…58% in the league.



    Ange is a very lucky man that he’s not under a lot more scrutiny than what he currently is. What we’ve seen so far is nowhere near good enough.





    GEEBEE1978 on 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 8:21 AM



    Context is everything. Last season we started on the back of finishing 13 points ahead of Sevco (albeit the season was cut short).




    This season we started from a point of finishing 25 points behind them and having to almost totally rebuilding the first team with a manager who didn’t meet his squad until after pre-season training started.




    There are signs that we are gradually improving while last season it was clear to everyone we were regressing.




    That’s why Ange currently has currency




    Very well put GEEBEE1978.


    All that was missing from your reply to An Dun was a finale of “here endeth the lesson” :-)




  2. Hearts have insisted The Sash “has no place at Tynecastle” after the song was played at the stadium during a club open day.



    Footage emerged on social media showing the well-known loyalist tune blaring as fans toured the stadium.

  3. ILJASB,



    Can’t remember any clear cut chances from Saturday.A lot of huffing and puffing,and 200 passes across the Livi 18 yard line.One effort off the line,and a missed Penalty.That was it.


    I hate to keep going on about Ralston,as he has been playing very well,and I love good Tim’s as much as anyone,especially,Academy ones,but there is a reason he is not top drawer.His crossing,from some great positions,is very wasteful.He hit what looked like a couple of good crosses in the 1st 5 minutes,but they were just hit and hope,found no one.Thats not always the forwards fault.He managed to get into great position,when the Livi player went to ground,later,but with guys waiting on a cut back,hit it straight into the keepers arms.Second half,another great chance to put a good cross in,blood-red it out on the far side.2 or 3 times he has done this.


    Might seem churlish to pick these out,but they could be the difference in winning.Our crossing is poor,so why not try Juranovic.You would not have KT or Robertson on the bench to play Tony,so why is it OK to have the Croation RB on the bench.Obviously a big gap in class.Unless you try,it’s same old.Bolingoli should be given games on the left.I really don’t have any idea what Ange is thinking here.


    Again,sorry to keep mentioning it,and it’s nothing to do with Ralston.

  4. Cue the Media slobbering over Gerrard to Spurs.Then giving us the same old”Gerrard saying he is going nowhere guff.Set your watch.


    On the subject of watches,I am now 3 hours behind Celtic Park time.11 PM for Euro games.



  5. GREENPINATA on 1ST NOVEMBER 2021 10:35 AM



    Agree, we have 24 games left in the league, dropping 2 points on Saturday was hardly terminal.



    The game on Thursday is a bit of a cup-final for us – get a result and we’re looking very good for euro football in the new year, which does mean a lot. A third place finish would represent progress of sorts, a fourth place would be very disappointing

  6. Hi Cqn



    If any of you are inclined could you keep Stuart Cassel from Lisbon Lions No1 who leave from George Square in your thoughts and prayers.many thanks my friends I Celtic.Stuart is in intensive care with covid.






  7. Best Wishes to Stuart Cassells,


    Prayers said for Stuart & Family.


    Please God he will pull through.

  8. Thank you Celts.it is much appreciated. Stuart Cassels.


    He may be known to those who know Celtic No1 bus which leaves from George Square. 🙏.The support and prayers work :-)








    Big Jimmy.


    Thank you for keeping in communications with David(2nd famous tim from garngad:-)) and keeping us informed.