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  1. We are making these games more difficult than they should be. Silly goal conceded before half time changed the game. We need to spend money on a proper centre forward. Ange obviously doesn’t rate GG and Kyogo is currently out of form despite his goal. Taylor wasted on the right. We could have put James Forrest at right back giving the little amount of defending we have to do at Celtic Park and there would have been better balance.

  2. Are the hun refs/var gona go to the crown bar to celebrate/commiserate??



    Shocking performance from the refs/var






    Get it fecking up youse lurking huns

  3. 31003 on 21ST DECEMBER 2022 9:34 PM



    If he makes a move towards the ball before the defender plays it he becomes active and he’s offside.



    God knows why they took so long though

  4. How is it possible that the referee checked to see if the Livingston player made an active attempt to play the ball, checks the replay and somehow decides he didn’t.


    Two options


    A. He’s an idiot


    B. He’s a cheating Hun



    Not wanting to sway anyone but my money is on B.

  5. It will get lost a little in the narrow scoreline, but we played quite well. Should have been out of sight. Would have been if the third goal had been allowed to stand. That’s among the worst decisions I have ever seen.



    Don’t know why we are not being so clinical but at times we look to be overhitting crosses and not quite timing the runs into the box well enough. Something to work on



    As for livingston, any team that wastes time while a goal down deserve nothing. Can’t stand them.

  6. Congratulations to the SPL for creating an entirely new rule to disadvantage Celtic.I have never seen any VAR offside which is anything other than 2 lines on or off.

  7. I loved how the decision emboldened the players – we’re going to need that for the rest of the seashun

  8. Mod88


    The older I get the more things are annoying me, I have known since I was a wean that we were cheated, and the other team would get all the decisions and any other team we play against would get anything going, jeezo even we are being reffed by refs that don’t even know the efin rules, and still silence from the club, I am 68 in a few days and I still to this day remember my Da telling me when I was a really young fella that supporting Celtic would give me grief, how right he was, what pisses me off more than anything is the silence from the club, that really does my head in, there is no need for their compliance, none whatsoever, if anything they are doing everything that goes against how to run a PLC, cos first and foremost that’s what we are, a football club comes a distant second, IMO it just proves that the OF takes precedence over anything, that’s so efin sad, muney, the filthy lucre is the God.


    Anyways, great win.

  9. Per BBC website



    The quantitative



    Celtic Livingston


    Possession 77% 23%


    Shots 23 3


    Shots on Target 10 2


    Corners 10 1


    Fouls 10 8





    The qualitative



    “Celtic were totally dominant in the first half, but took their foot off the gas after the break and Livingston improved too. A really good display from the visitors.



    Celtic have only kept two clean sheets in those 10 league wins in a row. Not quite killing teams off as they were right at the start of the season.



    But, a win’s a win for the league leaders I suppose.”






    Yup, I suppose :)



    PS – 10 fouls vs 8 with 77% possession ?

  10. Couple of nasty 1 goal victories against difficult opposition to shake us out of our post holiday torpor



    Bank the 3 points and move on

  11. first time i’ve EVER seen VAR ask the ref to check an offside! pathetic from a bunch of amateurs, idiots and probably cheats!

  12. The VAR decision is an absolute joke. Turnbull helps the ball on without looking and is fouled in the process. Abada is played onside by the defender when he makes an error and heads the ball back to him.

  13. Pattern of Ange post-match interview this season is . . . we are lacking being clinical in the final 3rd.

  14. Per Packie Bonner on BC website



    “A fine week’s work


    FT: Celtic 2-1 Livingston



    The second half was a little bit closer. Celtic didn’t dominate the ball as much, although later in the half they did. Their passing was off in the second half but that was down to Livingston harassing them. Livingston couldn’t create – I think there was one shot from Stephen Kelly. This week’s work has been done very well – six points.”






    Fair enough

  15. Celtic board,,now is time to grow a bloody set of balls and call this official cheating out.


    Now’s the time to question their integrity


    Now’s the time to seek transparency regarding membership to secret society’s and which football teams the officials follow (follow).


    Do it now and do it when we’re winning

  16. Big question about Taylor moving to right back.



    He’s no right foot therefore can’t contribute with crosses etc.



    Serious doubts about Ange’s decision there.



    Also, the whole second half was pish poor.



    As poor as we’ve been for a long time.



    McGregor disappeared.

  17. I think all questions regarding the team’s performance are absolutely unnecessary if we had a decent goal scorer. We have annihilated them 2-1 tonight.It cost us any chance of qualifying in the CL and needs addressing ASAP. Kyogo not a target man for me and GG looks like he wants away and misses penalties. Get it sorted Celtic

  18. Turnbull should replace matt o’riley who has faded a bit. Matt needs a bit of a kick start.



    If ralston isn’t fit is Jura back to replace him or are we going to have to use Johnstone?



    Sounds like ange is going to kick some backsides!

  19. 3 points on the night. 9 points clear .


    Mom : The magnificent turnout in horrendous conditions.


    Close second mom : The welcoming Drover boozer



    Tomorrow we disect the game.



    HH, the journey continues.

  20. CELTIC40ME



    If it’s against Celtic yes…he’s offside



    Week in week out I watch players running BACK towards the ball from an offside position. Because they don’t touch it they are NOT given offside.


    You can’t be given offside if you don’t touch the ball or are interfering with play. If the defender doesn’t touch it and Abada does he’s offside and ref blows.


    If Abada doesn’t touch it play is allowed to continue.


    The fact the defender DOES touch it immediately play continues and Abada is onside

  21. Our tactics tonight made little sense to me considering we had Kyogo upfront. Crosses are not is strong point.

  22. Kyogo has got 12 in 16 domestically. This team has scored more goals this season than any since the Lisbon lions



    If we have balls being fizzed in by a wide player into an area with 3 central defenders it’s no surprise if Kyogo’s on his own he won’t get on the end of many. His goal tonight started with him standing 3 yards offside to get some space



    Ange said after the game we need to work harder to get more bodies in the box if we’re going to play like that against packed defences

  23. If we want a gripe, let’s have the gripe of the moment in the boozer.



    The Celtic Wi fi is crap. Dead as as parrot, pushing up daisies. It is a deceased Internet connection.



    This needs addressing as if fuc#s with the match day experience and our subsequent happiness.



    Hail hail. We have contact. ( in the boozer )

  24. AN DÚN


    Has a slightly Harald Brattbakk feeling about it. Right guy in the wrong movie. If everyone is going to play the same sad tactics we need a battering ram not a pass key

  25. We have +38 goal difference.


    Livingston have -5 goal difference.



    Why not play Kyogo and GG at home.




  26. 31003 on 21ST DECEMBER 2022 10:13 PM



    He only needs to make a movement towards the ball and he’s active and offside.



    It makes sense – if he puts a defender off then he’s gaining an advantage while starting from an offside position

  27. A quick google search and I’ve just found the VAR protocol in SPFL



    ‘What are the 3 types of confirmation bias?



    Types of Confirmation Bias



    Biased Search for Information. This type of confirmation bias explains people’s search for evidence in a one-sided way to support their hypotheses or theories.


    Biased Interpretation.


    Biased Memory.’

  28. CELTIC40ME



    I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you….I’m saying the rule does NOT apply to other teams. As I said, players run towards the ball from an offside position EVRY week, but they’re not offside til they touch it. In effect this allows a defender to touch it before him playing him back onside. It happens EVERY week in numerous games. Celtic seem to be the only team who don’t get the benefit of the defender touching the ball