Celtic v Livingston, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.

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  1. BBC…



    No penalty


    Celtic 1-0 Livingston



    A relatively swift decision. The replay appears to show the ball striking Devlin’s arm, but it’s sort of by his side.

  2. One VAR decision went our way. V Hearts I think. We were up by 3 with 6 minutes to go. I think it was the game the got two penalties.


    That may not be entirely accurate but the gist is correct




  3. That handball decision is always a pen in the CL where the arm prevents a goal bound effort. He’d loads of time to get that arm out of the way. He made himself bigger. A pen for me.

  4. the long wait is over on

    How the hell did that livi goal happen.



    Listening only on shortbread and livi have done zilch.




    Except score…

  5. very good half with 4 seconds of wtf. keep going celtic. remarkable how many teams park le bus against us. tiny whinge about the number of 6 yard free tap ins we cudda had.

  6. BTW I thought Devkin handballed as well at the end of that half but handball seems to be legalised now.

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Ooof……Shortie now peddling a narrative this is boring and AP will get fed up and leave.