Celtic v Livingston, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.

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  1. We are still managing to grind our results no matter how


    corrupt the referee or VAR officials are but one of these days


    a bad VAR decision will cost us points.



    One way to look at things is would the Abada goal have been


    chalked off if it was Livingston who scored it – I dont think so



    More worrying is the amount of possession we are having but


    it is not getting transferred into goals



    I read somewhere that Kyogo had scored 6 from his last 7 games


    in Scotland but when on form I am sure he would be on double that


    at least so hope the wee man finds his shooting boots again soon

  2. Previous times it was good fun logging in and catching up , whilst waiting for a taxi , plane or Mrs EKBhoy getting ready , now it is getting a chore ploughing through the nonsense



    On last night , thought over the piece the ref had a good game and wasn’t fooled by Livi diving , Liel was offside end of …



    Christmas/ winter football is almost always rubbish , sounds a bit churlish complaining given so few points dropped but the bottom line is we are not getting any better



    Suspect Ange is facing the age old problem that the players know the rest of the league is pish and are adjusting effort / performance to suit …. come late Jan / early Feb we need to start showing some improvement in a way that will reap some dividends in the CL (hopefully) next season … deep down I suspect it will not happen and we are starting to see Ange get a bit fed up




  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    I find it odd that a username doesn’t have a unique constraint on this software. Its been proven before that you can switch as you like😱😵 and hack away😕

  4. This place is going to the dogs.



    It’s the 22nd of December and there’s been no Xmas v Christmas debate yet.

  5. ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND DECEMBER 2022 9:56 AM


    This place is going to the dogs.


    It’s the 22nd of December and there’s been no Xmas v Christmas debate yet.




    😂 I like a bit of toasted cheese on Christmas morning while pressing my poppies

  6. One thing about VAR is that it brings a level of certainty to the game.



    For example as I saw that Abada had scored and I thought “Yesssss”. Then, I saw that it was being referred to VAR and I was CERTAIN that it would be chopped off.



    And so it came to pass.



    And ……. I was able to ‘phone my mate ( who had been looking forward to VAR taking corrupt refs out of the equation) and say ” I told you so!”

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The foolishness amuses me.



    Scrolling past works for the most part.



    One thing I’ve never understood.



    Where do good people find the time and energy to not only start, but then sustain an internet spat?



    It’s a blog, not an ecumenical council.



    Calling Big Jimmy – any chance you could tell us about your latest winnings and lift our spirits?





    You have to keep in mind that some posters have ‘issues’ which aren’t always immediately apparent over the internet. So maybe a measure of forbearance and indulgence wouldn’t go amiss.

  9. Just wrapped some of the grandkids presents.



    Following orders not instructions from mrs David66 before she went to work. Remember and pick me up at half 2 darling before leaving for her last work day.



    She obviously knew I was hungover from last night…. no problem darling I said but I need a cup of tea and a seat I’m knackered.



    Women, women I tell ye….



    D :)

  10. Win’s a win.



    Always understand the centre forward will get pelters for not converting the crosses but I’ve been worried (maybe an exaggeration !) for a while at our (excellent typically) midfielders poor conversion rate.



    No late arrival into the box like a Petrov. No edge of the box strikes like Commons or Thompson. Damn it, not even a CH goal threat after Jenz early flurry.



    Reo’s 2, Callum’s 2 and Matt’s 0 is not great. Wouldn’t be surprised if we were looking for a midfielder with a bit more guile and eye for goal than these three. Maybe they are all too similar.



    We’ll need to go to the bigotdome and score several as we’ll be up against der hun, their scummy support, the onfield refs and the mason with VAR.



    More goals required.




  11. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND DECEMBER 2022 10:51 AM


    Big W- seen guys getting Scotland Yard,for what the ‘ Moderator’ was up to…





    Might break the rule of CQN fight club.



    Absolute eijits the lot of them…



    HH fella

  12. bigrailroadblues on

    An away fixture for the Shipbank Shipwrecks is scheduled for Friday 20th January at 1pm in Barocco (Legends), EK Village. It’s being arranged by Leggy from Sentinel Celts which means it’ll be an absolute shambles attended by an absolute shower.

