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  1. Manager has to take the blame for this fiasco.


    No plan B,


    Terrible decisions on edge of box.


    Back to crab football.

  2. Can’t even blame madhun surely to f### we practice pens.shoud be slaughtered for that effort

  3. Manager needs our patience.


    We have made minimal off field changes from the operation who led us to a distant second place last season.


    Realism and patience

  4. the long wait is over on

    Handed a golden lifeline and we blow it.



    Why change your penalty taker unless and until he starts to miss?



    Very poor management / planning.

  5. Absolute joke of a penalty. I know I am repeating myself but what was he thinking with the casual wee two step sign posting the weak ass spot kick.

  6. Just WTF.Why change penalty takers.


    Bitons fault.Absolute disgrace.One save their keeper made.From the penalty.Who decided Juranovic step aside.


    Couldn’t make that shit up.



  7. If Pittodrie was a pivot then so was today. I mean really, that performance was shocking. 5 points dropped to Livi. That’s not how you win league titles.

  8. Garngad to Croy on

    Where the feck did we get the Greek guy from ? He should not play for us again, he would struggle to get a game for Livingston!

  9. onenightinlisbon on

    Penalty taker changed to a guy who looked dead on his feet. Hardly struck it at all.



    Love Ange but that was unacceptable – he carries the can for this.

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Why did the Greek guy take the penalty. Jaranovic scored the last one and he’d done feck all for93 minutes.



    Absolute stupidity. 2 points thrown away.

  11. INIQUITOUSIV on 30TH OCTOBER 2021 4:44 PM


    Maybe Madhun will do us a Cheatin’ Beaton late penalty favour? Nah! Didn’t think so.





    Coodny score in the proverbial barrel the day!

  12. Rotten game of football and back to earth with a bump.



    Too easy to play against when a team parks the bus and we only want to lob in crosses.



    Missed big Tam today.



    Livi are absolutely horrible.




  13. How many times must we look a gift horse in the mouth? These short runs ups generate no force whatsoever. Someone could have stepped out the crowd and saved that. I’d fine the useless haddy a week’s wages. Calls himself a striker? Jesus wept.

  14. the long wait is over on

    Instead of going top of the league we’ve just handed Rangers a massive psychological


    Boost for tomorrow, instead of putting pressure on them.



    That’s exactly what we did last season – let rangers canter through the season without ever putting them under real pressure.

  15. There was a little argument between Juranovic and GG after the match when Juranovic scored the penalty (forget what game it was).



    I just wonder if GG was insisting he take the next penalty.



    Ange and/or captain needs to take hold of that. Juranovic has a 100% record and could’ve put us top today.



    How costly could that prove to be after 38 games?

  16. spikeysauldman on

    even the passing from side to side was executed poorly, nearly every feckin pass was straight at or slightly behind the man

  17. spikeysauldman on 30th October 2021 5:00 pm



    i honestly didnt realise the greek was still on the picth till he missed the pen




    Same here, I’d assumed he’s been subbed when we made changes. Didn’t see him near the ball until the penalty.

  18. spikeysauldman on

    was just saying to guy in shops, “if we just keep in touch with huns till…” ah feck it…

  19. Frustrating. No cutting edge. That greek is an onion. worse than Ajeti. And thats saying something.

  20. Frustrating afternoon alright. Poor show allround. Not withstanding the benefit of hindsight I thought Ange would have elected to play Johnson from the start and the game was crying out for the changes to be made much earlier. Ange had a blind spot for the Greek tradgedy today.


    Giorgos was a waste of space and how he was allowed to take the spot kick beggars belef.

  21. Do we miss Rogic that much? Was last season a freak season for Giakoumakis (stats certainly suggest it)?



    Never know, Sevco could drop points tomorrow and no harm done but we’ve taken the pressure off them and they play better when there’s no pressure.

  22. glendalystonsils on

    Last week I thought we had found our new John Hartson but today I see we’ve found our new Ciftci .


    FFS Ange – you’re in charge tell the players it’s JURANOVIC to take any penalties . End of . I assume the top scorer in the Eridivisie didn’t get many from penalties if that was a typical effort . To be fair to the Greek though , we shouldn’t have needed a a 93rd minute penalty to win today . There was a lack of a spark of creativity .


    Plenty possession but the gulf in quality between the sides didn’t show in the area that matters , in front of goal .


    One thing’s for sure , the match officials will redouble their efforts tomorrow to make sure Sevco capitalise on our slip up by taking 3 points . Just watch them .

  23. Once that I’m sorry that swear words aren’t allowed on this site.


    Before he ever kicked it, I said Why Him, then I thought maybe he is banging them in Training.


    Then I saw where he was standing and I knew he wasn’t going to score.


    He looks a bigger dud than Ajeti.


    Win away to Sheep, Motherwell & Hibs and then mess up like that.


    We didn’t even win the Penalty, it was gifted to us.


    Beware of Greeks taking Gifts.