  13. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND DECEMBER 2022 10:52 AM



    The question is, like last night, does he “have an impact on the defender?” making the clearance.



    They decided last night by running towards him as the Livi player is making the clearance he does.

  14. Moderator



    I can’t keep track, nor can any other non-participant, of every exchange between two other posters.



    And, I agree that the Moderator’s position is a hard one when asked to take sides when you’d prefer to stay neutral and moderate on clear rules.



    I, certainly, would not take on the task.



    However, though I did not understand much of the exchange last night between AT and yourself, I hope you will see the reaction on here is one that has failed to understand why you are taking such a hard stand. I may have missed it but I saw no direct insult of yourself but I did see a few from yourself.



    I understand the frustration you may feel but I fail to appreciate the reasons for a suspension of AT or why you persisted in expressing your frustration with further abuse.



    As much as I can understand, is that you wish AT to submit his concerns via private correspondence and not to litter the blog with it. And that AT does not wish to pursue that line.



    Why can’t it just end there in stalemate.



    The one thing I am sure of is that it is a bad look for the blog, at any time of year, but at Xmas/Christmas and 9 points clear it is farcical.



    Please reconsider.

  15. For me Abada is anticipating a mistake from the defender who deliberately plays the ball and in doing so plays him on.



    The handball seemed pretty clear too.



    VAR at Ibrox will kill us if we don’t formally do something about these calls.

  16. How many goals/penalties have we not been given because of VAR and how many penalties have been given against us because of VAR? I would hazard a guess that the number is probably substantially more than any other team and especially the deid lot from Govan.



    CELTIC MUST SPEAK UP ABOUT IT. We are being cheated and it is blatant.

  17. Celtic40ME



    “They decided last night by running towards him as the Livi player is making the clearance he does.”





    How can we know- they haven’t said why- the players weren’t saying the ref explained it to them. I have heard others say it was disallowed because the Livi player never meant to play it- he just slipped and hit the ball accidentally. Until decisions are explained, as in rugby, we will be kept in the dark.



    Any ref have any views on the France and Germany goals I listed at 12.41 am on page 8 of this thread

  18. Kyogo has 11 goals in 15 Scottish Premiership matches for Celtic this season.



    Not sure, with that in mind, why he’s getting pelters. When he scored last night he was surrounded by 5 defenders and only Jota (coming in from the left) was the other Celtic attacker. All others outside the box.



    Where’s the midfielders bursting into the box ?




  19. Abada scored a perfectly good ” goal” after the Livingston defender fu@ked up.



    VAR did its job fir what it was asked, its the crazy offside rule that is the real culprit here.



    In the bad old days we laughed and joked about woman not knowing the offside rule. Now in this ” enlightened ” world none of know the offside rule.



    Talking of woman. Scotland the land making woman and girls less safe. Absolutely disgraceful and major plot loss.



    HH, the journey continues.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ernie @ 10:13am.






    As to posters with “issues” …



    I see one every day …



    … in the mirror 🤔🤔.



    “Let ye who is without …..” and all that

  21. The current offside rule is a nonsense. I would personally prefer to go back to the absolute basic of beyond the last man and you are offside. No grey areas, no interfering with play, nothing. If you give officials a grey area to play with, the usual suspects will forever benefit from decisions. Linesmen ( not assistant referees ) find it difficult to judge an offside at the best of times, so add all the rest and it is impossible. Get the rule back to where it started it was fine and VAR could mop up any mistakes – so there – Bah Humbug

  22. HRVATSKI JIM on 22ND DECEMBER 2022 11:34 AM


    Has anyone seen a still of the offside last night which shows if it was a correct decision or not?




    the lines are at the end of these highlights, 5m 30s. It assumes Abada went to play the original pass (which I think he did)



  23. Thanks Coneybhoy for putting up the footage – offside by the current rules. He moves toward the Livi defender and clearly into his eyeline which you could argue, caused him to duff the header. I would add that Abada needs to waken up as he should NEVER have been giving the option. He can see he’s offside and meanders out of the box. Poor stuff from a forward, it’s not like he needs to gain a pace advantage over th Livi carthorses.

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